How to Provide a Fair Game in 2023: the Example of Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

23 august 2022

A control of fairness of the results is an important aspect of the work of any modern iGaming resource. By following the policy of safe and honest gambling, operators attract a solvent audience to their platforms. Otherwise, entrepreneurs will have to bear the risk of being left without customers and, consequently, without profit.

Online casino: fair game principles

From Win Win Casino, you can order reliable products that guarantee fair play. We offer a fully functional gambling system, as well as turnkey and Bitcoin projects.


Why Operators Need to Maintain a Transparent Game

The decision to control the honesty of results on gambling websites solves the following tasks:

  1. Increase in the customer’s confidence. Users are happy to spin the slot reels on those platforms that provide provable results. The outcome of each session can be easily double-checked, which inspires the trust of gamblers.
  2. Minimisation of legal risks. An online casino that respects the principle of fair play is difficult to accuse of cheating and rigging the results. Any legal claims from users or legislative authorities are unlikely to be satisfied.
  3. Simplified licensing. It is not difficult for those entrepreneurs who adhere to the principles of fair play to obtain a permit in a prestigious jurisdiction. Regulators are always more supportive of transparent and legal businesses.

Features of Hashing Information in a Casino

Operators can connect a system for coding the results of drawings. This is one of the simplest and most popular methods of checking the honesty of a gaming site.

The essence of the solution is the advanced calculation of the outcomes of each round, and then hashing of the received data with the help of modern encryption systems.

The results are calculated randomly. Moreover, the order of alternation of successful and unfortunate sessions is also determined by the RNG (random number generator).

This tool’s operation is affected by the volatility provided by the developer and the RTP level but the order in which these combinations appear is completely unpredictable. The volatility indicates that only 1 out of 25 spins will be successful, and the RNG determines which spin will bring players a prize.

The outcomes of sessions are converted into unique hash numbers. Casino visitors receive the code before the start of the round and then compare it with the results of the game. External platforms are used for the verification process so that there is no conflict of interest between operators and their clients.

Popular Data Encryption Methods

Data encryption: popular methods

The iGaming industry uses 2 main approaches to the hashing of information:

MD5 (Message-Digest 5)

The 128-bit algorithm was developed by Ronald Rivest, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, in 1991. Then, in the early 2000s, a group of architects and programmers from California (the US) finalised solutions to use in the online space.

Features of the MD5 method:

  • reliable and proven coding system with smooth functioning on the Internet for the last 20 years;
  • a popular verification method for gamblers from the CIS countries;
  • simple export of hash numbers for quick verification on any external platform.

SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm)

The increasingly popular Blockchain technology is based on the SHA-256 algorithm. The mathematical model converts data of any size into a 64-bit hash number. The unique code is protected against reverse engineering (study), hacking, and any kind of loss.

The SHA-256 algorithm is widely utilised to check the integrity of the results due to:

  • an additional compression cycle, which makes the code resistant to cryptanalysis;
  • a large number of platforms for monitoring the outcomes of sessions;
  • a quick analysis of fair play in Bitcoin slots.

Authoritative Casino Software Testing Centres

Gamblers are happy to place bets on gaming sites with certified software. Therefore, to increase the trust of players and expand the customer base, operators need to use only proven and safe products.

The list of popular iGaming laboratories the expert opinion of which is estimated all over the world includes:


The non-profit organisation is the gold standard in the field of testing such online entertainment as slots, table and action games, bingo, and lottery drawings.

The British company has been operating since 2003. For almost 20 years, it has checked more than 80 thousand solutions and issued certificates of conformity for 10 thousand casino owners

BMM Testlabs

The laboratory has been serving the gaming industry for the past 38 years, providing independent audits for land-based casinos and gambling sites.

The provider tests content, checks the security of iGaming projects, trains staff, and creates multi-factor systems for user identification


The agency certifies products for the gambling market: proxy games, lotteries, and products with live dealers.

The organisation provides quality certificates for RNG, remote servers (RGS), and cloud data storage. It also conducts a comprehensive assessment of the mathematics of gambling and eSports betting solutions

iTech Labs

The Australian laboratory specialises in RNG testing and the adaptation of gaming systems to the requirements of local laws.

Entrepreneurs can also order multi-factor GA testing of their casino platforms


Its accredited centres are located in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. The international company certifies RNGs and other components of casino content and tests the security of iGaming projects

Bitcoin Casino That Supports the Fair Play

Bitcoin casino with fair play support

Crypto gambling platforms are becoming more and more popular with users. Such solutions are based on Blockchain technology with a multi-level system of protection against hacking and theft of confidential information, as well as the fabrication of results of game sessions.

The Bitcoin casino has a built-in SHA-256 hashing algorithm. To double-check the results of raffles, punters do not need to use additional testing platforms. Blockchain projects support fair play by default, and any information is publicly available.

BTC casino visitors have access to the following options:

  • evaluation of the veracity of the technical parameters of the game set by the manufacturer (the system checks the credibility and RTP, focusing on the results of the sessions that are already completed);
  • analysis of the operator's solvency (the history of cryptocurrency transactions and the current balance of the online casino are publicly available: users can make sure that the company has enough funds to pay big prizes);
  • control of fairness of results (thanks to the SHA-256 universal data hashing algorithm).

The Main Things about the Support of Transparent Game in Gambling Projects

From Win Win Casino, you can order an exclusive casino system, as well as a modern Bitcoin platform. All our products fully comply with the principles of fair play, which guarantees the quality and security of software.
  • Control over the honesty of the results will increase the level of gamblers' confidence in the iGaming project, expand the customer base, and speed up the licensing process in popular countries.
  • MD5 and SHA-256 mathematical algorithms are used to double-check the outcomes of the spins. They hash the results of the rounds in advance, thus eliminating even the theoretical possibility of rigging them.
  • Operators can pass an independent certification to demonstrate compliance with the principles of fair play. Testing services are offered by such reputable laboratories as eCOGRA, GLI, and NMi.

To get access to a free demo version of the Win Win Casino platform, please contact our managers.

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