How to Attract Customers to Your Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling is one of the most promising and at the same time difficult areas of a modern activity. Today, slot machines are legalised in eighty-five countries. According to the recent data, the gambling industry has grown by 9%.

Gambling industry

Experts say that online bets take more than 70% of the total investment in gambling projects on the Internet. The total volume of the international online market has increased sixty billion dollars.

Any online casino and bookmaker’s office is interested not only in the attraction of new players but also in the retention of users for as long as possible. For this purpose, marketing strategies are developed. Their aim is to satisfy customers and support their gaming activities. It is possible to notice a continuous growth of the range of websites: owners of gambling clubs offer their customers both standard solutions in the form of roulette, blackjack, and poker and different video slots with unusual storylines.

An interesting fact is that last year, there was a significant increase in the female audience. It turns out that women also like the feeling of excitement while they are playing. In 2017, the female audience of online casinos has increased by 13%.

In this article, you will learn:

  • how to advertise online and offline casinos;
  • what tools are the most effective for casino marketing;
  • what exactly is a casino promotion;
  • how does this promotion work;
  • what is affiliate marketing and an affiliate program script;
  • where to purchase an affiliate program;
  • how to advertise a bookmaker’s office, and much more.

Awareness of the basics of the development and promotion of online websites will help you to spend less time on finding effective ways to make your business more profitable, save you from unreasonable costs, and reduce the risk of the negative scenario significantly (for example, the rapid loss of customers, damage of the company's reputation or a complete financial collapse).

How to Promote a Casino?

Any operator of gambling services must be aware of one fact. You can offer players the best software from the most famous vendors and create perfect conditions for an exciting gameplay. But how will users find out about it? Without high-quality advertising, gambling establishments will face the risk to pass into oblivion, and neither gamblers nor casino owners will get a significant profit.

The owner of a new casino needs to put a lot of energy to enter the market. To begin with, you should clearly determine the target audience because gamblers of different ages, genders, and social statuses have different needs. A thorough analysis of the market will help you to identify them and form a unique offer that will distinguish your gambling establishment from others.

Based on the collected data, operators will be able to determine a business niche and think through a competent marketing strategy.

Features of the casino promotion

How casinos are promoted and why do modern online platforms win against land-based locations? A strong growth of gambling projects became possible due to a huge selection of software and its availability. But at the same time, the marketing promotion of online casinos is completely different from the classical methods of promotion of online stores or social networks.

To promote a casino, you need to compete not only with similar resources but also offer a worthy alternative to the related services: bookmakers, lotteries, and poker rooms.

Promotion of online casinos always means huge financial costs. You must be ready to invest a lot of time and money.

The main investments during the advertising campaign are:

  • development of an integrated online casino promotional system;
  • purchase of links;
  • payments to affiliates;
  • expansion of the number of locations for placement of promo videos, and much more.

Marketing as a way to increase profits

The marketing promotion of a casino is a multi-structured campaign that involves various tools.

Online casino marketing promotion

Thus, it includes the following methods:

  • promotion of casinos in social networks;
  • SEO promotion;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • news items and press releases;
  • loyalty programs.

Each of the tools that are mentioned above deserves a detailed description. We will talk about the features and benefits of all methods that allow you to make the promotion of a gaming site as effective as possible.

Tools That Will Help You to Increase the Level of the Gamblers’ Loyalty

1. Prizes and promos.

Unusual promos that cannot be found on other online resources are one of the ways to attract new users. The promotion of a casino website with the help of bonuses and promotional programs can be a sequential system with key elements that will be launched after the release of the new gambling software, some solemn occasion or anniversary of the website.

Additional features and promotional offers for gamblers:

  • free spins in slots;
  • the additional money that users get for depositing funds (for example, you can double their prize for registration, the first deposit, and so on);
  • ability to place free bets on sports events;
  • return of interest from winnings;
  • the additional money that will be paid for being an active user.

Also, the promotion of online casinos includes such a tool as cross-selling. Those customers who prefer a particular sector are offered to try their hand in another area. For example, fans of slots can be attracted by the idea to try ​​sports betting.

2. Sign up bonuses.

Bonuses for the registration on the website or for the fact that gamblers brought new players are an interesting marketing method, which is popular with casino visitors themselves. Recently, a large number of online websites have introduced a similar system, and it was quite effective. However, the slightest mistake in the calculations of profit and profitability can cause a financial collapse. This kind of a risky marketing can be only used by already successful and famous resources, and beginning entrepreneurs are recommended not to use this option. An idea to award bonuses to new clients often leads to significant costs, and project simply does not pay off.

3. A limited amount of time to win prizes.

Promotion of online slot machines, which is based on time restrictions, can successfully retain users during short-term promos. A simple example: drawing, tickets for which you can buy only during a couple of hours or days. Fans of gambling who are leaving the resource will definitely pay attention to this option and stay on the website.

Promos dedicated to a particular holiday are also a good idea. This kind of casino marketing is a great motivation for gamblers to play more hoping to hit a jackpot.

4. Push notifications.

Push notifications are a message that is sent to the client. The main rule is that the information should not remind people of an advertisement. It should be an interesting, remarkable, and positive message, which also has to make players remember their previous winnings.

With push notifications, you can also remind users of upcoming events and promos. This method, according to statistical analysis, increases the level of retention of customers in the gambling establishment by 116%.

5. CRM systems.

It is a multi-level consumer relationship management system that is aimed at studying the needs of users and improving the quality of running a business.

CRM systems mean:

  • automation of a process of building relationships between the gambling club and its visitors;
  • systematised customer base where the information is updating regularly;
  • prompt customer service that increases the level of satisfaction of players with the resource;
  • control over the effected sales;
  • human resources management.

CRM systems allow you to regulate all marketing tools.

CRM systems as a marketing tool

The way to increase loyalty through the quality of products

It is very important to periodically please gamblers with the fresh software and new interesting products from time to time because the wide range of games is a great way to retain visitors of your casino.

First of all, an effective online casino promotion assumes that the gambling website will meet the following standards: high-quality products, professional technical support, as well as guaranteed and fair payouts.

Promotion of Gambling Establishments on the Internet

Authority and an unblemished reputation can be called a key to the success of the gambling business. Therefore, you need to use online casino marketing promotion with great care.

The main goal of SEO promotion is customer attraction to the website. In order to do this, the gaming site must be included in the list of the most popular search queries. There can be an internal and external optimisation of the resource. The first one requires working with the content, and the second one means the accumulation of external links with the help of partners and exchanges.

It will be necessary to find websites with similar themes, the owners of which will be ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. It will help you to achieve your goals faster.

The results of SEO promotion will have to be analysed and adjusted. This work should be carried out constantly or the resource will quickly give grounds.

Legal SEO promotion

SEO promotion is the main method that is used by every self-respecting virtual platform. It is one of the main ways to increase traffic. According to the recent data, the percentage of gaming traffic that is generated by the search engine optimization (SEO) is 70% or more!

What is included in SEO of online casinos:

  • Technical optimisation of a website. It is a must-have, which begins with the launch of not only SEO promotion but everything, which is associated with online marketing. A gambling website must meet all the requirements of the high-quality optimisation: no errors, internal linking, usability, and modern design.
  • Content marketing. To create a blog on the website is a great idea! Articles on themes that are somehow related to gambling will allow the gaming site to expand the list of keywords significantly and attract an additional audience. And if the articles are high-quality and useful, the list of websites that will share it will expand. SEO will work positively and make your brand more famous.
  • Crowd marketing. The exchange of links on a non-commercial basis is also a good method. Communicate with representatives of specialised media and websites on related topics, share with them some useful information, and soon you will see the results.

Illegal promotional methods

This kind of casino promotion is a very effective tool but by using it, there are more chances that you will be slapped with sanctions and filters of search engines. So we recommend you never to try to attract players to the bookmaker’s offices or online casinos like this! Moreover, these methods are not for free in almost all cases, and there is a chance not only to worsen the position of your website but also to waste money on ineffective advertising. It is always better to work with experienced professionals.

How to promote a casino with “black” SEO?

  • PBN (Private Blog Network). Today, it is quite an effective method but it requires some financial investments. You will have to create a network of websites on old domains and then to put links to the promoted gaming site. Search engines can easily track such networks automatically, so the chances of losing the whole network including the main website are quite high.
  • Doorway. As a rule, these are automatically created one-pages with meaningless content. However, they make the resource to reach the top almost instantly, and then the traffic will be redirected. Recently, the effectiveness of doorways has decreased since search engines rarely put such websites in the top 10.
  • Purchase of links. It is a quick way to get links to your casino on other resources. This method is “grey” but despite this, almost all websites that are now in the top 10 used this promotional tool. Links can be bought on special exchanges, posted in the form of product reviews, and even “donated” by the developers of online resources. The effectiveness of such links is not very high but if you buy them systematically, you will see the results. You should remember the main rules: links need to be placed on thematic resources, and you have to avoid a rapid growth of the number of websites that refer to your casino.

These are not all types of illegal SEO, and for the use of most of them, websites can lose their positions. But due to the limitations that were set by search engines on the subject of gambling, many casinos still use them. It is more like a lottery: the chances of winning are low but if you win, the website will take a leading position for a long time.

Contextual advertising in gambling

An interesting fact is that the legal norms of many countries set strict limits on the advertising of land-based locations but almost do not regulate the promotion of casinos in social networks in particular and on the Internet in general. However, since 2014, Google has blocked advertisement messages of gambling establishments but there is also a catch here.

How to advertise a casino: two ways to launch a contextual advertising

  1. Creation of a landing page without a direct offer but with a high-quality thematic content and integrated links that redirect users to another website with gambling services. It is not very profitable and a rather complicated method but it also deserves some attention.
  2. An advertising campaign on the website, which was created only for informational purposes.

Promotion of casinos in social networks

The link to the page in the social network is an excellent answer to the question “Where to advertise gambling?”

SMM is aimed at:

  • attracting the attention of players;
  • increasing brand recognition;
  • searching for potential customers;
  • increasing the level of confidence of the audience;
  • making sure that users will know everything about promos and news on the resource.

The main advantages of SMM are:

  • It is easier to reach the target audience. According to statistics, groups and pages in social networks are much more popular than any other online resources.
  • Low costs (especially compared to the launch of mirror websites or the promotion of a unique web resource).
  • Real-time interaction with the audience in an informal setting.

It is important to remember that SMM casino marketing is not only about the creation of communities and different groups. Along with the advertising campaign in social networks, it is necessary to launch a comprehensive SEO optimisation.

This area has its limitations. For example, popular social networks have an exact amount of paid advertising.

SMM casino marketing

Promotion through e-mail marketing

Sometimes it is misunderstood to be spam. E-mail marketing is aimed only at the interested audience (users give their free-will consent to the newsletter).

Casino promotion with the help of e-mail marketing includes:

  • preparation of e-mail campaigns (including the text content);
  • messaging;
  • the invention of a marketing campaign and scheduling mailings based on specific dates and events;
  • compilation and distribution of personalised letters with exclusive offers for VIP users.

According to statistics, the correct e-mail promotion of online casinos brings an increase in sales by 10-65% with minimum costs, and it also allows you to achieve the level of 63% second sales. The newsletter also acts as the word of mouth marketing: owners of gambling establishments can get up to 30% of new customers who come to the resource because of the recommendations of the audience subscribed to the newsletter.

For huge web resources like YouTube, classical contextual advertising is not suitable. Many advertisers have found the way out by ordering ads from bloggers.

How casinos can be advertised: the main aspects of casino promotion via bloggers:

  • The reputation of a blogger. If you order an advertising campaign from a beginner on YouTube or a user who has previously had conflicts with a resource or other advertisers, casino marketing will simply not bring results.
  • Honest advertising. Information should be offered in the most transparent and accessible way.
  • The level of creativity. If commercials begin with the words “and now it is time to watch advertising”, gamblers will simply not pay attention to such an information. But if a blogger will tell a story and logically connect it with the description of the promoted goods ― this information will definitely be remembered.
  • A large quantity is not always good. In an attempt to attract the maximum number of players, you should not order advertising after every minute of the video. One catchy promo video will be much better than numerous annoying reminders.

Promotion of an online casino with the help of bloggers can be part of an affiliate program. Bloggers-affiliates can place banners and links that lead to your gambling club on their web pages. Very often, bloggers themselves are players and have a vast experience as clients of gambling establishments.

Affiliate Marketing

It is necessary to understand clearly how to use affiliate programs to develop your casino and know something about the structure of the gambling platform. This option is a form of cooperation between the seller of services and affiliates. The main advantage of the system is that you can save money on attracting new clients. Funds paid to the partner are charged for a set of pre-agreed actions.

An affiliate program script is a software ― a platform with a specific set of functions responsible for monitoring the relationship between a seller and a buyer.

Which casino affiliate program to buy: the main types of tools

  • PPV ― an advertising that is based on banner impressions. Affiliate resources show the information on the advertiser, and the sale of the service takes the second place. This function is gradually losing its position but still can give an advantage by supporting of a good reputation of the gambling establishment.
  • PPA ― the advertiser pays for a certain number of actions, for example, for the opt-in e-mails or the process of filling out a special form.
  • PPS ― stimulation of users to buy products. A partner will get a certain percentage of the cost of the goods only if these products were purchased by the visitor of the website who clicked on the advertising message (it is the most popular type of partner relationships).
  • PR ― a text promotion. The more there are news and websites for their placement, the more active is the casino marketing.
  • SMM ― a way to buy casino traffic through groups and communities on social networks.

Competition in affiliate programs

Casino affiliate programs always mean competition and risk. Each of the proposals has different terms of cooperation and requirements for the advertiser.

The most famous online casino affiliates are:

  • Vulkan;
  • Azino777;
  • Joycasino;
  • Pocerdom;
  • Frank Casino.

These systems offer different cooperation conditions and countless variants of GEO. Owners of gambling websites just need to carefully read the list of the existing services and choose the most convenient option. And, of course, the consultation of specialists will not get in the way (we are always ready to answer any question about the promotion of online casinos and betting shops).

How and where to purchase casino traffic

A casino affiliate program is a flexible and effective source of traffic. However, it is not enough just to buy traffic for online casinos. The effectiveness and profitability of the system fully depend on the actions of operators.

You can purchase an affiliate program on the website of Win Win Casino. We will help you to set up monetisation and provide you with assistance in the connection of the advertising platform.


Offline Casino Advertising

Offline casino marketing is officially banned (because gambling establishments are also considered illegal) but it does not mean that it is impossible to find workarounds.

The Federal law №27 “On the advertising” clearly states that advertising campaigns are allowed only within the territory of locations that provide gambling services. A strict ban extends to advertising in public places: railway stations, underground stations, and airports.

Conferences and sponsorship programs can be used as an alternative option.

Conclusion: when it comes to casino marketing, online advertising is considered the most popular and affordable solution. It is important to remember that the promotion of a bookmaker’s office is a completely different thing.

Advertising of Bookmaker’s Offices

If you want to know how to attract customers to the bookmaker's office, we will recommend you to adhere to one of the basic rules: all your actions should be within the limits of the law.

If the online advertising of a bookmaker’s office has a wide range of options, the offline promotion is strictly regulated by the law. As we have already mentioned above, advertising campaigns in public places are prohibited. In this case, the target audience can be attracted with the help of television and radio advertising. On public sites, it is possible to place commercials in a specific time length ― from 10 pm to 7 am. However, the government has allowed owners of bookmaker’s offices to advertise their services during some sports events (but not more than 20% of the total advertising time).

It is also possible to promote a bookmaker’s office in printed publications but it is worth remembering that there is a legal liability for the certainty of the published information. Advantages of this kind of advertising are the simplicity of the distribution and low costs.

How to develop a bookmaker’s office with the help of outdoor advertising?

Advertising of sports betting can be made in the form of volumetric illuminated signs, banners, city-lights, and well-thought-out navigation. To avoid problems with the authorities, it is better to invent slogans without a clear appeal to gamble. A simple image of the company’s logo will be an excellent solution. It will not scare potential customers or make them angry with too annoying advertising of gambling activities, and it can also significantly increase the brand recognition.

Promotion From Win Win Casino

Win Win Casino promotion and advertising

Services provided by the company are the best answer to the question “How to advertise a bookmaker’s office”. We provide a full range of services for the development and marketing promotion of online casinos and land-based locations. Our experts are ready to offer the most effective strategies for the promotion of gambling establishments.


Win Win Casino guarantees the highest quality, professional technical support, only licensed software, and an individual approach to each client.

For all questions, please contact us:

  • in Skype: ww_connect;
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  • via the feedback form.
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