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21 july 2022
NIX Money
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NIX Money Casino Payment System: Buy a Promising Service

The NixMoney service is a unique payment agent operating based on anonymous TOR network protocols. Having entered the market in 2013, the NIX Money payment system for online casinos is constantly expanding the geography of traffic (including the mobile audience) and guarantees its customers confidential and instant transactions (about 0.3 seconds to process).

NixMoney casino payment system: general info

You can learn more about the possibilities of the service and order the connection of the NIX Money payment systems in a casino from the managers of Win Win Casino. We guarantee a prompt response and a transparent transaction. Regular customers can get pleasant discounts.


Platform Specifications

The project is built on JavaScript and is compatible with the Unix system so that each of the operations within it takes place in an isolated channel (thread). The technology completely eliminates external influence on the ongoing transaction. User transfers are protected from viruses, sudden interruptions, data leaks and other fraudulent activities.

Here is another fact in favour of the security of the service: the product is officially registered and works following the established legal norms.

Connecting the payment system NIX Money to a casino allows you to interact with any audience since the software is compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems.

The capacity of the project allows users to process incoming applications in 0.3 seconds. Moreover, the system developers promise that customers will not notice changes in the operation of the service even if 40% of the equipment fails.

The platform interface is intuitive and simple. User products are completely separated from the administrative part and business logistics. This approach made it possible to provide additional security for streaming data and reduce the percentage of emergencies.

The NIX Money payment system for online casinos guarantees the anonymity of transactions. The platform does not have a mandatory verification form, registration fields, multi-level identity verification, etc. To work with the service, a phone number and a unique password are enough. There is no option to block wallets.

Payment Agent Options

NixMoney payment service: transfer options

One of the features of the project is the capability of making payments in the internal digital currency — nixes. Moreover, the developers guarantee protection against emission, since all electronic signs are provided with real money. Also, the organisers do not plan to create a general fund for referral payments.

In addition to calculating internal finances, installing such a system allows you to operate with fiat money and several types of cryptocurrencies. The creators have implemented their exchanger with the option of instant receipt of currency to the selected wallet without intermediate operations (all necessary manipulations are performed automatically by the system).

Additionally, there are third-party certified exchange points on the platform. There is even an option to interact with cashiers or self-service terminals to receive cash.

The platform works closely with the Perfect Money and MasterCard services. It is possible to deposit funds from the internal wallet to one of the indicated systems without commissions.

Unique Features of the NIX Money Platform

Protection against accidental errors

Transactions in the system are reversible. In case of an error in the wallet number or for any other reason, the operation is terminated and users are instantly redirected to the initial menu

Avoiding double payments

The integration of the NIX Money payment systems in a casino helps to prevent erroneous retransfers. Each operation within the project is assigned a unique track number, so it can only be performed or cancelled once


An innovative option that allows users to join communities and control the security of operations. The transaction cannot be completed until each member of the combined group enters a unique password

Dispute resolution

A fixed fee of 0.5% is charged for each operation within the system (but not less than the equivalent of 5 cents in any currency). In this case, all disputes are automatically resolved in favour of clients

Branded Cryptocurrency Exchange

Having decided to install the payment system NIX Money in a casino, the gaming platform operator gets the opportunity to control fiat funds and several digital currencies, including:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Cryptocoin;
  • Peercoin and others.

In addition to the standard flow of crypto money, customers of the service can trade on the internal exchange of the project.

The digital currency exchange is presented as a separate section on the provider's official website with an additional registration form and a personal account. The system pleases with easy navigation and wide functionality.

Product features include:

  • high speed of operations (the developer guarantees an instant response and crediting of funds within 0.3 seconds);
  • intuitive management (replenishment and withdrawal of funds occur in pop-up windows);
  • fixed commission (for all operations within the system there is a commission of 01%);
  • secure storage (cryptocurrencies are kept in a separate encrypted file on the client's device).

Benefits of Using the Service

Casino integration with the NIX Money payment systems is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Absolute security. The platform is protected from external threats and guarantees high performance even in case of failure of up to 40% of the equipment.
  2. Convenient interface. User services are completely separated from the business logistics of the site and allow to quickly perform any internal operations (there are pop-up windows where the necessary actions can be performed without going to other sections).
  3. Simplified search. The system provides an option to quickly classify a wallet by an e-mail address. Moreover, a personal account is used only to search for a specific person and does not provide access to the client's funds or data outside the system.
  4. Fixed commission. Protocols for the formation of fee deductions are absolutely transparent: 0.5% is charged from each operation. Moreover, when calculating commissions, the transaction amount is always rounded in favour of clients.
  5. Unified API. The connection of the payment system NIX Money in a casino is carried out without difficult technical processes and specialised tools. It is possible to switch to the service from any other payment agent.
  6. Product range. The following tools and capabilities are available to the clients of the service: a built-in exchanger and active links to other certified exchange modules, a cryptocurrency burse, pooled accounts, an option to protect against double payments, withdrawal without commissions to the MasterCard system, settlement with internal denominations, etc.

Where to Quickly and Safely Connect the Payment Service NIX Money for a Casino

NixMoney financial software: connection

To order the financial agent, contact the managers of the Win Win Casino studio. We partner with leading industry vendors to provide a wide range of reputable, reliable and secure solutions.

When ordering a complex gaming platform of our production, you can connect the NIX Money casino payment service as a main or additional financial instrument with an adaptive backend.

The platform is compatible with the developments of other brands and actively cooperates with such recognisable services as Perfect Money and MasterCard (transfers to wallets and accounts of these systems are carried out without commissions).

Casino integration with the NIX Money payment systems from Win Win Casino allows you to customise the project at your discretion. The following services are available:

  • (dis)connection of individual items of gambling content (game management depending on the behavioural reactions of the audience, the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and other factors);
  • use of one or more payment agents;
  • adaptation of the project to the requirements of the local regulatory authority;
  • work with bonuses and other programs to attract the target audience (these can be tournaments, in-game ratings, connecting slots to accumulation pools, etc.);
  • organisation of a network business (the Win Win Casino platform can be used as a full-fledged online project or a centralised service for managing several virtual and physical locations).

We offer not only a wide range of convenient and effective tools for working in the gambling market, but also a range of services for maximum business profitability. You can order remote administration, additional monitoring programs and project statistics, and legal support from us.

Our team takes full technical control of the project and guarantees system performance even at peak loads. Moreover, the service is set to work with desktop and mobile traffic.

The Main Things about the NIX Money Financial Instrument

The payment aggregator NIX Money is an international project that allows working not only with fiat currencies but also with the most rated cryptocurrency signs.

Benefits of connecting the service:

  • Work speed. The system is designed for constant high load and guarantees a record processing speed of requests — up to 0.3 seconds per operation.
  • Security and stability. The system is completely protected from external influences, and a separate encrypted channel is provided for each inner operation.
  • Anonymity. Users of the service do not need to register and verify their identity in several stages. To work with internal wallets, an account number and a mobile phone are enough.
  • Financial protection. The platform has built-in automatic defence against repeated (double) transactions and the option to cancel a payment in case of an error in the wallet data or for any other reason. The “trick” of the provider is multi-user transfers. It is not possible to make a payment until all community members enter a personal password.
  • Crossplatformity. People can work with the system from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Data storage. Cryptocurrencies are not stored on the developer's servers, but on users' devices in separate encrypted files.

Connecting the NIX Money service is a convenient and safe way to increase casino traffic. Clients of the institution receive a transparent financial instrument, and an operator gets a legal opportunity to be in charge of the fiat and cryptocurrency funds.

To assess the quality of the service and its technical capabilities, it is enough to order a demo version of the Win Win Casino gaming platform. Free access for 10 days is the best confirmation of our honesty.

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