Rules and Responsibilities

01 Payments are sent only to the payment requisites that are given to you by an online help Operator.
Important! Check the payment details before each operation. If you use incorrect payment requisites, your payment will not be credited. The ignorance of this rule does not absolve from responsibility.
02 When transferring funds, be sure to indicate the payment information, preferably your account number, in the comments.
03 Contact the online help Operator regarding replenishments and any other questions.
04 When withdrawing money, be sure to indicate the account number and the amount of the transfer to the Operator.
05 While withdrawing, the Operator checks the game logs for transparency and the absence of fraud. Therefore, this process may take some time.
06 Polite communication is encouraged on our website. Do not contact the Operator using obscene language.
07 Install only the distributive that is presented on the website or check the current installation package by contacting the Operator.
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