How to Create Your Own Online Casino Without Investments

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The launch of the gambling business on the Internet from scratch can cost from forty to one hundred thousand dollars. It is a huge amount of money. However, you need to understand that it includes the acquisition of a license in the EU countries or offshore zones (add here regular trips to the selected country), expenses for the purchase of the software and slot machines, testing, moving to the Live format, and endless costs for marketing.

Launch of the gambling business

It is enough to think about the scope of forthcoming work to make the price seem less sky-high. And frankly speaking, any other business, at least the same profitable as an online casino, will be much more expensive. But maybe there is a guideline for the creation of your own online gambling establishment without investing?

Of course, there is a way to make everything faster, easier, and cheaper. For example, there is such an option as to purchase an online casino on a turnkey basis from the Win Win Casino company. Contact us now to gain insight.

Minimal Investing

So, there are three ways to become a casino owner without huge costs:

  1. Without financial investment — to find investors.
  2. Almost without investments — to become a franchisee of a famous gaming club.
  3. With minimal financial investment — to buy an online casino on a turnkey basis.

Investors, Where Are You?

Try to find an investor or even a few people who are ready to make the financial investment in your project. In fact, many entrepreneurs have funds and the desire to invest but they do not have enough time to do anything else other than the main part of their business.

Search for investors

This is the category you need. Prepare a business plan, think over a strategy of the development of business and its scaling, as well as the order and structure of the dividend payment. However, please note that you will never become a full owner of this business and, in the future, you will depend on the decisions of your business partners. There is no such thing as a free lunch.


It is an excellent option, with which you can open a casino without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a bonus, you will get the support of more experienced colleagues, a license, and even a brand. That is, you can develop your project not as a "no-name" but as one of the divisions of a famous gambling establishment.

For major companies, the sale of franchises is a real income. There are different kinds of payment for such a partnership:

  • a one-off payment of the franchise package and additional payment for each consultation;
  • monthly transfer of interest from the profit to the parent casino.

Among disadvantages, we can also mention the non-uniqueness. If you have your own view on the development of the casino, it is better to work under your private brand, and not follow the strategy of the supplier of a franchise blindly.

A Perfect Balance: Online Casinos on a Turnkey Basis

Let us be straight: you can call this method the most profitable one but it will not work without the financial investment. The point is that you do not do everything by yourself at every stage of the development of a gambling establishment from scratch. You are buying an already created product, which has a license, the software, and games. All you need to do is to launch it and promote.

What is included in the package «casino on a turnkey basis»:

  • The reliable software. The software, even the one that was created by a pattern, is tested many times before it will be given to the customer. Nevertheless, we recommend you to order the individually developed software. It will have only those features that you need.
  • The gambling license. Your casino will be written in the existing license. That is, you will not become its full owner but you will get an opportunity to work legally. In this case, you will not have to wait two or three months and spend a huge amount of money.
  • The website. And in addition to it, the administrator panel, the design, the well thought-out functionality, and so on.
  • The range of slot machines. At first glance, it is not difficult at all to find games. But there are a lot of them, and also there are many different suppliers and years of manufacture. Players like some of them and others leave only a negative impression. And the number of visitors depends on which of the slot games you install on your website. It is better to entrust the selection of games to a person, who is familiar with the matter.
  • The connection of payment systems, the technical support chat, and much more.
  • The legal advice. In every country where you are planning to work, there are rules and requirements for the operation of an online gambling establishment. Even if it is your home country, and you have got a legal education, you may not know 100% of the legislation in the field of gambling.
  • The promotional marketing. This item is very extensive, and often its contents can be different, depending on the arrangements with the supplier. Try to decide in advance, what kind of help with the promotion you may need, and indicate it in the contract with the corporate seller.

Online casinos on a turnkey basis

What you will NOT get:

  • The name of the brand. It is possible to develop a turnkey casino under the brand that you like, and in the way that you think is the right one. Nobody will impose any restrictions – it will be a 100% your project.
  • Financial liability. You will not have to charge an amount out of income every year or every month. The only exception is the license fee but it depends on the jurisdiction where it was obtained.
  • Bugs and service troubles in the casino. We would like to lay emphasis on the fact that the software in this offer is always very stable and was tested many times.

Let us make a little conclusion: it is difficult to launch an online gambling establishment without investments. A much more profitable option is a turnkey casino website for sale.

Where to Buy an Online Casino on a Turnkey Basis?

There are many companies in the gambling market that can offer you such a service and provide you with a turnkey casino. But in this industry, there is a strong competition, and not every company can be trusted.

How to choose a developer:

  • find out about the company's reputation in the market;
  • look through the portfolio and decide how successful the projects were;
  • ask players and other partners for the feedback.

Choose a company that has long been on the market, and which is also a well-known brand. Such teams take care of their reputation and provide customers with excellent products. Among other things, they help not only to launch a casino but also try to support clients at the beginning.

If you want to become the owner of your casino — contact Win Win Casino. Here you can purchase a turnkey casino at the lowest price!


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