How to Start an Online Casino?

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Among other things, IT technologies make rapid progress: new projects appear, innovative solutions are being introduced, and today to launch an online casino means to start a new and profitable business.

Online casino as a profitable business

Online gambling projects make their owners really rich by attracting a huge number of players. However, for being able to start online casino, you will need to have certain knowledge and skills, as well as to be able to determine the sequence of activities. In this article we will not only list these actions, but also give recommendations upon each item.

Purchase of Online Casino Software

In order to make an online casino work — to make the roulette wheel spinning, slots reels spinning as well, cards shuffled, etc. — you are going to need special online casino software. And the software should be high-quality, safe and reliable.

Cheap software usually does not bring joy to its owner, as there can be failures, arrears in payments to players, a sudden appearance of viruses, and even the functions can stop working. It really can’t be excluded.

Therefore, experts recommend operators to buy only high-quality online casino software or order its development from experienced vendors. After all, the amount of players who come to the gaming site, the prestige of the gambling establishment, and, of course, its profitability — all this depend on how an online casino will function.

When you buy software it is necessary to know the reputation of the chosen vendor and also take into account the following factors:

  1. For how many years does he deal with the online casino software development?
  2. At what place of the ranking is the chosen vendor?
  3. How many and what games does he offer?
  4. Who are his regular customers?
  5. Are there any unfavourable comments on his work?

It is also necessary to encharge managers with a task to find out information on the company on different forums and websites, and if the information you receive satisfy you, you will be able to can start cooperation.

Online Gambling Website Development

The site on which you intend to run an online casino must meet all the requirements and wishes of its visitors. Here are its main characteristics:

  • User-friendly interface. Everything on the gaming site should be clear — for example, where you can sign up, how can you replenish an account, start a game or withdraw funds.
  • Excellent functionality. All buttons and options must correspond to their intended purpose.
  • High-quality design. The website should not have glaring colors, because players should see a total look on all the pages.
  • Round-the-clock assistance of high-level professionals. It is also so important, because if users are doubtful of something and ask anything, they should be able to get the most clear and concrete answer.

In order to create a website it is better to contact those programmers who have already been engaged in the online gambling website development. It is not wise to hire students or self-taught persons — such a thoughtless step can deliver really sad results. Moreover, there is no doubt that casino owners will want to launch mobile versions of their gambling establishments, and it is better to take care of it immediately, at the stage of the development of a website.

Acquisition of a Gambling License

No business can run without a permission, licenses and certificates. It is only possible to conduct an online casino business if there is a license that allows operators to carry out gambling activities.

Gambling activities

In order to obtain such a document, you will need to familiarize yourself with the full information on this issue, as it is one of the most important things in the process of setting up a gambling business (both land-based and online one).

Experts recommend operators to buy a gambling license in offshore zones where taxes on gambling activities are minimal (or none at all). The reason for it is that the area of ​these countries is very small, and the economic sector is poorly developed, so the law permits this activity in order to attract various international companies to its territory.

It is worth noting that it is very troublesome to get a gambling license by yourself, as it is time-consuming and requires to put a lot of energy, so for owners of new online casinos it is better to draw on the resources of professionals.

Thus, as we can see, absolutely all stages of the online casino development require the help of professionals, and it will be really difficult and time-consuming to search them on the Internet. But there is a way out: some companies — software vendors — offer a solution for a complete online casino development along with other services.

What is included in such a service as "Online casino on turnkey basis":

  1. Online casino software development.
  2. Provision of a set of the most popular games.
  3. Online gambling website development and its content.
  4. Integration of all necessary programs (payment systems, technical support service, etc.).
  5. Provision of a legal advice.
  6. Development of an advertising campaign.

For being able to run an online casino in a proper way and for its successful promotion, it would be better to use the services of specialists, information on which you can find on thematic websites. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the company's reputation, the presence of a gambling license on its website and certificates of conformity as well.

So, you can set up an online casino business with the company Win-Win Casino. Its experts will help you to bring all of the above mentioned stages into life, and they also will give you a free and valuable advice on how to open a gambling establishment.

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