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22 july 2022
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Bitcoin Casino Payment System: Buy a Lucrative Solution

Fast, safe and confidential transfers are one of the success factors of a modern gambling site. The ideal option is to connect the Bitcoin financial service for casinos that meets high requirements for the performance and reliability of operations.

Bitcoin casino payment system: general info

At Win Win Casino, you can order a modern system for payments in BTC and other tokens.

We create ready-made Bitcoin platforms with a powerful backend, a catalogue of slot machines, a colourful user interface and other components.


Key Benefits of the Payment Service

In 2020, analysts at the Japanese financial institution Satoshi Capital Research called the Bitcoin system a worldwide payment environment with an annual transaction volume of $3.3 trillion. According to this indicator, the BTC payment gateway for online casinos has surpassed such well-known services as PayPal ($550 billion) and Western Union ($206 billion).

The increased popularity of BTC settlements is explained by the following factors:

Decentralised network

Installing the Bitcoin payment system for a casino in no way correlates with obtaining a licence or registering with the tax authorities.

All payments go from the sender to the addressee, bypassing the acquiring bank, international financial establishments, and conversion centres. As a result, transfers are not controlled by any state and are not taxed

Easy connection

To install the platform, an operator needs to open a BTC wallet, as well as check if a gambler has the same one.

The signing of any agreements with an acquirer, a virtual exchanger and other financial intermediaries is not required

Instant payments

Transaction processing time is 10 minutes, including cross-border transfers. If the US to Europe operation takes 3-5 banking days on average, then the Blockchain environment guarantees to credit in just a few minutes

Low fees

The absence of intermediaries not only speeds up transfers but also makes them cheaper since there are no commissions.

Acquiring banks, for example, charge 5–7% of the amount of each transfer. This is a lot compared to Blockchain operations

Anonymous work

The integration of such a system attracts players due to deposits and withdrawals in incognito mode.

The service does not request the personal data of customers (name, e-mail address, geolocation, IP or other information), which allows gamers to play anonymously

International coverage

Users can deposit Bitcoins to their gaming account from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether gambling is allowed in a particular jurisdiction

How to Connect the Bitcoin Payment Service

Bitcoin payment gateway: connection

To organise the movement of funds in Bitcoins, the operator needs to open a BTC wallet.

The system provides 4 types of accounts:

  • cold paper ones in the form of a printout of a QR code, which can only be accessed by the owner of the wallet;
  • hardware — solutions in the form of small flash drives with an interactive display (to manage the account, the device must be connected to a desktop computer or laptop, and a unique password has to be entered);
  • local — special applications for PC, where all information about the cryptocurrency is stored in a secure cloud, and stable access to the Web is required for transfers;
  • mobile — modernised data stores for iOS and Android operating systems.

To make the connection of the system convenient and efficient, it is better to choose a local or mobile wallet to start.

These products are presented in the form of specialised applications, which automatically expand the functionality.

Operators can:

  • accept Bitcoins from gamers and pay out winnings, bonuses and other types of rewards;
  • carry out exchange operations with different cryptocurrencies, as well as in Bitcoin/fiat money pairs;
  • view payment history, statistics and other forms of reporting;
  • set the frequency of transfers, including automatic ones.

Impeccable Reliability and Safety of BTC Transfers

Connecting the system allows you to get 100% protection of financial resources.

The main technologies that make the BTC service secure:

  1. Cryptographic encryption. The structural blocks of the Blockchain are encoded using the SHA-265 algorithm. The approach is based on hashing technology when each block has its unique fingerprint (hash) that cannot be changed, stolen or converted into a traditional numerical code.
  2. Limit computing power. Information about payments is stored in a special distributed database, the elements of which are located on the personal devices of users of the BTC system. The complex architecture of the project and the total power of computing PCs exceed the capabilities of scammers, so the Blockchain environment cannot be hacked.
  3. Work in incognito mode. The integration of the system does not require operators and players to request confidential data. Information is not stored anywhere and is not transmitted through communication channels, therefore it cannot be stolen by a third party.
  4. Peer-to-peer operations. Transactions without intermediaries minimise the opportunities for technical failures, illegal actions of personnel (bank employees, conversion centre administrators), illegitimate access to information and other common violations.
  5. Progressive technologies. Reading data on transfers (thanks to a unique QR code as well) is possible through the use of Near Field Communication. This is a high-frequency contactless communication technology that simplifies the work with a BTC wallet.

Complete Turnkey Bitcoin Casinos

Turnkey Bitcoin casino: expert assistance

At our studio, you can order the development of a gaming platform with BTC as the main transaction instrument.


Main payment options on such a gambling site:

  • connection of the system with only one digital currency;
  • support for operations in various tokens — BTC, ETH, LTC and others;
  • integration of the multi-currency service with both crypto and fiat money.

Win Win Casino will prepare a multifunctional and reliable project with the following components:

  1. Video game portfolio. Slot machines, arcade and table entertainment from leading iGaming manufacturers, with original mechanics and high-quality visualisation. All games will be delivered in multi-currency versions.
  2. Licence. Permission will be required only if the integration process includes operations with fiat money. An operator itself chooses in which jurisdiction to work, and we are preparing a package of documentation.
  3. Convenient functionality. It contains dozens of useful management functions. An entrepreneur can generate reports, set up a bonus program, monitor players (preferences, limits), add new options and games, and design them at their discretion.
  4. User interface. Colourful visuals with clear site navigation, different display modes (full screen, multiplayer regimes), personal settings and other options make gamblers' stay on the gaming resource as comfortable as possible.
  5. Affiliate program. We offer effective tools to attract solvent internet traffic. The system provides for different approaches to the calculation of affiliates' remuneration, as well as flexible settings for monitoring the number of users.

The Main Things about Transactions with Bitcoins

Win Win Casino proposes the installation of the BTC payment system on the most favourable terms.

You can order a financial module as a separate component for an already operating gambling site or buy a modern BTC casino with a lot of useful business settings.

  • The main benefits of Blockchain are complete anonymity of transactions, prompt transfers without intermediaries and commissions, and access to BTC instruments from anywhere in the world.
  • The undeniable advantage of Bitcoin deposits is their excellent security. Good safety is achieved through hashing, cryptographic encryption and high computing power of the Blockchain environment.
  • To send and receive BTC, an operator needs to open a special virtual wallet. Mobile and local storage types with additional features and a wide range of settings are best suited.
Win Win Casino offers to connect an online platform under the White Label scheme or a franchise agreement, purchase slot machines with a certified RNG, and buy scripts for web poker and betting business.

We provide service at all stages of project launch. The gambling platform is available in a free demo.

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