Casino Affiliate Program: Learn about Effective Promo

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

26 august 2022

The gambling industry is demonstrating tremendous growth. The sector has become practically the only part of the economy that not only coped with the crisis of 2020 but also increased its assets.

Given the situation, the gambling market is one of the most competitive business segments. Moreover, the schemes for promoting gaming projects are very different from marketing in any other industry.

Casino affiliate program: general info

The Win Win Casino team will discuss the most promising advertising tool for gambling — affiliate schemes. In today's article, we will discuss what such networks are, how such initiatives function and what benefits they give to operators.


Affiliate Program: What It Is and How It Works

Collaborative schemes in casinos are a universal traffic monetisation tool that works according to the following plan:

Transfer of Materials for Promotion

By registering in the network, the site operator provides webmasters with a package of materials to appeal to clients and drive them to the establishment. It can be:

  • banners;
  • thematic videos;
  • references;
  • text content, etc.

Publication of the Proposal and Work with the Customers

The partner places casino ads on their resource and works with potential customers, arousing the punters’ interest.

The basis for the publication of promotional materials can be:

  • private thematic blogs;
  • news sites;
  • groups and accounts on social media;
  • video-related public pages;
  • forums, etc.

Actions of the Target Audience

Having become interested in the offer, the user follows the link and gets to the platform of the advertiser — the casino. Players attracted to the site of slot machines are assigned to the webmaster who published the promo.

Payment of Remuneration

The collaborator is awarded for each new client. The size and frequency of payments depend on the format of the partner campaign.

Types of programs

CPA model (pay per action)

The arbitrator receives commissions for a certain operation performed by the referred user. The advertiser sets the list of paid actions. It can be:

  • registration on the gaming site;
  • creating, and setting up a user account;
  • making the first deposit;
  • participation in a specific game or event, etc.

The payout is a one-time procedure. This type of collaboration attracts affiliates with a quick turnover of funds

Revenue Share program (compensation from losses)

The collaborating company receives a fixed per cent of deposit from each loss of the player who was originally driven to the site.

The advantage of the scheme is that attracted clients are assigned to the cooperator for life, bringing profits for several months and even years

CPL scheme (pay per lead)

The partner receives a cash reward for new client accounts on the site. The scheme is similar to the CPA model, but it involves paying for a single targeted action.

The most common application of the program is testing offers and checking large volumes of conversion rates

CPC program (reward per click)

Payouts are charged for each click on a link that advertises the product. Initially, the model was trendy, but today it is practically not used because it almost does not carry any practical actions for the casino site: the percentage of active users who clicked on the link is minimal

CPV model (pay per view)

An analogue of the above program. The arbitrator receives a fee for displaying advertising materials, regardless of the further actions of a potential player

MLM system (multi-level marketing)

An entrepreneur can open an online establishment and build their network of partners. Program participants not only make a name for the brand but also attract new webmasters to cooperate, receiving a percentage of their future income

Hybrid program

A combined model that includes two deposit plans:

  • RevShare;
  • CPA

Benefits of Promotion through Affiliate Networks

Casino promotion via affiliates: benefits

Launching a casino business is closely related to partnership programs. This tool has proven its effectiveness and allows you to increase the performance of such an indicator as the lifetime value of customers.

Benefits of partnering:

  1. Mutually beneficial cooperation. The casino delegates part of the marketing tasks to the partner and pays for a specific list of actions. The arbitrator receives profits for the result achieved. Accordingly, both parties are interested in attracting quality traffic.
  2. Improved targeting metrics. The programs have a high probability of “reaching out” to the target audience, since the system of interaction with future customers can be configured according to several parameters at once: geolocation, age, gender, etc.
  3. Transparent management system. Popular programs offer a wide range of administrative templates for personalisation. With the help of the program, you can evaluate the work results of each network participant and modify the scheme to achieve the highest result.
  4. Full control over the budget. A large number of tools for monitoring financial flows and forecasting future expenses and incomes are built into the software module. Some systems allow you to set a fixed limit on payments to partners and automate the work as much as possible.
  5. Download speed and technical capabilities. With the help of modern cooperation programs, you can monitor your gambling business in real-time. If necessary, the project administration ensures the transfer of the database to another platform.

The Main Things about the Promotion of Online Casinos through Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks for casinos: key notions

Collaborative programs are a convenient and effective type of cooperation between a merchant and webmasters. Each of the parties receives its benefits: casinos get consistently high traffic, and affiliates obtain profit from each new client of the gaming site.

Connecting such a program gives the operator the following benefits:

  • Absolute financial control. Using the built-in administrative modules, you can evaluate the performance of each of the network participants. Besides, the institution pays only for a specific result. This approach allows you to control the budget and predict the effectiveness of further cooperation.
  • Target advertising. Affiliate marketing lets you work with already interested, “warmed up” users. The number of random clicks on ads is minimal because the affiliates themselves are interested in high-quality traffic.
  • Distribution channels. To monetise the portal through partner networks, you can use almost any external resources, including social networks, video platforms, news sites, private blogs, etc.
Learn more about the nuances of such collaboration at the Win Win Casino studio. You can buy a casino with already built-in advertising tools or order the development of a partner program from us.

Our guarantees and offers:

  • fast response;
  • comprehensive assistance (prompt resolution of any organisational, tech and legal issues);
  • regular updates of the gaming system;
  • a large catalogue of content;
  • 24/7 technical support.

Become a partner

To order a turnkey casino and new-generation tools for advertising, please contact us.

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