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25 july 2022
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WebMoney Payment System for Casinos: Order a Multicurrency Service

The WebMoney financial service, founded in 1998, has become one of the most popular digital aggregators in the CIS states. The program is made for any commercial operations online and has more than 36 million accounts.

WebMoney casino payment system: summary

You can apply for connecting the WebMoney payment system to casinos and get acquainted with the offers of other financial agents at the Win Win Casino studio.

Our catalogue contains only proven solutions that guarantee a good payback and a positive response from the audience.


Digital Service Opportunities

The WebMoney payment system for online casinos is a powerful digital platform based on which any financial web transactions can be conducted. Settlements within the agent are performed using special monetary units pegged to gold and fiat signs.

A unique feature is that the product is not considered a full-fledged banking or payment aggregator, because, within the system, settlements occur in special signs equivalent to real money. In this regard, in some European countries, the service is not subject to traditional banking legislation.

The platform consists of several modules, thanks to which users can perform any action related to money transfers:

  • conclusion of financial transactions;
  • online shopping;
  • carrying out exchange processes;
  • payment of bets in online casinos;
  • loan operations;
  • covering utility bills;
  • transfers within the system and to third-party banking services;
  • replenishment of a phone balance;
  • financial accounting.

The program is equipped with a powerful exchange module that provides processing not only fiat funds but also gold reserves and crypto money.

Users can work with equivalent currencies:

  • Russian ruble;
  • Belarusian ruble;
  • Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • Kazakhstani tenge;
  • Vietnamese dong;
  • Euro;
  • US dollar;
  • dollar units for credit transactions;
  • grams of gold;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Litecoin.

Linking a transfer to an equivalent wallet allows not only to operate funds in real time but also to keep savings while maintaining their currency value.

Features of Working with WebMoney

WebMoney payment service: features

The integration of the WebMoney payment system into a casino is quite simple: just go to the official website of the developer and register.

Users are offered several options for verifying their identity. Depending on the chosen model, the client will be provided with a certain list of features and services within the system.

The final stage of verification of a new user is the issuance of a personal digital passport.

Types of WebMoney certificates


The document is issued automatically after the initial check of the registration form.

The product is designed for new members and users who make minor transactions (small transfers, payment of utility bills, replenishment of the phone balance, etc.)


This free digital document requires sending a scan of passport data to the moderators of the systems.

The target audience of the service is freelancers and other groups of users who regularly make minor payment transactions on the Web


The certificate is issued for a fee after checking the client's passport data.

The purpose of the service is to simplify financial manipulations for small business owners and other representatives of e-commerce


This paid document requires the provision of notarised passport data.

The audience of the program is representatives of various types of network entrepreneurship


The program is designed to work closely with select freelance and SMB industry representatives (e.g. developers, online merchants, etc.).

The certificate is paid and allows not only to keep a simplified accounting of the enterprise but also to join the WebMoney partner network

Installing the payment system WebMoney for a casino allows players to place bets and withdraw winnings using several wallets. They may differ in currency signs and range of user options.

The following solutions are available to clients:

  1. Keeper Standard (Mini). The “initial” option has minimal internal limits. A username and password are sufficient to utilise the service.
  2. Keeper Web Pro (Light). The product proposes an enhanced client experience and additional authentication options. Besides the login and password, the customer must provide the system with a personal digital certificate.
  3. Keeper WinPro (Classic). The program is designed only for the audience of desktop MS Windows. Logging into the system is carried out using a secret key — an encrypted file stored on the client's device.
  4. Keeper Mobile. This is a specialised application for portable devices’ operating systems.
  5. Keeper for social networks. The interactive product allows performing interactions with the financial service through verification from the pages of social networks.

Methods of Replenishment and Withdrawal of Funds

Connecting the WebMoney payment system to a casino allows interaction with recognisable international banks and cryptocurrency platforms.

Ways to manage financial transactions:

  1. Quick. An entrepreneur can withdraw money and replenish the internal wallets of the system using bank transfers (including through phones and internet banking), via stationary self-service terminals and mobile operators.
  2. Profitable. These are transactions to a branded WebMoney card, replenishment through international money transfer systems and network exchange offices of the provider.
  3. Comfortable. It includes transactions and deposits within the system, withdrawal of funds to a bank account or other digital services.

Benefits of the Module for the iGaming Environment

WebMoney financial software: benefits

Connecting the WebMoney payment system to a casino gives the participants of the gambling market the following advantages:

  1. Instant operations. The provider guarantees instant processing of requests, regardless of the volume of loads. Operations within the system occur in a matter of seconds.
  2. Convenient interaction. A click is enough to place a bet and receive winnings to the internal WebMoney wallet. The platform is fully automated.
  3. Multicurrency. The WebMoney payment system for online casinos allows operating not only with fiat money but also with digital funds.
  4. Simplified verification. Owners of e-wallets do not need to go through additional verification of their identity on the slot machine site — all information about users is already in the WebMoney system.
  5. Gaming with minimum stakes. We recommend connecting the WebMoney payment service for a casino to attract new users without experience. With the help of electronic wallets, they can make minimum bets from 0.01 dollars (in the equivalent of any of the currencies offered on the platform).
  6. Audience coverage. More than 36 million users have registered in the system.
  7. Cross-platform opportunities. There are services for the desktop participants and separate specialised applications for mobile users.

The module pleases not only with well-functioning work and convenient navigation but also with a large selection of options for interacting with registered customers. For example, gaming platform owners can:

  • automatically weed out underage users (they may get a WebMoney certificate only after reaching 18 years old);
  • set up blocking of players by IP (reception of the audience only from those countries where online casinos are legal);
  • protect specific users (access to an expanded range of gaming products or closed events for a certain time using a unique code).

Where Can I Quickly and Safely Connect the Casino Payment Service WebMoney?

The Win Win Casino studio offers the best tools for efficient and profitable work in the gambling market.

We will help you install the WebMoney payment system in a casino and will take care of the full technical support of the project.


Cooperation with our team provides the following benefits:

  • legal status (we offer a sublicence for official functioning in regional and international markets);
  • variability of work (our platform can be used as an individual start-up or a tool for organising a network enterprise);
  • range of offers (the best gaming content from leading industry providers, interactive security systems, multi-currency payment agents, etc.);
  • platform adaptability (operators can independently disable/enable slot machines, adjust payout limits and game odds, organise themed events, introduce bonuses and customise the user interface of the system at their discretion);
  • statistics in Real Time (casino integration with the WebMoney financial system implies not only access to the best content and payment instruments but also powerful analytical modules to control all business processes).

The Main Things about WebMoney e-Wallets

WebMoney is one of the most popular digital financial instruments in the CIS countries. The platform is adapted for carrying out any transactions on the Web and has more than 36 million users.

The casino integration with the WebMoney payment system is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Crossplatformity. The module is designed to work with desktop and mobile traffic. The producer provides card issuance services that can be used to make deposits at physical gaming clubs and betting shops.
  • Multicurrency. A separate wallet is provided for each fiat unit, while all calculations are made in the local money, backed by real funds and gold. System users can operate with US dollars, euros, Russian and Belarusian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnia, etc. There are separate wallets for credit assets and gold reserves, and cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Work variability. The platform offers a convenient interaction structure with several levels of access and various functionalities — from limited wallets for minor network transactions (one-time purchases or mobile top-ups) to professional services for digital commerce representatives (multi-level paid verification, accounting support, independent financial audit, etc.).
  • Minimum deposits. Owners of WebMoney wallets can place bets in the amount of $0.01 in any equivalent currency.
  • The speed of operations. Regardless of the volume of loads, access time or frequency of requests, all transactions within the system are executed instantly.
To connect the financial aggregator, just contact the Win Win Casino studio.

We guarantee prompt response and comprehensive assistance. The team will undertake technical support and solve organisational and legal issues.

Our system is equipped with a full set of services for efficient operation. You can also order the connection of additional software (new slot machines, analytical tools, etc.).


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