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08 july 2022
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Visa Casino Payment System: Make Secure Transactions

The availability of high-quality financial instruments is one of the key conditions for the effective operation of a digital casino. The profitability of the project and the level of audience loyalty directly depend on the reliability and functionality of payment agents.

The modern market offers hundreds of interactive solutions, including various electronic services and cryptocurrency wallets. But the flagship of the industry has been and remains one of the oldest banking products — the Visa payment system for online gaming platforms.

Visa casino payment system: general data

The Win Win Casino catalogue contains only proven solutions that guarantee the security of transactions and a positive response from users.

We will not only tell you about the advantages of an international agent and the nuances of his work but also help you quickly install the payment system Visa in a casino. We guarantee an individual approach, information security and a transparent transaction.


About the Financial Agent

The brand was founded in 1970 in San Francisco. Initially, the company worked under the name BankAmericard, but in 1976 it was rebranded and the first payment transaction was made using a Visa card.

For a long time, the provider had no competitors at all in the digital market. Even now, despite the mass of similar services, the Visa company maintains an impeccable reputation and tremendous popularity: more than 2 billion customers from 200+ countries use the company's products.

The share of service activity in the international market is 57% (for the MasterCard program this figure is 27%). The approximate annual turnover on the operator's cards is $4.8 trillion. The system capacity allows the processing of more than 20 thousand requests per second.

You can connect the payment service Visa for a casino depending on the geography of an operator:

  • Visa CEMEA (central and eastern parts of the European market, Middle East);
  • AP Region (Asia, Pacific regions, including Australia and New Zealand);
  • Canada Region (Canada);
  • US Region (the United States);
  • Visa Europe (western region of the European market);
  • LAC Region (South America and the Caribbean).

Product Range and System Innovations

During its work, the brand has introduced several services aimed at increasing the comfort of interaction. The supplier has a global network of physical ATMs, smart and prepaid cards and other branded products.

Even though the main currency of plastic cards is the US dollar, connecting the Visa casino payment system allows you to work with any fiat money. The program has a powerful converter that lets you interact with the currencies of almost all countries of the world.

Another unique developer offer is the u-commerce option. Using the "universal commerce" module, system subscribers can:

  • conduct transactions in trading enterprises;
  • make payments using a phone or postal address;
  • buy products and services online;
  • use terminal equipment anywhere in the world.

The provider issues about 25 types of cards that differ in purpose (debit, virtual, credit, etc.), operating conditions, and limit restrictions.

One of the brand's innovations is the Visa payWave system. Electronic chips with support for contactless payment technology are embedded in the physical cards of users. To carry out the operation, the owner just needs to bring the card to the reader and wait for the signal at the end of the session.

Why It Is Worth Connecting the Visa Payment Service for Casinos

Visa payment service: key benefits

Gaming platform operators choose the banking service for its security, transparency, ease of operation and geography of distribution.

The integration of the Visa payment systems in a casino is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. International status. The option is available in 200+ countries, and the supplier offers services to tailor the product to the requirements of specific regional offices.
  2. Personalisation of limits. Gambling operators can independently adjust the size and frequency of transactions by setting thresholds for maximum and minimum amounts for each hall or individual machine.
  3. No commission. Installing the Visa payment system for a casino allows you to work without mandatory deductions from commercial payments. The commission can be set at will by local operators (for example, for urgent transfers or transactions with large amounts).
  4. Interactive verification. The security of financial and personal data is ensured by a multi-level identity recognition system. Several levels of identification help to avoid fraudulent actions with large transfers. For regular users operating with small amounts, there is a simplified one-click payment scheme.
  5. Work variability. Connecting the payment system Visa is a relevant choice for both online operators and owners of land-based projects. The service is adapted for accepting digital payments and making cashless operations at self-service terminals and physical cash desks.

Provider Security Guarantees

Taking into account the volume of coverage and the internal turnover of the system, the company strictly monitors the level of payment security and regularly introduces advanced protection technologies into the software.

Programs and technologies of network safety from Visa

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

A set of regulatory requirements in accordance with which customer service takes place within the system and the work with branded plastic cards is possible

Secure Sockets Layer

An interactive encryption program that ensures secure data exchange between the banking server and the user

3D Secure Verified by Visa

An extra module for сoding client data. For identification in the system, it requests a special password in 3D Secure format

Features of Connecting the Service for B2B Clients

Visa financial software: connection features

The American payment agent attracts with a well-thought-out interface and intuitive navigation. For owners of digital and physical enterprises, there is a special connection program — the Internet Acquiring module.

Casino integration with the Visa payment systems involves the participation of a provider who confirms the legitimacy of operations and takes a commission from each transfer for its services (within 3.5%).

Advantages of the acquiring program from Visa:

  • round-the-clock work (the system processes requests automatically);
  • ease of interaction (for the work, a number of the account or a client card is enough);
  • work without geo-referencing (payments can be accepted/sent from any country);
  • speed of operations (the service guarantees a quick response: a user can place a bet or buy additional bonuses and take part in paid events at any time without interrupting the main session).
You can order the connection of payment systems Visa at the Win Win Casino studio.

Our platform supports the most popular financial modules and allows you to adapt services to accept local and international transfers. The operator reserves the right to:

  • personalise game limits;
  • disable and enable aggregators from the list;
  • use products to work in the online sector or physical gaming network (variants with separate and centralised balance are present).


The Main Things about the Banking Aggregator

Casino integration with Visa systems is a convenient and popular way to expand the geography of your business and guarantee the absolute security of payments to customers.

Benefits of connecting the American payment agent:

  • Market coverage. The company's products are widely represented in 200+ countries. The supplier's assortment includes not only plastic and electronic cards but also smart products, physical terminals and ATMs.
  • Work variability. The provider does not control the purpose of using its services — the aggregator is relevant for accepting game and sports bets. Moreover, the system works both with digital platforms and with land-based enterprises (cashless payments at terminals and cash desks).
  • Security guarantees. To protect users and commercial data, advanced tools are utilised — multi-level identification, interactive encryption channels, etc.
  • Product range. The provider has more than 25 card options (debit, credit, etc.), electronic accounts, specialised programs for B2B audiences, and plastic cards with the Visa payWave contactless payment option.
  • Cross-platform capabilities. The service is relevant for working with physical, desktop and mobile traffic. The one-click simplified payment system is available to online users.
To start working with the banking agent, it is enough to connect the Win Win Casino gaming platform. Leading financial aggregators adapted to the requirements of local authorities are already built into the system.

All settings for personalising limits, game odds and prize pools remain under the control of the operator. We only take care of technical support and legal issues.

To order the most promising gaming products and related software, just contact our manager.


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