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Win&Win Casino gaming system:
features, benefits, installation

Win&Win casino is a system created by Israeli developers, which allows potential entrepreneurs to quickly start a gambling business. Creating an online casino using such software will allow you to easily become part of the industry while spending a minimum of time and money.

What are the functions of Win&Win Casino?

  • Games in a demo mode
  • A round-the-clock technical support
  • A panic button for various unforeseen situations like hacking the system
  • Bonuses, jackpots, prizes
  • The ability to manage the games
    (a convenient option when some slots bring less income than expected)
  • The ability to work in ground-based establishments (there is an offline casino system)
  • A homeplay format, on which we will elaborate

Homeplay from Win&Win Casino
for being able to play at home

This is a game mode in which a casino receives its own distribution kit to send to the players, thus increasing its audience. Gamblers can use Homeplay at home; it is very convenient.

At the same time, the interests of the casino which has provided the distribution kit are respected: any customer will be registered in the initial establishment. We may say that this is an addition to the main casino.

The distribution kit comes in the following versions:

  • Lite: a simplified format for sending via email;
  • Full: a full version for downloading over the Internet;
  • CD/Flash: a version for transferring using removable media.

The advantages of Win&Win Casino:

  • The development of a casino independently requires much time and financial investments. With the Win&Win Casino game system, an operator can launch a gambling establishment quickly and inexpensively.
  • The Win&Win servers are located in European data centres which ensures the stable operation of the institution and the security of the gamblers’ personal data. Nevertheless, the casino platform works great in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
  • The system’s installation is a simple and brief process that does not require special knowledge and skills. Everything is done intuitively (an employee of the Win&Win Casino will still help you if necessary).
  • The Win&Win Casino’s interface is very user-friendly: it simplifies the administration of the establishment.
  • Attractive system features for players: the support for playing on two monitors, reassigning hotkeys, etc.
  • Win&Win can integrate casino software from the world's best developers, including Novomatic, Playtech, Igrosoft and Mega Jack.
  • The system runs on the Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • The software for slot machines offered by Win&Win Casino has fascinating mathematical algorithms, excellent graphics, and sound effects.
  • The casino owner can customise the system as he pleases, thus regulating the casino’s activities. For example, setting the percentage of return (from 70 to 99%).
  • The company provides various advice to its customers, concerning the products, legal issues, etc. In the gambling business, this is a very important aspect, since everything must comply with current legislation.
  • Win&Win constantly updates released products improving their quality and introducing useful features.
  • The system provides one of the most favourable conditions on the market (despite the fact that the software is considered a top product). There are always special offers for regular customers.

You can download Win&Win casino software
(a demo version) for the next operating system:

Also, to start working, you will need to download a file that contains the parameters of the game server (regardless of the operating system):


Do you still have questions about installing the client?

Contact the Win&Win casino specialists — the operator will surely provide you with all the information you need and help with the installation.

Do not want to waste time while opening your own gambling business? Is it important for you that all the process is reliable, efficient and with small financial investments? Then Win&Win Casino is your choice — with it you will create a profitable business.

system demo

The first 10 days of work are free

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