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29 april 2021
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Casino Payment System Ripple: Order at Win Win Casino

The payment service Ripple is a high-performance multitasking environment that supports instant transfers in both traditional (dollars, euros, pounds sterling) and cryptocurrencies.

Casino payment system from the Ripple provider

The product is highly sought in the iGaming industry. It prevents operators from the need to sign dozens of agreements with local payment providers. All financial services are available in one convenient and cost-effective module.

You can install the casino payment system Ripple on the most favourable terms by turning to Win Win Casino.


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Characteristics of the Service and the History of Its Development

The Ripple virtual casino payment system functions as:

  • the multicurrency service for transfers and exchange operations in fiat monetary units;
  • the protocol for supporting, exchanging and transferring tokens of different denominations (BTC, LTC, ETH, and other digital currencies);
  • the international stock exchange for managing products, currencies, shares, futures contracts, bonds, and other assets;
  • the distribution area of ​​the intra-system digital currency Ripple — XRP with a limited 100 billion emission.

The history of the payment service began in 2005 with the implementation of a project for a decentralised application The online casino payment system Ripple was founded by Canadian programmer Ryan Fugger. It did not receive the proper response among B2B providers. As a result, the project was suspended shortly after its launch.

In 2011, Fugger transferred the managerial position to US programmer Jed McCaleb. Cryptographer David Schwartz and coding specialist Arthur Britto were also involved in the development. Together they reorganised the project, changing the technical component of the payment service by 50%. Ripple Labs became the new name of the company.

The Advantages of the Development

Ripple payment gateway: advantages

The payment gateway was created as an alternative to traditional bank transfers. It combines dozens of payment methods in one RippleNet application.

The system's capabilities fit perfectly into the concept of a modern online casino. It is a multi-currency gambling platform with ultra-fast operation, instant identification, and international coverage.

It is beneficial to connect the casino payment service Ripple for several reasons:

The optimisation of transfers

Payment services from the world's leading operators are integrated into RippleNet. This feature makes transactions cheaper and more reliable.

The lion's share of transaction details (MBO of a banking institution, IBAN code) is filled in automatically. It is convenient for users

Multicurrency environment

The installation of the casino payment system Ripple implies instant conversion of more than 120 currency pairs from 55 countries, including Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia

The support for blockchain transfers

The service is adapted for processing operations in cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, LTC and other digital units). Moreover, the website can be used as an intra-system crypto exchanger with a loyal conversion rate

High speed of work

The connection of the payment systems for casinos Ripple is beneficial due to its good performance. The service processes over 65 thousand requests per minute. The average waiting time is 4 seconds

Tools for increasing liquidity

RippleNet includes a unified credit line. The operator can fix the rate at the time of the transfer (to pay for software rental, internet hosting, etc.) and borrow the missing amount from RippleNet at a minimum percentage.

This possibility increases the liquidity of the business, especially in the B2B segment

Convenient backend

The payment service includes a multitasking admin panel. An operator can adjust transactions (sequence, currency, date, and time), generate reports, exchange messages with partners, etc.

The Technical Side of the Payment Project

The integration of the Ripple payment systems into casinos is based on Blockchain technology. Each block in the chain is protected by crypto-encryption. The distributed database (its particles are located on hundreds of thousands of remote PCs) guarantees fast and anonymous international transfers.

The integration of casinos with the Ripple payment systems is based on several protocols:

  1. XRP Ledger. This is a decentralised cryptographic ledger powered by a global network of peer-to-peer servers. The protocol contains algorithms for the operation of a peer-to-peer system with a minimum number of intermediaries involved in a transaction. The ideal option is direct transfers between a casino operator and a gambler. RippleNet works as an exchange buffer without commission fees.
  2. Interledger. The open cloud architecture protocol guarantees fast and secure fiat payments connecting hundreds of local and regional payment services into a single network.
  3. PayString. This independent transfer e-mail transforms hundreds of billing addresses into a common and readable format. This feature allows operators to combine many payment methods on the RippleNet network, improve, and speed up customer service.

High Security of Transactions

Ripple payment service: high security of transactions

The integration of casinos with the Ripple payment systems ensures good protection of gambling projects from numerous internal and external threats. These are hacker attacks, theft of passwords and personal information, illegal seizure of assets, and other fraudulent actions that destabilise the operation of iGaming resources.

The payment system created based on blockchain technology works as a whole entity due to reliable cryptographic encryption of each element.

All blocks are encoded using the SHA-2 algorithm. It makes the process of storing, transferring, and processing information safe.

The connection of the casino payment system Ripple complies with such standards:

  1. SOC 2. The independent assessment of financial and payment services for businesses, testing the security of confidential information, analysis of management and control functions.
  2. ISO 20022. The check of secure and independent electronic exchange between organisations and individuals providing payment services. The system is applied to customise and optimise data transmission in the process of financial and trade transactions in the international legal field.

The Multitasking Service for Working with the Cryptocurrency XRP

The connection of the payment system Ripple to casinos is beneficial for operators who want to expand the list of supported payment methods with ultra-fast cryptocurrency transactions.

RippleNet is an environment for the development, storage, exchange, and use of the XRP digital units as an effective tool.

The main reasons to work with XRP payments:

  1. Superfast operations. The average transaction processing speed is 4 seconds. Comparatively, ETH transfers crypto money in 2 minutes, LTC performs this task for 10 minutes.
  2. Scalable environment. XRP can be easily adapted to any demands. It may have the same bandwidth as Visa, MasterCard, and other financial giants. In practice, the XRP environment processes over 65 transactions per minute.
  3. International coverage. The decentralised network includes 150 countries. There are no licensing and banking verification requirements for gambling operators.
  4. Stable work. The required volume of tokens (100 billion) has already been mined. This fact minimises technical disruptions in the XRP environment.

RippleNet can be used as a cryptocurrency conversion centre. The exchange of XRP to tokens of a different rank (Bitcoin, Ethereum) is exempt from commissions.

When converting digital monetary units to fiat money, a user should pay a network transaction fee — 0.013 cents.

To conduct blockchain operations, it is necessary to create two XRP Ledger wallets (for a gambler and an operator). This can be done on the official RippleNet website in a few clicks.

The Main Things about the Payment Service Ripple

The payment system Ripple is a universal and multitasking tool for cross-border transfers.

Order the payment module from Win Win Casino by leaving a preliminary request on our website.

We will provide full maintenance of your project — from the preparation of legal documentation to staff training.

  • The main advantage of Ripple is the simultaneous support of transfers in cryptocurrency and fiat units. This feature simplifies an operator's work greatly, speeds up the processing of transactions, and improves the quality of customer service.
  • The list of Ripple’s strengths includes high performance, stable and decentralised functionality without reference to local legislation and licensing specifics. The system can be applied as a conversion centre. It offers a credit line for increasing the liquidity of gambling businesses.
  • The RippleNet network is based on blockchain technology, which guarantees high security of the environment. The solution complies with SOC 2 and ISO 20022 requirements. Information is transmitted over encrypted channels.

The Win Win Casino company proposes turnkey projects with both fiat and crypto payment services.

Cooperation can be organised according to the White Label scheme, franchise agreement, or the purchase of universal scripts for Bitcoin and Telegram casinos.

Check out the catalogue of games from outstanding providers. It is possible to test the platform in a demo mode for 10 days.


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