How to Create Gambling Business From Scratch

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Experts note that it is not as difficult to set up such a business as many people believe. The only thing is that you need to carefully study the issue, monitor the market and make a firm decision. Only after this it is wise to set up new business. Otherwise it can turn out like this: after you launch an online casino website and register a company, you may understand that you do not like this business, and money will be invested for nothing.

Gambling business from scratch

This is an unacceptable situation, because the organization of gambling business from scratch with all its details and nuances should bring joy and pleasure to businessmen. And in order to make it easier for you to do what you really like, we offer you to look through a list of necessary actions.

Monitoring of the Gambling Market

Today there are a lot of new gaming sites on the Internet, and they all were launched with one aim — to receive as much income as possible. However, not all gambling establishments are organized by professionals, so they can have many disadvantages. It is necessary to pay attention to virtually all services and functionalities: games, payment systems, technical support service.

Moreover, those casinos that belong to competitors will show you how to do it, and how not to — if you visit the forum with feedback where customers share their impressions of the gambling website, games and specialists who work there. However, you should not copy all services from competitors' sites, because each online casino website is made for a certain range of players.

So you yourself should know your potential targeted audience, and be able to understand what customers will expect from it. For example, it is very important to know citizens of which regions will become your potential players, and what games they prefer.

One last thing. Monitoring of the gambling market can be entrusted to specialists — a marketing company that deals with monitoring of the industry.

Casino gambling industry

Acquisition of a Casino License

To set up the gambling business from scratch means to start with documents so that its operation is legal. The most important document, undoubtedly, is a casino license that allows owners of gambling establishments to carry out such activities.

Experts recommend businessmen to purchase this document in offshore zones, where taxes are minimal and the legislation is loyal. However, licenses in these jurisdictions are issued under the condition that one of the founders is a resident of that country, and if all work of a new online casino is based on its rules and obey its laws.

Each jurisdiction lays down its demands on casino owners: in Malta there is one type of demands, and on the Isle of Man there are other types, and it is important to study them and take into account all the nuances.

Online gambling establishments that have a casino license do not give players cause for concern, they are respected, and the received document is the principle of legality of work and honesty of the casino.

The Registration of a Domain Name

The domain is the name of your gambling website and the brand of your online casino, such a title should be sonorous and clear for everyone, and the brand should be pronounced with a pleasure. It can be fast enough to register a domain, because the main thing is to come up with a short name, which includes key elements of a new casino.

Software for Online Casino

Gambling software is very important, as only because of it all functions work properly, including the spinning of slot reels and roulette wheels, carrying out of transactions and receiving feedback from technical support.

That's why software for online casino must be of high-quality and guarantee a clear and safe operation of the gambling establishment. It is better to entrust the development of software to those specialists who have experience and know all ends and outs of this business.

Do not accept cheap offers of installation of unchecked products, because it can lead to errors and failures, and the casino may even just not being launched. In this case you will have to do everything again and pay extra money for it.

There is a very good way out: to buy or order the proprietary software for online casino directly from the developer. However, we should mention that not all of them produce the software which will suit you, so it is necessary to choose a software vendor very carefully. Thus, it is worth finding out the following information:

  • How many years does the company work at the market?
  • How many games does it have in its portfolio?
  • What is the feedback from players and partners?
  • With which companies does it cooperate?

Online Casino Website Development

Gaming sites appear on the Internet almost every month, and each of them has its own interface, a set of games and payment systems. It seems that they are all built in a similar way. However, any owner of an online casino wants to have its own original resource.

Now we would like to highlight the main aspects of each particular site:


The appearance of any online casino website should have glaring or very bright colors, and both colors and fonts must be made in one style. Everything that can be found on the website should attract players and make them want to come to the gambling establishment over and over again.

Fitting of functions

The features of each gaming site speak of its clear and high-quality operation. So, the registration button should open a form for data entry, the button for making payments should accept deposits and so on.

Amount and types of games

There may be a lot of games on the website, but it does not mean that it will attract a huge number of players. It is important for you to know which games are most popular for your targeted audience.

Targeted casino audience

Tricky parts

The gaming site can be beautiful, stylish and functional, but it is not all. In order to make it really attractive for visitors, you need to bring something unique in it — like a new button "Play" or an original call for action, or any curious slogan. It is not necessary to invent this by yourself – you can conclude an agreement with copywriters or other professionals who will do it better than you.

When you start a gambling business from scratch, it is worth searching for companies that deal with the development of such websites (for online casinos), as well as finding out about customers’ feedback in relation to those companies.

Moreover, when you consult experts it will be necessary to learn all the nuances of the integration of games into the gambling website, because not always we just click "Ok" for the installation of programs, sometimes it may be really difficult to cope with this task.


The choice of hosting is also of great importance, since it holds data, because all content of the online casino depends on its security. You do not need to cut corners on hosting — it is better to immediately turn to respected companies, conclude a formal agreement and use their hosting.

Experts recommend casino owners to buy their own hosting, which will guarantee the complete security of databases. In this case, their gambling establishments will be able not to be afraid of security breaches, viruses or data theft.

Payment Systems

With the help of payment systems players replenish their deposits and place bets, and thanks to these funds online casinos gain income. That is why the quality of payment systems plays such a big role for owners of the gambling business.

Besides, visitors of casinos win some money, and then withdraw it with the help of such equipment. And if suddenly there is any failure, the reputation of the casino can seriously suffer, and then it would be very difficult to avoid suspicion and restore its reputation.

Specialists offer to integrate into online casino website as many payment systems as possible, because some players can only have one wallet, which may be not supported by your site.


It will is possible to organize a gambling business very quickly, if you have an assistance of a good software company, but anything that is created with such patience and perseverance can be face danger from spam or fraud. Bonuses offered by any casino can become means of additional earnings for unfair users, especially since a new website usually attracts attention during its promotion, and after that swindlers can willingly take advantage of such an opportunity.

So, online casinos usually offer bonuses to newcomers when they register on the gambling website or they often offer a bonus for the first deposit. Let it be small amount of money, but if one person signs up on ten gaming sites, such an amount will be quite attractive. Moreover, a person can visit the site several times under different names and from different addresses, for example, by borrowing a passport from a friend.

In order to avoid such cases, it is possible to enter into agreements with those specialists who develop specialized security systems or to look for another way out. The main thing is to remember about the probability of such cases.

Technical Specialists

The team must have top-ranked specialists who know answers to all questions concerning the operation of online casinos. Moreover, they must be polite, educated and friendly.

Any player who received an incompetent consultation or heard rudeness from the technical support office will never visit this online casino website again. They can also share their impressions with their friends, who are also addicted to gambling, and write brickbats on pages of the forum.

The main criteria for the technical support service should be:

  • Competence.
  • Politeness.
  • Ability to give quick replies.
  • Availability at any time of day.

The most important for specialists is to answer questions about money transfers, withdrawal of funds and replenishment of the deposit as soon as possible. In this case, their competent assistance will make a good impression on users, and they will come to play on your gaming site over and over again.

Good fellowship towards players and clear answers to their questions will let them know that they you are always waiting for them to come to your casino, and they will not be left without attention. Such an online casino will become a favourite gambling establishment of players, and they will respect it, thus providing a casino with the right to gain a good reputation.

Promotion of Online Casinos

The organization of gambling business is just the beginning, but the issue of its promotion at the market is no less important. After all, if the casino is working properly, it should gain income, which means that the gambling website should have the maximum number of visitors.

This will happen only when a lot of those people who are addicted to gambling find out about the appearance of a new gambling establishment. For this to happen, owners simply need to give instructions to their managers to start the promotion of their casinos.

Today there are a lot of ways for being able to do this — the management of groups in social networks with the maximum amount of participants, and proven marketing vehicles implemented by advertising companies. Affiliate programs that can be found on the Internet are very helpful, you just need to set a goal, and also monitor all new innovative solutions offered by well-known operators.

If you need gratuitous help in setting up a gambling business from scratch, please feel free to contact our specialists!

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