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What do you get:
Prevention of violations
Innovative security systems from Win&Win Casino can identify potential fraudsters even at the stage of creating a new account on your website
Automation of processes
Our reliable protection software processes information about customers and financial transactions, and blocks suspicious actions automatically
Age control of players
The security systems use effective instruments for determining the accurate age of casino customers to restrict access to gaming portals for minors
Formation of reports
The Win&Win Casino protection software generates statistical documents to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the process of ensuring site safety
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Reliable Casino Fraud Protection: Interactive Software from Win&Win Casino

Casino security software is an important tool for operators. You can control the actions of players and block access to websites for fraudsters with its help. At the same time, a reliable protection system will attract respectable customers who want to be sure of their data confidentiality.

Security software for online casinos

We have collected a wide range of solutions that can protect casinos from hacking both at the stage of user registration and during the process of interacting with a regular audience and partners.

Win&Win Casino offers the best interactive services that can ensure maximum casino security in terms of administration, customer service, and safe financial transactions.


Who Is Responsible for a Safe Environment in a Casino?

The business owner is directly responsible for casino security. The gaming system must comply with all legal regulations. Moreover, information about the technological capabilities of the platform, quality certificates and cookies should be publicly available (as a rule, these are the sections "About us" or "About the company").

Mandatory public data:

  • history of the establishment (the creation and stages of the firm’s development, founding members, staff, number of services provided);
  • full name of the company;
  • company registration number, licence data;
  • contact information (phone numbers, e-mail, automated feedback form or chat, address of representative office, etc.).

We recommend you to contact experienced specialists and connect gambling security software from trusted providers. Remember, ensuring the protection independently is a rather risky approach. Any error in the system can lead to severe sanctions, massive traffic outflow, and large financial losses.

Specifics of Virtual Security Guards’ Operation

Many gamblers still prefer land-based establishments more than online slot machines. The fact is that the offline casino security is represented by clear and noticeable tools:

  • various types of sensors (motion, face recognition, etc.);
  • video surveillance systems;
  • security services;
  • personal identification programs, and others.

The tools ensuring online gambling security are radically different from the usual physical equipment: the operation of the system cannot be seen with the naked eye.

In addition to controlling the behaviour of gamblers, the program performs the following functions:

  • protection against malware/virus programs;
  • ensuring firewall security;
  • encryption of streaming information;
  • prevention of intellectual property theft;
  • casino fraud protection (financial fraud and bonus abuse);
  • everting technical errors and failures.

Technologies built into casino security software

Network protection

This is a set of programs and tools for identifying, monitoring and preventing such actions:

  • illegal access to data;

  • incorrect operation of the system;

  • illegal change of access parameters

Data encryption

Multi-level data encryption is one of the most effective ways to protect casinos from hacking and information leakage.

Special encryption systems and protocols are used to ensure the most reliable transmission channels.

The best confirmation of high-quality protection is the presence of a specialised SSL certificate

User authentication

The system of ID verification for casinos is an automated module that gives players access to the internal services of the gaming portal. It can work through complex forms with confirmation of passport and bank data or using simplified schemes for re-login.

Casino security software with a two-level login system is the most popular option (login/password entered in the form on the site + a unique code or voice message sent to the player’s phone number or e-mail)

External audit and testing

Regular external influences on the system are designed to identify security gaps and help the operator optimise internal services and program modules.

System control can be performed by casino staff or independent audit agencies

Financial Infrastructure: Guarantees of Transparent Deals

Financial infrastructure: transparency

Playing real money games involves carrying out regular transactions:

  • replenishment of the deposit account;
  • transfer of losing bets to the casino account;
  • withdrawal of winnings to the user's electronic wallet or bank card.

The best casino fraud protection technique lies in providing the audience with the maximum number of verified payment instruments.

High-quality financial systems must meet the following requirements:

  1. Different methods of withdrawals. The most widespread ways are as follows: money transfers to mobile accounts, the replenishment of e-wallets or bank cards.
  2. Security guarantees. The payment service must be certified. It has to comply with international standards and the requirements of government regulators.
  3. Audience coverage. The more currencies and favourable exchange rates are presented in the system, the higher the popularity of the resource.
  4. Brand recognition. The supplier’s reputation plays an important role. Users are loyal to well-known companies.

Control Over Storage and Transmission of Information

Casino fraud protection software is responsible not only for the safe performance of financial transactions but also for the quality and stability of information channels.

Ensuring information safety of online casinos involves the following stages of working with personal and commercial data:

Interaction with Server Storages

The operator can connect the software to protect the casino allowing him or her to transfer data to remote physical servers or virtual cloud storage.

The system can be configured with limited access: only some persons (founders, and platform administrators) can use the databases. Besides, each request is sent for verification to the internal security service.

Information Channels

The most effective way to prevent the leakage and theft of intellectual property is to encrypt streaming data. To access the encoded information, a unique system-generated key is required.

The highest level of security is provided by services based on SSL encryption technologies.

Certificates of Conformity

The system of ID verification for casinos and other components of security services must undergo mandatory and regular testing. Based on the results of an independent audit, the resource receives a certificate.

The laboratory Thawte is considered one of the most authoritative niche enterprises. The company tests and evaluates security programs for 40% of the virtual gaming market.

ID Verification for Casinos: The Main Principles of Operation

ID verification for casinos: principles of operation

The identification of users when entering the gaming platform is a mandatory procedure that can reduce the risk of fraud and other unauthorised actions significantly.

The system of ID verification for casinos is a set of software components that monitor and control the process of registering new website members, verification of compliance with the specified data, and actions of users during the subsequent visits.

The software can be customised and run at different stages of interaction with customers.

Here are the main functions of the product:

  • checking the relevance of personal and financial data at the time of initial login and registration on the casino website;
  • control over the compliance of information when receiving a withdrawal request from the user.

To withdraw the winnings, the gambler must provide the following documents:

  • a copy of the identity document (the first page of the passport or ID-card with a photo);
  • a bank statement with a correct account or card number and the official seal of the institution that issued the document;
  • account number of the virtual wallet, if it will be used instead of a bank card;
  • photo of plastic card (both sides).

The initial verification may take several days. The casino ID verification checks user data for inconsistencies and previous wrongdoing.

The system requests information from available sources:

  • banking institutions;
  • local and international sanctions lists;
  • user ratings of other casinos;
  • mobile devices and desktop browsers.

After confirming personal information, subsequent logins can be simplified. One of the most effective and common ways to control an active gaming audience is two-stage identification (unique password + one-time code sent to the user's phone number).

Where to Order Reliable Protection Systems for Casinos?

You can connect the verification for casinos from Win&Win Casino. We work with the largest providers. Our team is ready to offer a good set of solutions that have won the trust and loyalty of both business owners and end-users.

You can buy separate gambling products or turnkey complex solutions from us.


Cooperation with our team can bring the following benefits for entrepreneurs:

  1. Quick start. The development, connection and configuration of the platform will take only a few weeks (time needed for a launch is calculated individually and depends on the customer's wishes).
  2. Professional support. We are ready to take responsibility for all technical, organisational, and legal issues.
  3. Audience coverage. Our projects have been well-received in the CIS market and widely represented in European countries. Moreover, there is a large influx of users from Asia and Latin America.
  4. Record pay-off period. After ordering our marketing case, you will get access to the best advertising tools and a guarantee of receiving net profit by the end of the first year of operation.

The Main Things about the Safety of Online Gaming Projects

Modern software from time-tested providers can ensure maximum security to the gambling project. Online systems protect websites not only from illegal actions of customers, but also from other threats (massive hacker attacks, fraud associated with user accounts, and incorrect actions of employees).

The purchase of a high-quality casino ID verification system can bring the following benefits to operators:

  • The loyalty of the audience. The presence of special certificates and licences is the best way to increase the trust of players and increase user traffic many times.
  • Legal work. The connection of software to protect the casino will allow you to operate in the largest gaming markets legally: Europe, Asia, CIS countries, South America, and the United States.
  • Absolute safety. The gaming resource will be protected from hacker attacks, theft of intellectual property, fraud associated with user accounts, and money laundering.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring. The systems work 24/7. They can detect and prevent any threats in a very short time.
  • Additional services. Leading providers are ready to offer lots of extra services: independent website audit, comprehensive risk assessment, analysis of audience preferences, and simulation of hacker attacks to identify gaps in the system.

Hurry up to connect verification for casinos on the most favourable terms! We propose the services of a personal manager, competitive prices, a guarantee of secure deals, and a flexible program of discounts.


Our catalogue contains services and offers for internet startups of any format:

  • poker rooms;
  • traditional casinos;
  • virtual bookmaker projects;
  • live platforms;
  • social casinos;
  • mobile services.

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