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15 march 2021
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MasterCard Casino Payment System: a Reliable Service that Operates in 210 Countries

The MasterCard payment service for online casinos is a global financial corporation, and its products are recognised in 210 countries of the world. The aggregator unites more than 22 thousand banking institutions and 25% of all plastic and electronic cards in the world is accounted for by it.

MasterCard payment system for online casinos

Specialists of Win Win Casino will tell you about the reasons for the popularity of this service and the features of its operation.

We offer a detailed review of the aggregator's capabilities and secure connection of the MasterCard casino payment systems on the most beneficial terms. We guarantee a fair deal and comprehensive support.


About the Provider

The brand’s history began in the 1940s when several American banks formed a network and started to provide their customers with paper that replaced cash. The first analogue of the modern credit card was issued in 1951.

Within a decade, a large banking association called the Interbank Card Association was created, and in 1966, it was renamed MasterCard International.

Already in 1986, the corporation formed a global banking network, which included financial representatives from Mexico, the European region, and Japan. By the end of the 1970s, African, Australian, Asian, and Latin American financial markets joined the network. In 1988, the first MasterCard bank card was issued in the USSR.

Today, the payment system unites more than 22 thousand banking institutions and is connected to more than 30 million sales outlets all over the world. The annual volume of processed transactions is 23 billion requests (the rate of throughput of the service is more than 140 million operations per second).

Business profile of the company:

  • banking services for legal entities and sole proprietors;
  • management of programs for the issuance of bank cards;
  • release of banking products under the MasterCard, Maestro, and Cirrus brands;
  • support for all types of electronic payments on the Web.

How to Work with the System

MasterCard system: how to work with the service

One of the most popular and promising activity areas of the company is the connection of the MasterCard casino payment system. The aggregator is one of the main tools for securing digital payments on gambling platforms all over the world.

Types of user products from MasterCard

Credit card

Bets in casino games are placed by using funds borrowed from the bank. They must be returned in accordance with the terms of the card issuance.

The amount of loan depends on the previous actions of users (credit history, the frequency of using banking products, the amount of savings, etc.).

Card balance can be increased if necessary

Debit card

Bets are accepted from the user's account. When operating personal funds, it is easier to control financial actions without the need to repay loans with interest

Pre-paid card

The service is built on the same basis as a card for topping-up a mobile account: clients buy a product with a certain denomination and can spend it at their own discretion (like gift tokens)

Proximity card

The company's latest release is a product that combines all the capabilities of traditional plastic cards (debit and credit) and has a built-in chip for contactless payments via bank tills, self-service terminals, and mobile devices

Products have a different level of privileges: it can be an increased credit limit, priority service in financial institutions, and personal bonuses or cashbacks.

The installation of the MasterCard payment system for casinos allows you to interact with any type of cards: to deposit and withdraw funds, it is enough to have a standard credit card.

Visitors to gaming sites are provided with a standard betting scheme, which is typical for any digital payments and purchases:

  • selection of the necessary payment form (an opportunity to choose between MasterCard services from the list offered by the supplier);
  • entry of card data (usually, it is a 16-figure number, card expiration date, and a CVV code on the back of the card);
  • entry of personal user data (full name, date of birth).

To confirm the operation, gamblers can choose one of the following options: entry of a one-time password, identification through a voice message, e-mail, etc.

At first glance, this method of operation may scare users away but this is not the case. The MasterCard payment system guarantees instant response and absolute security of customers.

The aim of the online payment scheme is to maximally protect owners of banking products against identity theft and other illegal actions of third parties.

Benefits and Advantages of the MasterCard System

The connecting of the MasterCard payment service is beneficial for both casino operators and their customers.

The banking service with international coverage has the following advantages:

  1. Legal status. All products of the American brand are legally used in 210 countries. Moreover, the provider guarantees its partners comprehensive support and adaptation of the system to the requirements of local authorities.
  2. The simplicity of interaction. To make online purchases and place bets in a casino, it is enough to indicate the card number, its expiration date, and the CVV code on the back of the card. Moreover, users get an excellent program for tracking transactions, viewing their history, and independently adjusting the game limits.
  3. Processing speed. It takes 1–2 minutes to deliver payment.
  4. Variability of operation. You can connect the MasterCard payment service to work with digital and non-cash payments in land-based gambling establishments (by using self-service terminals, multi-game rooms, etc.).
  5. Security assurances. The provider uses advanced technologies for encrypting user data and guarantees protection against data leakage. Casino owners should constantly remind customers about the rules for the secure operation of banking products and provide a dedicated communication channel if the card will be lost or stolen.
  6. Professional support. The service works round-the-clock and promptly responds to any requests. To communicate with users, the following ways are used: phone lines, e-mail, and chatbots with multiple language interfaces.

How to Connect the MasterCard Casino Payment Service

MasterCard casino payment service: connection

To integrate reliable and recognisable financial agents, please contact specialists of Win Win Casino.


Our studio cooperates with the world’s leading representatives of the industry and is ready to install the MasterCard payment system on the most beneficial terms.

Our offers and assurances:

  • fast response;
  • individual approach;
  • wide range of products;
  • high-quality services;
  • comprehensive support;
  • profitable cooperation program;
  • legal work.

The integration of a casino with the MasterCard payment system with the help of Win Win Casino allows you to attract more users to the gambling platform, raise the brand’s profile, and reserve the right to personalise game limits and odds.

Payment modules can be used along with third-party services (new software is added to the platform upon request).

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Together with the financial aggregator, operators get convenient tools that help them to monitor traffic, analyse the behavioural reactions of the target audience, reliable security assurances, and transparency of the service.

Another advantage provided by the American agent is an ability to set commissions for using the solution (for example, there is a commission for the minimum bet, urgent withdrawal of funds, personal offers for high rollers, etc.).

The Main Things about the MasterCard Banking Service

International financial services are extremely in-demand in 210 countries of the world. 25% of the total number of all plastic cards is accounted for by the corporation.

It is beneficial to integrate the MasterCard payment systems into a casino for the following reasons:

  • Legal status. The banking network unites more than 22 thousand financial institutions and can be configured in accordance with the requirements of local authorities.
  • Speed ​​of work. The system's capacity makes it possible to process more than 140 million operations per second. It takes no more than 1–2 minutes to deposit funds.
  • Range of offers. The brand has 4 types of plastic cards, an electronic payment system, terminals for land-based locations, and ATMs.
  • Variability of work. The service is suitable for network business and cashless payments in land-based gambling establishments.
  • Personalisation of settings. Operators reserve the right to adjust the game limits, set the range of bets, odds, and percentages deductions for using the service.

With the Win Win Casino studio, the integration of the MasterCard casino payment system takes only a few minutes.

We use seamless packaged technologies and guarantee secure and stable access to digital products right after initial debugging. We offer the best pricing policy and flexible discounts.

You can test all services before purchasing them absolutely for free ― just order a demo version of the platform.


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