How to Use Affiliate Programs for the Development of Your Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The online gambling business is a dispute that causes a lot of conflicts among not only lawmakers but even the architects of advertising platforms on the Internet. Therefore, instead of trying to bypass the bans of Google Adwords and even Facebook, successful casinos have switched their attention to affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs for casinos

For many gambling projects, affiliates became the main channel that attracts traffic, and as a result — income. Below, we described how to use affiliate programs for the development of your casino and earn more money from it.

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What is an Affiliate Program?

The software, which helps to connect, customise, monitor the advertising on websites of partners, and also collect analytical data, is called an affiliate program.

It allows operators to buy traffic for casinos on websites with a similar theme and attract a «warm» audience. That is, a gambling establishment acts as a buyer and purchases the advertising space on other websites. An affiliate program, in this case, becomes a mediator who is counting clicks and is keeping an eye on the fulfilment of other conditions.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Most often, the publisher places an advertising banner on his websites and receives payments for each click and for every thousand clicks. At the same time, there can be different options: casino operators choose what to pay for independently.

Popular terms of payment:

  • for clicks;
  • for the ad view;
  • for the registration on the website of a gambling establishment;
  • for the length of stay of players on the website;
  • per cent of the deposit of gamblers that were brought on the gaming site by a webmaster;
  • per cent of the amount of money that was lost by users.

Casino affiliate programs are extremely flexible, even if you decide not to attract a wide audience. For example, you choose to focus only on women over fifty and only from England. In this case, the affiliate program will take into account such users and ignore all the others, even if they were brought on the website by the same affiliate marketing.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program?

As you have already understood, the script of the affiliate program must be reliable and fine-tuned. Therefore, it is essential to choose affiliate programs for your gambling establishments very carefully. This affects if you will make money or just spend it on the advertising.

The manufacturer

All manufacturers of affiliate scripts can be divided into two groups:

  1. Companies that produce gaming platforms, other gambling software, and affiliates.
  2. Developers who make a speciality only out of affiliate programs.

Both groups have their own advantages. Obviously, if all the programs that you use are released by the same company, they will intercommunicate well, they will be integrated easily, and there will be no conflict.

On the other hand, independent scripts become truly fair referees in any disputes between the casino and the webmaster. Experienced market participants prefer exactly this kind of affiliate programs. However, the choice is yours.


In the market, there are also universal affiliate programs. They are suitable for any business and are synchronised with different types of web resources. There are also scripts, which were created specifically for the connection of online casinos to websites.

Manufacturers of this kind of scripts often lay down many demands for buyers so not every project can work with them. Of course, it is better to purchase a casino affiliate program. But if it does not work — feel free to use the universal program.

Casino affiliate program: purchase


The more features, options and opportunities there are in your affiliate program, the tighter targeting you can do.

Targeting is a filtration of the needed audience by age, geography or interests. As an example, we can give women over fifty that were mentioned above. With the quality sorting of the audience, you can test new business ideas and advertisements, and the promotion will be more effective.

How to work with a webmaster?

In fact, the webmaster acts as your contractor. He can offer you good options for cooperation but it is up to you to choose, which ones to accept and which to reject. The webmaster thinks about how to make money from his business, and he does not care about your earnings. Therefore, always analyse the conditions for advertising very carefully.

Webmasters as contractors

Unfortunately, there are cases when webmasters laid down simple conditions, as it seemed, but managed to deceive the casino. For example, at the beginning of work, he agreed to pay a percentage of deposits. After that, the webmaster hired people who made investments — and immediately withdrew money. The casino did not receive anything but the webmaster took his interest.

A bypass is to order the administration of affiliate programs from contractors. In this case, specialists are named certain indicators, and they are fully responsible for the results.

Where to Buy a Casino Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are sold by software vendors themselves. We offer you contact one of the best — the Win-Win company. Cooperating with us, you will not only get reliable partners but also the support at every stage.

Integration, testing, launch, purchase of the online traffic...

All services for the casino promotion can be ordered from Win-Win!

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