Ensure a Fast and Secure Withdrawal of the Funds for Gamblers

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

03 june 2024

High speed, safety, and convenience of transfers are what modern users value most. Therefore, it is essential for entrepreneurs to set up exchange operations on their websites to avoid misunderstandings and criticism from customers in the future.

Withdrawal of funds by gamblers: general info

Experts of the Win Win Casino studio will tell you how to ensure the stable work of financial services on iGaming platforms.


About Settlement Methods

They are a so-called intermediary between business owners and their clients. On entertainment portals, such a solution performs various tasks but its main function is fast and secure funds withdrawal.

Reasons why it is important to pay out winnings promptly:

  1. Growth of a loyal audience. Players evaluate virtual casinos based on many parameters, including the speed of transfers. Stable and uninterrupted operation of the financial gateway ensures customer retention, while frequent problems force users to turn to competitors.
  2. Building a trusting relationship. Any delays with payments may lead to the loss of the brand’s reputation in the market. Gamblers choose only those resources that send prize money quickly and in full.
  3. Security assurances. The flawless functioning of the financial system protects entertainment sites from fraudsters. If all exchange operations are configured correctly, then attackers will not be able to steal personal data or lure customers’ funds.

The stable work of the payment service has a positive effect on the image of iGaming startups.

Users rarely leave good reviews about online resources but if something slightly uncomfortable happens, they quickly post angry comments. It will negatively affect the portal’s reputation.

Entrepreneurs must monitor the provided settlement methods, instantly respond to clients, and quickly solve their problems.

How to Ensure the Stable Withdrawal Process

Casino payment system: the main characteristics

Let us see how the financial policy of industry companies can be improved.

Integration of a Special Aggregator

It combines many solutions and adds a convenient UX interface. Thanks to it, players can always choose the best-suited option to receive rewards as soon as possible.

Each client or group of gamblers has their habits. Some people like bank transfers while others trust only a proven eWallet system. It is very difficult to independently take into account all these requests, so distributors should better install a reliable aggregator.

Which settlement methods are preferred by users:

  • payments via Visa or MasterCard;
  • direct banking operations;
  • transfers made through e-wallets;
  • mobile and voucher options.

A high-quality gateway almost always integrates such eWallet systems as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, etc. Each player chooses what is more comfortable for them. The audience usually pays attention to the transaction speed, commission level, and other aspects.

Installation of an aggregator is also beneficial for operators. It allows them to save time and money on conducting market research and signing agreements with payment providers. It is much easier and faster to connect a specialised solution, which already contains all popular offers.

Taking Into Account Regional Peculiarities

The speed of transferring funds does not always depend on casino owners. Often, financial institutions run additional checks and that is why it takes more time for money to be credited to the account.

In almost all European countries, authorities oblige banks and entrepreneurs to scan payments that exceed €2,500. A similar practice exists in Romania, Croatia, Germany, and other jurisdictions. Transactions are checked for compliance with AML and FATF rules, which are aimed at fighting against money laundering and terrorism financing.

The scan is only applied to large sums. It is therefore logical that the payment of a jackpot, for example, will take longer compared to the transfer of a standard winning of €50 or €100.

Addition of Cryptocurrencies

The main characteristics of blockchain operations include:

  • high speed;
  • anonymity;
  • minimum commission level;
  • accessibility from anywhere in the world.

The key advantage of this option is its high speed. Money is instantly credited to a BTC wallet, bypassing numerous intermediaries and extra checks.

The provision of crypto payments will attract new clients to online casinos and increase the loyalty of regular customers. Besides, they are considered the safest. User funds are reliably protected using advanced cryptography algorithms. No fraudster will be able to break the encryption and steal personal details.

Publication of Available Data

It is better to have a separate section on a casino website for the rules of a financial system’s work. It describes the procedure for placing bets and withdrawing prizes, as well as the maximum waiting time, verification requirements, and other nuances.

The most frequently asked questions from gamblers should be duplicated in the FAQ unit. Moreover, it is necessary to allocate 1 or 2 technical support managers who will monitor payments and client’s questions. All this will allow operators to quickly solve all problems and avoid receiving negative reviews.

The issue of cashing out bonuses deserves special attention. Very often, incentives are granted based on wagering requirements. To withdraw such rewards, players need to make several extra bets.

User Authentication

Verification of gamblers: key features

To spin the reels in slots and cash out prizes, people should confirm their identity.

It can be done by performing the following actions:

  • uploading scans of documents;
  • addition of photos and videos through the smartphone camera;
  • use of biometrics tools;
  • device authentication.

The key task of the procedure is to make sure that there is a real person on the other side of the screen and not a fraudster. It is also important for entrepreneurs to check that a gambler is an adult and whether they are located in a country where entertainment for money is legal.

Most often, verification is launched after registration at a casino. Therefore, all steps must be completed before the first deposit is made.

On many platforms, the process starts only at the moment when the winnings are transferred so it may take more time.

Operators must inform their clients about the need to confirm their identity and warn that without this, they will not be able to get their rewards.

The Main Things about the Receipt of Funds on iGaming Sites

Efficiency and security of this procedure are the basic characteristics of a reliable platform.

Key features of payment options:

  • Their speed is affected by many factors. These are regional peculiarities, the amount won, the timeliness of identity authentication, etc.
  • To receive money, players use banking cards and e-wallets, as well as mobile and voucher operations. Cryptocurrency deposits are also extremely popular. They are anonymous, safe, and accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Payment gateway installation assures quick receipt of the funds. Gamblers can choose the option that suits them best.
A reliable and modern financial system can be bought from Win Win Casino. We offer products that accept fiat and crypto transfers, the lowest fees, as well as 24/7 technical support.

You can also order such useful services as:

  • connection of a proprietary gaming system in 3 versions;
  • security software integration;
  • certified solutions for sale and rent;
  • advice on the launch and promotion of entertainment platforms, and much more.


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