Casinos in Ukraine: Legal Changes in 2024

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

21 may 2024
Experts of the Win Win Casino studio will tell you about how the local government supports the fair gambling business.

How the Entertainment Niche Works

Gambling market in Ukraine

Almost 4 years ago, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted to legalise casino services in the country. The authorities have allowed both online and offline formats of games.

Entrepreneurs can launch a digital platform, a land-based location with slot machines, a bookmaker's office, or a poker room. The greatest interest is generated by the operation of iGaming sites since they are extremely popular with the audience.

Basic rules for licensing the entertainment business:

  1. Each type of activity requires a separate permit. The registration of companies and issuance of such a document is carried out by CRGL, an authorised government agency.
  2. The cost of the certificate depends on the type of the launched project. The price is calculated in minimum wages at the beginning of the reporting year. For example, virtual casinos have to pay 7,100 MW.
  3. The procedure for the acquisition of a licence is determined by the Commission. To launch an iGaming platform, it is necessary to register a legal entity, make a bank deposit, and provide data about the company’s key persons. Besides, operators need to confirm the legality of the software used (games, payment services, and affiliate programs).

In 2024, new rules that will change the procedure for obtaining a permit will come into force. Entrepreneurs will be able to submit an application and receive the document online through the state portal. This approach completely eliminates the human factor and makes the certification process fair and clear.

Emphasis On Responsible Gambling

Online casino regulation: features

On May 17, 2024, the Resolution No.566 was adopted. The main changes are aimed at preventing the development of ludomania and combating illegal websites. The government actively supports legitimate brands and creates conditions for honest and transparent work.

Key Innovations In the Market

The legal act’s main provisions:

  1. A ban on the creation of multiple user accounts. A player can register on the entertainment platform only once.
  2. Restrictions on advertising. Owners of iGaming sites are not allowed to use military symbols in their promotional materials, and marketing activities should not be aimed at those serving the country. The Cabinet of Ministers also prohibited sponsorship for virtual casinos and bookmakers.
  3. Blockage of illegal resources. Domain names of gambling portals operating without a licence should be automatically indicated and banned by the NCEC control body.
  4. Launch of the online monitoring system. With its help, it is possible to monitor the work of entertainment platforms and betting shops, including the timely payment of winnings and the transfer of taxes.

The government has increased penalties for illegal marketing. Violators will have to pay 300 minimum wages to the public treasury as a fine.

Promotion of gambling products is prohibited in transport, on billboards, in crowded places, and near social facilities (schools, kindergartens, or medical centres). Audio and video advertising is allowed only from 11 pm to 6 am.

New Limits for Users

After registering on the website and before accepting the first bet, operators are obliged to request from clients information on:

  • cash limits for a week, month, and quarter;
  • maximum time of continuous play on the digital resource.

Based on the received and analysed data, the owners of iGaming projects can set restrictions. They can be reviewed no more than once a month.

All players have the right to be included on the self-restriction list for a period of 6 months to 3 years. The option is available to relatives of people who suffer from ludomania (their children, parents, husband, or wife).

A person can be included in the register judicially. In particular, such a procedure will be started against those gamblers whose total debts exceed 250,000 hryvnias. These are arrears of alimony, utility bills, and mortgage lending.

From December 2023, relatives of casino visitors can add them to the self-restriction list if their expenses exceed income.

Financial Issues

Legislative changes are aimed at payment policy, including:

  • ban on the acceptance of dual-use goods as collateral;
  • prohibition of account replenishment using credit cards;
  • introduction of additional AML scanning for P2P transfers to online casinos and digital bookmakers’ offices.

As we can see, all innovations are aimed at protecting socially vulnerable persons, developing official gambling, and combating illegal businesses. The government is working to improve the investment climate in the country and promote honest and responsible placement of bets.

The Main Things about Digital Casinos in Ukraine

iGaming is considered a legal and promising activity that is fully supported by the state.

Key features of the local entertainment industry:

  • All types of games for money are allowed in the country. To operate legally, entrepreneurs must obtain a licence, register a legal entity, provide a bank guarantee, and buy certified software.
  • Major changes are aimed at combating ludomania and underground locations. The government banned multi-accounting and sponsorship, set limits on staying on the site, and launched an online monitoring system.
The Win Win Casino studio provides legal iGaming solutions. From us, it is also possible to buy a turnkey platform, a certified White Label project, program components from top vendors, and other useful products.

We supply a branded gambling system in 3 versions, install payment services, and security software.


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