How to Choose Payment Systems for Online Casinos: WIN-WIN Recommendations

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Win-Win Casino has prepared detailed instructions on how to choose payment systems for online casinos. Read this article to learn more about the payment systems features, their diversity, and integration with gaming platforms. We will talk about key criteria that will help you find a high-quality and thoughtful solution for your online business.


Payment System Features

Payment systems for online casinos

A payment system is a multi-level structure responsible for conducting all transactions between a casino and player. In fact, these are is intermediaries that receive a specific reward for their services. The gambling platform cannot operate without it. The functioning of the entire gaming project will be at risk, and businessmen may lose their steady income from casinos.

In technical terms, the payment system consists of a set of specific rules and procedures, as well as hardware infrastructure. Complex program code, multi-level databases, ultra-precise protocols, encrypted gateways, and other IT tools make the payment system a reliable and impeccable service, the operation of which is practically independent of external factors.

Payment Systems in the Gambling Industry

Payment systems in online gambling business

It is difficult to imagine modern business without advanced payment systems. They are used everywhere today, for example, in online trading, in communication services, in the public utilities sector, in the tourism industry (ticket booking, transfers, hotel accommodation). Payment terminals located in public places also operate on the basis of financial services.

The gaming industry is closely interconnected with payment systems. The electronic payment system for online casinos provides timely money transfers without the need to contact banking institutions. Transaction speed reaches its maximum to allow users to play card games, baccarat, poker, roulette, and take part in other entertainments.

Online betting is also associated with payment systems. Modern technologies have reached a high level. Players can bet on sports and withdraw earned money in real-time.

Characteristics of High-Quality Payment Systems

Most gambling business owners are wondering how to choose payment methods for their online casinos. There is no universal recipe because each company has its own needs and financial expectations. Nevertheless, here are some essential features of the really thought-out payment system.

Electronic payment systems for online casinos


Both highly specialized products and modules supporting several currencies at once are presented on the market today. The second variant is much appreciated. Such a payment system will attract a broad audience and help generate decent gambling profits. The loyalty of the conversion rate within the system is an important nuance.


The rapid transition of money transactions to the Internet space has affected the desire of many gamblers to maintain confidentiality. Modern payment systems should ensure the implementation of user rights, especially if this does not contradict the conditions of tax jurisdiction.

On the other hand, many countries prescribe the need to verify user identity at the legislative level. Therefore, the best solution is to focus on the established norms of a particular legal field.


The duration of the transfer should not exceed three banking days. If it takes longer, a number of questions for the payment module provider may arise. Many systems provide instant transactions that meet a positive response from customers. In any case, the faster, the better. Users don’t have to worry about money.


Cash or non-cash transactions available in just a couple of clicks is a sign of a high-quality payment system. Gamblers do not want to fill out lengthy forms and go through multi-level identification just to make a minimum deposit.

The availability criterion also means a simple and user-friendly interface of the payment module, the opportunity to search for the necessary information as quickly as possible. It is better when all the essential data is structured in a separate section on the site.


The payment system should guarantee the absolute security of the finances of all process participants (players and operators). For this purpose, the modules are equipped with professional programs for protection against fraudsters, both at the system level and taking into account external applications. They are working using information transfer over blocked channels, additional filters, specific program code, centralized management functions, and other effective measures.

Loyalty Programs

Excellent payment systems always offer different bonus programs. For example, customers can receive branded debit and credit cards for online payments, discount coupons, or promotional codes.

The operator’s benefit is in the opportunity to sign an agreement on more favourable terms. It may be a reduced level of commission fee or more loyal monthly deductions for the payment system using.


Cooperation with well-known brands is a clear sign that the casino can be trusted. When issuing activity licenses, many executive bodies are guided by already signed agreements with well-known payment systems.

Gamblers prefer playing gambling games in online casinos supporting popular payment methods.

The Choice of a Payment System: What Else is Worth Considering

Experts recommend applying several payment systems at once (at least 3-4 methods from different brands).

Expected Benefits:

  • Such an approach will attract a broad audience. It is important to have a choice for users.
  • It will help to operate with such parameters as commission fees or charges for using the system.
  • In case of any problems (including reasons beyond the control of the businessman), the casino operating will not be paralyzed. All financial flows will be automatically redirected to another payment system.

Another recommendation from market analysts states to buy an online platform with integrated payment systems. This service is offered by Win-Win Casino.


Our products have an integrated payment module, which will allow you to launch the project literally the next day.

The customer does not need to negotiate with providers, pay fabulous sums for integration, and spend his or her time solving these problems. Win-Win Casino is taking responsibility for all the processes, presenting a really high-quality and universal platform.

How to Connect a Payment System to Your Online Casino

Connect payments systems to the online casinos easily

It is better to entrust the implementation of any external solution to an already functioning product to professional developers. This rule is relevant for the gambling business too. The integration of the casino payment module must be realized by the programmers.

In general, the connection process can be divided into three main steps:



Signing a contract with a provider

This is a standard bilateral agreement. The package of documents must confirm the information on the registration of the entity, its financial position, and the legality of online business

Platform identification

Instructions will be sent to the operator’s email address to allow the moderation of the resource

Technical implementation

Full responsibility lies on the staff of the payment system developers. Integration is performed by connecting multi-level channels using ultrafast protocols

At this stage, settings for fast and complete data transfer are adjusted. Secure PPTP and L2TP channels are also indicated

Thus, the provider is responsible for the entire technical component of the integration. Respected companies have full-fledged departments dealing with this issue in their staff structure. They are also entrusted with the function of subsequent customer support in case of difficulties with the module management.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The interaction of the gambler and the payment system is reduced to two simple operations:

  • Transferring funds to a personal account. All transactions should be as quick as possible. The operator can set the minimum and maximum sums of the deposit or use the option offered by the provider. Experts do not recommend to be zealous in this matter. It is better to choose the average starting deposit amount, for example, from $15 to $200.
  • The withdrawal of earned money. It should be carried out as quickly as the balance replenishment. It is advisable to set withdrawal limits only if it is provided by the casino’s financial guarantee.

The gambler must receive a notification in the form of a receipt to his or her email address after each transaction. It will allow users to control their finances. Moreover, this approach will bring some additional bonuses to the casino account.

Transaction Fees

Most operations are related to a particular commission. It can be expressed as a percentage of the transfer amount (European practice) or as a fixed rate in the national currency of the operator (typical case for the US market).

Each commission fee can be divided into three basic components:

  • Interchanges. This is an interbank transaction fee, the size of which is affected by the size of the refinancing rate in a particular country or region. For example, this indicator varies between 0.3-0.8% in the European Union. Interchanges are applied at the 1.3-1.8% level for the Ukrainian market.
  • Payment system share. The payment system deducts 0.5-0.9% from each operation. There is a pattern that says that well-known services take a lower percentage compared to less popular providers.
  • Online casino rate. It is set optionally and does not exceed 0.9%. Many businessmen exempt account replenishment from any commissions and charge a minimum percentage when withdrawing prize money.

Cooperation with experienced payment services can allow you to sign a contract on more favourable terms. As a rule, a package agreement is used, one of its points is a reduction of commission fee.


Neteller payment system

This international payment system for online casinos began its work in 1999. The product was presented much later In the CIS, in 2010. It allows users to operate with both a personal electronic wallet and bank accounts.

Everyone can order a Net + plastic card and connect it to any international account. It is advisable to use it to pay for online purchases or to obtain a significant loan. The validity period is three years.

  1. The system supports more than 20 currencies.
  2. The site has been translated into 14 languages.
  3. The commission fee is 2.5% for card replenishment. All expenditure operations are exempt from additional deductions.


This is a popular European product that is based on a UK license. Initially, the system was a reliable intermediary on freelance exchanges, but over time, it managed to gain a foothold in the gaming industry.

The main advantage of Skrill is working only with a licensed business. The presence of this payment system in your casino catalogue can make users sure of the honesty and transparency of your gambling platform.

The system performs instant transfers ( “one-touch payment” option), charges low commission fees, guarantees transactions on any bank card in the world. You can order an individual Skrill card and become participants of the VIP program (discounts, bonuses, gifts).


This German product that has been successfully operating in the international translation market for over 10 years. It is characterized by ease of use and instant operations. One more advantage is the anonymity of all transactions. Cash flows are almost impossible to track since the company issues only unnamed cards.

All necessary information can be found on the Click2Pay website. The absence of your language on the site should not scare you. After registration, you may communicate with the customer support employee who speaks the desired language.


The official slogan of the company is "The safer, easier way to pay." This statement is confirmed by such high-quality services as safe and instant operations, convenient functionality, and an excellent bonus program. This is not a complete list of PayPal benefits. This payment system supports more than 30 national currencies.

The global brand provides international transfers in the online trading and virtual services industry. A powerful impetus for development was the purchase of the company by the American concern eBay Inc in 2012. Since then, PayPal is considered the main attribute of e-commerce and online auctions in the United States. Moreover, it proves high-quality services for the gambling sector.

Wallet One

This universal digital service has lots of convenient instruments. The user accounts are literally filled with various filters and settings. You can explore KPI, cash flow reports, and detailed analytics here.

Besides, Wallet One has a smart mobile app. The system is configured in such a way that any transactions are carried out with a few clicks on the smartphone. Technical support is available around the clock, and the response time does not exceed 15 minutes.


A review of the payment system for casino games would not be complete without mentioning MasterCard, the oldest brand in the world. It began to function in 1996 and has become a significant participant in the area of international transfers over more than 20 years. For example, 35% of all operations are carried out using this system in Russia.

It guarantees efficient and coherent work, provides ultra-fast operations, is responsible for the safety of users' personal data. You can open a brand debit or credit card at any bank. 


Visa payment system

This is the most popular system, which, along with MasterCard, holds leadership in the volume of conducted transactions (including the gambling industry). To open an account, you need to go through the registration procedure, indicating your personal data in the appropriate form. There is no need to worry about the security of information. The brand adheres to the principles of confidentiality and always monitors the safety of money transactions.

The payment system connecting to casinos is based on online acquiring technology. Thanks to it, the system is functioning clearly and smoothly, and all transfers are performed within a few minutes. You can get a Visa card at any banking institution. Paying for online services and account replenishments are equally fast.


It is hard to imagine the work of a modern casino without a well-thought payment system. The module can perform a whole range of tasks related to the effective management of cash flows. Prompt depositing, currency exchange, and withdrawal of winnings are not possible without applying payment services.

Experts recommend connecting several services at once in order to increase profitability and self-sufficiency of your business. You can sign package agreements with providers and integrate systems on favourable terms.

Another way to optimize your budget is to buy a ready-made online casino with a built-in financial module. This approach will save the customer from lots of issues related to searching for the best payment solution.

You can buy a turnkey online casino from Win-Win Casino. In addition to the integrated payment system, the product package includes high-tech software, affiliate programs, marketing support, and stylish site design.

You can order the development of card games, video slots, and other casino entertainments here. All products are created using HTML5 technology. They are characterized by exciting gameplay and realistic look.

Are you interested in long-term cooperation? Contact our manager and get answers to all your questions.


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