How to Create a Turnkey Online Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

To build an internet casino is a dream of many entrepreneurs. They may think it is a simple thing which will immediately start bringing money. But, like any other business, a gambling enterprise should be operated wisely to make a profit. Getting started requires a lot of attention too because it holds many peculiarities.

Online casinos in operation

First Steps Needed to Build an Internet Casino

  • Do market analysis and develop a business plan.
  • Register documents and acquire a license.
  • Choose a domain.
  • Buy, lease or develop necessary gambling software.
  • Create an internet site and integrate the software.
  • Launch your casino.
  • Get into marketing activities.

As you can see, beginning a gambling platform from the scratch by yourself is not such an easy job, and you will have to spend lots of time and resources. Plus, some license difficulties may emerge.

There is one much more natural way to start a gaming enterprise — to buy ready-made casino. Thus, you neither worry about anything nor take responsibility for every step in the beginning. You pay a certain price and get a ready to operate enterprise. Here we will tell you how to establish a turnkey casino business.

Beginning an Internet Casino: Choosing the Perfect Option

Developing a casino from scratch

Developing a casino from scratch

In this case, a company involved takes care of everything: creates a unique software or deals with a third supplier, adds games (whether you choose them or trust the contractor), obtains a license and registers documents. In some cases, the contractor even operates your casino after the launch and release. In the end, the customer gets a fully running project, which brings profit.

  • Pros: you do not build an online casino by yourself. Instead, you have a trustworthy operator and future consultant. If the company is decent, you will have a quality product. You also are entirely independent in your actions, for it is exclusively your business.
  • Cons: you may face high prices or an unreliable contractor. Study some feedback and documents before making contacts.

Casino franchise

It allows you to acquire a right of using an existing brand and business processes and getting advice. By doing so, the franchiser expands its network, and the franchisee gets an enterprise which does not require marketing promotion. This option is very convenient and allows you to run a casino in no time.

  • Pros: no need for going through all the stages of opening. It’s sufficient to buy ready-made casino, develop an internet site — and you are ready to work. Plus, you have franchisor’s advice.
  • Cons: a franchise may have strict rules which you will have to follow. The price may not be satisfactory. You do not own the franchise name but are using it instead.

Casino script

It is a code which you are purchasing and integrating into your internet site. This option saves money and is very popular. Of course, the appealing price is justified. Usually, the script is not entirely ready for immediate use and has to be improved thoroughly.

  • Pros: low cost, easy management.
  • Cons: a need to be improved may cause losses of time and funds. You may often face a low-quality product.

Online casino business for sale

We are talking about a White Label casino. In this case, you find a company which can provide you with a ready-made project with a license and the necessary gambling software. All you have to do is to start branding it yourself. In other words, you get a dish, but it is up to you how to serve it adequately.

  • Pros: compared to full casino development option, it does not require colossal financing or time investments. Easy launch. Your own brand.
  • Cons: dependence on a company which gives you the license. Lack of choice of gaming content. Obtaining permission to operate may prove difficult.

How Much Will a Turnkey Casino Business Cost?

Turnkey online casino creation

Let us talk price. It may differ much depending on the kind of institution. A script may cost you 200 dollars, and a franchise casino — tens or hundreds thousand dollars. It is no secret that a gambling business cannot be cheap if it is of good quality and aimed for continuous development. To better understand the amount of financing you may have to speak with the contractor and tell him all your wishes. He will tell you the final price based on everything you have discussed.

So, how to create a turnkey online casino? Now you have the answer. All you have to do is to find a reliable business partner, and you will have things done the right way. For example, to buy or lease a Win&Win Casino system is a sure step towards successful gambling business. Don’t lose the opportunity!

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