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25 july 2022
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Innovative Payment System Zcash for Casinos: Order Connection

The Zcash system for internet casinos is a convenient module for making deposits in crypto money and exchanging them for digital funds. The service was developed by ZECC (Zerocoin Electric Coin Company) in 2016. The software is intended for installation on devices with operating systems Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Casino integration with Zcash products is safe for operators and users of gambling resources. Each transaction is hosted in the public domain, but the private data and the number of operations remain confidential. These facts are encrypted using the innovative zk-SNARK technology and cannot be shared with third parties.

To learn more about the unique financial module and connect the payment service Zcash for a casino, write to the manager of Win Win Casino.


An employee of the company will come in touch with you, clarify the details and take care of installing the software on your gambling site.

What Is Interesting about the Zcash Payment System

Zcash casino payment system: features

When ZECC announced the launch of its digital currency on a new Blockchain, all representatives of the crypto industry were looking forward to its release.

The development was of interest to both miners and investors, as the promising zk-SNARK (zero-knowledge proof) encryption technology is complex and has not been used before.

The ZECC product and its cryptographic algorithms are considered among the most efficient. If operations with Bitcoins and Altcoins can already be decrypted using modern tools, then access to transactions using zk-SNARK is excluded.

The integration of the Zcash system allows operators to attract users who understand the features of digital currencies and can extract the maximum benefit from them.

How the Cryptographic Service Works

The system offers to open two types of wallets:

  • Transparent. Account addresses begin with the letter "t". Cryptocurrency operations are carried out similarly to systems with Bitcoins and Altcoins: transaction data can be found in the public domain.
  • Private. These are z-addresses. When transferring funds, only knowledge about the fact of the process is available, and details are not disclosed.

Wallets of different types are compatible: it is possible to transfer money from z-addresses to t-ones and vice versa.

Connecting the Zcash system at a casino makes it possible to conduct 4 types of transfers:


Information is published that the process has been completed and the commission has been paid. There is no other data


Operations between transparent wallets are similar to Bitcoin transactions.

The following are publicly available:

  • sender's wallet number;
  • beneficiary account;
  • transfer amount


From a private wallet, users can transfer money to a transparent one. In this case, the sender's data will be hidden.


No one can obtain details on the addressee of the payment, and the sender is known

In 2016, when the Zcash system first appeared, many exchanges and entrepreneurs opened t-wallets. This was due to the peculiarities of the algorithm: transactions were encrypted in the same way as in Bitcoin services and were considered inaccessible to hacking.

Over the years, decryption technologies have improved, so cautious businessmen are increasingly choosing z-addresses to ensure maximum safety.

The Functionality of the Financial Module

Zcash payment gateway: functionality

Connecting the Zcash payment system at a casino provides the following opportunities:

  1. Carrying out transactions with minimal commission deductions. The service charges 0.0001 Zcash per operation, so major exchanges are interested in it.
  2. Data protection. When using shielded private accounts, details about the participants in the transaction are completely confidential. When transferring between transparent addresses, only wallet numbers and amounts are published on the Blockchain.
  3. Encryption of notes. The sender of a payment from a z-address can specify additional information for the recipient, so operations between shielded wallets are often used as encrypted channels for the transfer of confidential information.
  4. View details. Owners of private wallets can open some data if necessary. There is a special Memo field for this purpose. The developer promises that over time the service will support full view keys.
  5. Selective disclosure of shielded transactions. This is an experimental feature. Details of a financial operation can be transferred to a third party (for example, if they are needed for an audit). The option is available to both the sender and the recipient of the payment. There is a nuance: the wallet address of the second participant in the transfer remains hidden under any conditions.
  6. Operations with a limited duration. If a transaction is not confirmed within 50 minutes (or 20 blocks), it will automatically become invalid.
  7. Multi-signal payments. Installing the Zcash system makes it possible to carry out operations after agreement by several users. The option is available only for owners of transparent wallets, but the developer promises to provide multi-signalling for private accounts soon.

Where to Connect the Zcash Payment Service

You can install the payment system Zcash with the help of Win Win Casino specialists.

Send a message to our manager and indicate which product you are interested in. An employee of the company will clarify the details and transfer the order to the technical department, which will take care of connecting and configuring the software.

We offer:

From us, you can order comprehensive turnkey development of a gambling project with a full package of administrative software and entertainment.

By becoming our partner, you will receive a powerful platform with an easy management module. To verify the functionality of the system, connect a free demo version for 10 days and test the product.

A free demo

The Main Things about the Zcash Cryptocurrency System

Zcash financial software: integration

The integration of Zcash payment systems gives benefits to the owners of casino resources, as it allows them to expand the audience of the site.

Cryptocurrency transactions are of interest to modern gamblers who are versed in innovation. These are solvent players who are looking for new emotions and ready to make good bets.

  • Operations in the service are protected by zk-SNARK. This cryptographic encryption technology is the most secure in the world.
  • The Zcash system includes 2 versions of wallets and 4 types of transactions. A user chooses the level of data confidentiality, but any payments are protected from information theft. If necessary, the account owner can provide data to third parties, but the address of the second participant in the transaction will remain hidden.
  • Users pay a minimum commission for transferring funds. That is why top business owners connect Zcash.
  • In the system, you can make payments that require the coordination of a few accounts. So far, multi-signal transfers are only possible for owners of transparent wallets, but soon the developer will create a similar option for private accounts.

Connecting Zcash to a gaming establishment and setting it up takes a minimum of time. All you need is to contact the Win Win Casino manager.


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