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15 february 2023
Provider Casino Win&Win
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Win Win Casino Gaming System

Once restriction on gambling business came into force, owner made right conclusions and transferred their casinos in the Internet.

As it appeared to be, their business suffered no losses, on the contrary -  received new opportunities. Today, to open a game club in the Internet, you just need to consult a specialist and follow his advice. Or entrust online casino development to professionals.

Win Win Casino Gaming System

At the moment online gambling business is considered one of the most profitable, therefore much attention is paid to its creation.

How to create an online casino

For successful creation of online casino you must do a number of actions, which are:

  • Learning situation at the gambling market.
  • Choosing software provider.
  • Buying gambling software.
  • Getting game license.
  • Creating an online casino.
  • Games and programs integration at the site.
  • Opening casino.

Every of these actions includes several stages so we shall look at them closer.

Besides, other factors are also important. Online casino specialists must know: how to correctly choose software provider for online casino creation, what are partner programs, how to attract clients, ways of protection from fraud. Many people wonder how to create online casino from draft without serious investments.

In any case, question of online casino creation and opening interests numerous representatives of gambling business and they choose providers very carefully.

Experts think that a great example of honest, effective and profitable systems is Win Win Casino gaming system, which offers players and business partners amazing variants for achieving their goals: users get a chance to spend time playing their favourite games and partners - to fulfill their portfolio with new projects.

Win Win Casino gaming system

Win Win Casino gaming system for clubs

Win Win Casino was developed by top programmers, who have taken into account within this process all nuances, remarks and consultations of experts and also results of the world market statistics. As a result was created a high-quality product for gambling business, which meets even highest demand and sense of maximum approach to real slot machines.

The gaming system offers products of such famous operators as Novomatic and has popular games of Igrosoft, Playtech, MegaJack and Belatra companies.

What are pros of the Win Win Casino gaming system front of their competitors:

  • High quality software.
  • High-end game characteristics (sound and design).
  • Original mathematical characteristics, allowing to retain player’s attention on the casino site.
  • Clearness and simplicity of the interface.
  • High winning percent (70-99), which can be regulated.
  • Stability, reliability and safety of the system.
  • Smooth functioning of the casino.
  • Progressive jackpots.
  • Multi-denomination (possibility to set credits and bets).
  • Option of game in demo regime.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Safe work of the terminal for operations with currency.
  • Guarantee of professional legal advice.
  • Professional technical support 24/7.
  • Profitable bonuses for regular and large partners.
  • Possibility to cooperate with partners, who are on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

Home play format

Specialists of the company, while creating the Win Win Casino gaming system, supposed to launch new functions, and they did it. So, today especially for Win Win Casino users works home play - great possibility to play from home, spending time in beloved casino and still keeping in touch with technical support. In individual regime is created a chat, where he’ll receive all necessary recommendations and consultations.

During home play client has access to history of the whole game process and statistics of payment transactions (credits, wins, bets, withdrawals, deposits, other payments). In doing so all settings, which were set in general room, are saved in the game from home. 

Such versions of Win Win Casino, like all other products of the company, can be purchased at the most competitive price. Specialists will send home play casino format as an individual client’s distributive for installing via email. Besides, it can be received by other means - through other online services, on portative memory.

Partners, if they wish, can be agents and create their own game rooms and private distributives and then take credits, receiving their percent by doing so.

Novelties in Win Win Casino gaming system 

Apart from the listed pros, Win Win Casino annually adds new original offers to portfolio and makes various updates. So, today specialists offer following new functions:

  • Deleting traces of system on gadget by means of special device called Alarm button.
  • Blocking user’s account with maximal sum.
  • Possibility to disconnect not popular and non-profitable games and on the contrary - to connect new and profitable ones.
  • Presence in the system of win percent regulation for every slot.
  • Possibility to refill Jackpot fund according to size of bets.

Win Win Casino games

Win Win Casino games portfolio

Collection of the Win Win Casino gaming club counts about two hundred games of famous respected providers.

Blackjack Surrender

Common with Blackjack: if cards are dumped, player loses cards, but 50% of the bet are returned. This situation is profitable if he’s about to lose.

Difference from Blackjack: a row of new winning functions is added - possibility to divide cards to two hands (split), insurance, multiplying prize for two (double) and other.

And the main advantage lies in that dump may occur on early stage, when there’s possibility to refill cards and multiply bet, moreover, at early dump card, set by dealer, is already known. This is why such Blackjack has definite pros front regular one.


It’s one more exotic type of Blackjack, which is used today in online and land-based casinos. Some players don’t like this game because winning is rather complicated.

Still, many rules coincide with those of regular one, so it’s easier for players to orient, and for more experienced ones - to win. Moreover, unlike regular, in this game dealer gives not one but two cards faces up and two cards to himself - faces down. Only that player can win, whose combination is of higher status, not exceeding 21 point. There are other differences and they shall be learnt carefully before the start.

Speaking about additional functions of regular Jackpot - in Pontoon they are also present.

American Roulette

All types of online roulette are alike, especially with role of zero cell, which takes players bets and grants casino stable winning position. But American roulette differs from European by having two zero cells.

No doubt, winning for American Roulette players is harder, but experienced regulars calmly react on those zeros and thanks to it in the end they win.

European Roulette

There’s nothing difficult in the European Roulette: players make bets, then wheel turns, ball falls into numbered coloured cells, and he, who has bets corresponding those cells, wins.

Roulette counts hundreds of years and rules have changed only when European Roulette variant appeared, for it differs by having just one zero cell. It gives players much more chances to win.


The game appeared about four centuries ago and since that time it has undergone some changes, but its idea remained unchanged - player must gather 21 point (many people call so this game up to now) and not more. 

At some period of time in American casinos made up a new bet with “black nest” and ace of spades for attracting clients, but the bet didn’t stick and name was changed. But when online casinos appeared, developers used it and made up online Blackjack, playing which in the Internet turned out to be really involving.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch rules don’t differ much from those in regular Blackjack - here you also need 21 point, but not more. Difference between Blackjack Switch and regular Blackjack is that in first game cards are passed for both hands and two similar bets are made and here’s a chance to exchange cards by two hands. Those, who love Blackjack and are interested in its new versions will like Blackjack Switch, and amateurs shall attentively learn the rules and only then start playing.


Ancient card game in which two people played against each other, now person plays against casino. Baccarat has always been considered game of aristocrats and rich people and today big bets are often made in it. Players aim to get biggest amount of points by two cards. You need 9 points or around it, and if you don’t have enough - can buy one more card. Players must definitely know values of all cards and rules of the game.

Win & Win Casino gaming system gives gambling business owners a chance to buy the stated above (and not only) games, this way attracting more visitors to their institutions.

You can open online casino or buy Win & Win gaming system you can by leaving a request on the site.

A Little More About the Benefits of Software from Win Win Casino

In addition to simple and convenient navigation, security guarantees, unique mathematics and impeccable graphics, it can be mentioned a number of undeniable advantages of this system.

Among the list of pros can be distinguished:

  1. Unique bonus program. Each slot has a series of built-in bonuses, adjustment of the winnings percentage is also available. 
  2. Demos of each product. Free mode allows players to quickly deal with the nuances of management, develop a convenient strategy and just enjoy the atmosphere of excitement without the risk of losing money.
  3. Support any balance. To interact with Win Win Casino software, the general and separate balances can be used.
  4. Operational technical support. The assistance of players is provided 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  5. The function of changing the bet at any time of the game. Gamers have the opportunity to adjust the size of the deposit directly during the gaming session.
  6. Omnitude. The software is supported on any stationary device and can be used on Windows and Linux platforms.



Win Win Casino platform is the best solution for a gambling project of any category. The supplier is constantly updating and improving the product line, offering bright and functional solutions.

A few words about the technical side of the issue:

Technical features of Win Win Casino platform

Operating systems support

Windows, Linux, Android


Installation via flash drive, browser version and classic installation file for downloading

Range of content

170+ items

Available systems

Support solutions from Champion, Playtech, Igrosoft, Keno, Mega Jack, Gaminator, Belatra

Bonus systems

Free sessions, cashback, built-in jackpots, increased coefficients, additional rounds

Win Win Casino software solutions are the best choice for entering the world gambling arena.


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