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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

22 august 2022

Blockchain was acknowledged as one of the 6 global trends of the coming decade at the World Economic Forum in 2021. The technology is now widely used in many areas of the economy, including insurance, medicine, IT, education and gambling.

Bitcoin casino: expert assistance

At the Win Win company, you can connect a turnkey BTC casino with support for fast and secure crypto transfers. The solution contains a catalogue of exciting games and a well-thought-out CRM system.


Blockchain Technology and the Gaming Sphere

The solution is a global database consisting of billions of digital blocks. They keep information about completed and planned operations (according to the smart contract system).

All blocks are connected in a continuous chain. It is a digital logbook with billions of records of any activity and value. Each subsequent entry in the log contains information about the previous operation (a unique hash number), so the data cannot be forged or deleted.

Blockchain was introduced in 2008 as an important component of the innovative electronic currency Bitcoin. Then, the algorithm of continuous and distributed records was used to create other crypto-units such as Altcoin, Ether, Litecoin and other promising tokens.

In the wagering sphere, Blockchain is used for:

  • making fast and safe payments — between the online casino and the punter, between B2B operators;
  • creating entertaining content with improved gameplay;
  • control over the integrity of the results on the gambling portal.
Entrepreneurs can order a finished Bitcoin casino from the Win Win company. The solution includes a dynamic video catalogue and Blockchain financial tools, ensuring fair and clear gaming for customers.

Benefits of Crypto Transfers

Blockchain casino payments: benefits

The launch of a Bitcoin casino is anyway associated with calculations in digital units.

BTC is most commonly used, as the most famous currency in the world. But many punters replenish game accounts with Ethers, Litecoins, Thrones and other tokens too. Much depends on the capitalisation of a specific unit and the current exchange rate.

It is convenient to exchange digital money, considering the loyal exchange rate and the absence of a commission.

Let us review the key advantages of translations in cryptocurrency:

Complete Independence

Blockchain operates on an international P2P network. It is a decentralised structure consisting of nodes scattered around the world. A knot in this case is a dedicated personal device (computer, laptop, or tablet) with a stable internet connection.

There are no intermediaries in the form of banks and government organisations in the P2P network, which ensures:

  • independent work of the operator (no need to explore the legislation of the selected jurisdictions);
  • low cost of transactions (no interbank commissions, taxes and other costs);
  • high swiftness of transfers (Bitcoin casino software delivers funds instantly without additional checks).

Full Safety

The basis of any cryptographic environment is the hash function. The program automatically assigns each operation a unique hash number, which partially contains information about the previous block.

This function is also used for:

  • checking the integrity of the transmission of packets according to the given protocols (for example, the TCP/IP rules on the safe online use of data);
  • cryptographic encryption of data in blocks (operations in Bitcoin are based on the SHA-256 algorithm, while the translations in Litecoin are based on Scrypt-ASIC).

Multilevel hashing ensures the complete security of crypto transfers. The web currency is resistant to hacking, counterfeiting and other cyber crimes.

During the 13 years of Blockchain's existence, the system has never failed.

Anonymity of Operations

To top up a game account or withdraw earned money, a gambler just needs to have a BTC wallet. No additional settings and complex verification modules are provided.

Cryptographic funds prevent an illegal takeover of an account or money. The user does not need to provide personal data or go through the biometric identification procedure. It is enough to confirm transactions with the encryption key.

Best Payment Systems with Blockchain from Win Win Casino

Entrepreneurs can build direct translations between a gamer and a gambling website or use a useful tool — a financial aggregator.

The solution performs a wide range of tasks related to:

  • fast multi-currency payments (accepting money in Bitcoins, Altcoins, Ethers, etc.);
  • exchange operations without commission;
  • additional options (lending at a low-interest rate, converting cryptocurrency into fiat funds).

At Win Win Casino, businessmen can buy Bitcoin software with built-in payment services from such providers:


The solution provides 4 types of accounts: cold paper, hardware, local, and mobile. The payment service is suitable for installation both in mobile casino applications and desktop sites.

The system is easy to operate.

Entrepreneurs can:

  • view transaction history;
  • confirm transfer using a QR code;
  • set the frequency of trading operations


There are 2 types of wallets available to entrepreneurs: public and private.

The features of the Zcash system include:

  • innovative zk-snark encryption algorithm;
  • operations with a limited period of validity (payment must be confirmed within 20 minutes);
  • selective disclosure of information about transfers to a third party;
  • encryption of transaction notes


A financial aggregator is a distribution zone for the XRP intrasystem crypto unit. In addition, the service supports transactions in Bitcoins, Litecoins and other tokens.

The advantages of the solution include:

  • high performance (average speed of sending payment is 4 seconds);
  • a unified credit line for loans at a minimum interest rate;
  • multi-currency environment (fast exchange for 120+ unit pairs)


The product supports secure trading processes in digital and fiat money.

The facilities of the ADVCash system are:

  • setting up mass crypto transfers;
  • additional verification of business partners according to KYB methods;
  • flexible referral program with high profitability

Blockchain Game Development: Main Features

Bitcoin game development: main principles

To run a Bitcoin casino, entrepreneurs will need entertainment content with this technology. Operators can either buy Blockchain-based games from well-known manufacturers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, or order individual development from Win Win Casino.

Here is a list of benefits of creating solutions in the Blockchain environment:

  1. No need for certification. Game testing by independent labs (for example, NMI, iTech Labs, eCOGRA) takes time and additional investment. With Blockchain entertainment, everything is much easier and faster. An entrepreneur simply elaborates a game and installs it on a gambling site.
  2. Creation of interesting mechanics. Distributed ledger technology allows deviating from the standard 5-reel gameplay. The multi-user and collection offers, as well as action entertainment, are based on the Blockchain. The client can improve traditional slot machines by adding risk rounds with adventure themes (for instance, quests).
  3. Variety of game limits. There are no restrictions on the size of the maximum and minimum deposits in Bitcoin casinos. The punters play at both high and low limits, spinning the reels literally all day long.
  4. Simple control. Blockchain-based entertainment does not require updates, and businessmen are not concerned about the performance of the casino platform. BTC games are downloadable in any operating environment, suitable for installation on smartphones and desktop devices.

Principles of Provable Fairness in Bitcoin Casinos

The main reason for the popularity of the crypto field is the high level of user trust in gaming portals.

All Blockchain gambling projects comply with Provably Fair principles.

The provable fairness system is based on smart contracts. These are encrypted electronic contracts that are activated when the pre-conditions are met. In other words, the online casino is obliged to automatically pay the winnings to the client, since this option is specified in the smart contract.

Blockchain casino users have such options:

  • checking the solvency of the platform (all information about transactions is in the public domain, the client can personally verify the availability of funds in the operator’s BTC wallet);
  • studying the technical parameters of the game (values ​​such as volatility and RTP percentage cannot be faked by the developer: they are calculated automatically based on the sessions played);
  • checking the results of the rounds (Bitcoin casinos work honestly and impartially: if a gamer is unlucky 20 times in a row, then this is a simple coincidence).

The Main Things about Blockchain and the Wagering Industry

At Win Win Casino, you can order a modern online gaming platform that supports payments in cryptocurrency. We integrate financial aggregators from Bitcoin, Zcash, Ripple, ADVCash and other well-known producers at the request of the client.

The cross-browser platform by Win Win Casino is available for installation on PCs, land-based terminals, and mobile phones. It is possible to connect the Homeplay distribution for continuous play without leaving home.

The Win Win casino system contains a multitasking CRM service and a catalogue of dynamic slot machines.

  • Blockchain innovations are used to conduct payment transactions, create entertainment with improved gameplay, and control the honesty and transparency of the results of the draws.
  • Transactions in digital money are characterised by high speed and anonymity, no commission deductions and impeccable security. The operations do not depend on the legislation in specific regions or the work of interbank organisations.
  • Entrepreneurs can open a Bitcoin casino by integrating modern games and secure Blockchain-based financial instruments.

Contact the firm’s manager to download the free demo version of a reliable Win Win Casino system.

A free demo

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