Turnkey Casino: Ready-Made Business That Brings Income

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The Internet gives new opportunities for entrepreneurship, including game industry. A lot of people want to launch own casino on the Web. But desire is a part of the affair. Successful online gambling business requires either many investments or much time or both at once. Everything depends on how you are going to open the business.

Gaming business on the Internet

How to Launch a Casino on the Internet?

There are 2 variants: to do everything on your own or to buy/rent/order a turnkey casino from software providers.

Creating a casino by yourself — is it possible?

Of course. Why not? Sometimes you will need consultations from experts, for example, while obtaining a license or doing the paperwork that is necessary for doing the business.

But in general, an entrepreneur can negotiate with games providers, order a website, design development and a casino platform, sign agreements with payment systems on his/her own. And after the launch, he/she will have to promote his/her establishment due to available instruments.

It is necessary to consider the following consequences: it may take up to a year to get a license, software providers may be reluctant to cooperate with unverified casinos, a promotion may become a waste of money if no professional is engaged in it. If you buy a ready-made casino, you will be able to avoid all these troubles. So you had better think about this variant.

How to buy a ready-made casino

  • To order an establishment creation from scratch. In this case, the company that will take your project will execute everything from a license to a website on its own. What is more, it will take into account all your requirements so that development will be 100% unique.
  • To buy White Label Casino. This conception means that a customer purchases a ready-made product without any distinctive signs and then brands it with his/her logo, company colours and so on. It often happens to equipment: one factory can produce goods for several brands at once.
    The similar situation takes place in case of a casino: an operator buys a White Label casino, develops a unique style, design and a marketing strategy for it. This variant allows not to worry about software development and invest all the efforts in the brand.
  • To buy a franchise. It is a popular way in different industries — from the restaurant business to laptop repair. You purchase rights to use somebody’s promoted brand. Due to a well-known title, you have only to think over a marketing strategy that will help promote your website.
    You have to consider that each online casino franchise has own rules. So check out all the nuances if you choose this very way and decide whether it is worth it.
  • To buy a casino script. It is a ready-made casino for sale, too. But this variant differs from the previous ones because usually, it is a product that requires further work. A script is a piece of code that is integrated into a casino and performs the same functions. If you need anything else, you make changes in the script on your own. Besides, a script is often raw, so additional manipulations are likely to be made.

Turnkey casino: how to buy

How Much Does a Turnkey Casino Cost?

You will not get an answer to this question at once. Turnkey casino service includes many aspects; without a thorough calculation of the cost of software, a license, functions that you want to add to your establishment it is impossible to state the total price. Before making an order, you will discuss the project with representatives of a company that will consider all your wishes and calculate the price.

It should be noted that a casino with a significant number of games, a reliable platform, a license will require many investments. Only fraudsters offer cheap solutions. But a gaming business organised in a right way will pay off much faster.

So What to do: to Launch the Business on Your Own or to Choose a Turnkey Casino?

With regard to saving money, time and efforts, a ready-made solution is more beneficial. In a short period, you will receive income — professionals will do everything for you.

If you are not entirely sure, have a talk with specialists. For instance, Win&Win Casino offers a helping hand while opening the business: managers will provide you with a professional consultation for you to make an informed decision. If it is in favour of a casino, here, you can buy or rent an establishment and start earning right now.


Turnkey startup VS Start from scratch

Evaluation criteria

Ready-made project

Development under your own steam

Visual design

Included in the price (a client can choose from several design options, also, free design of the logo is provided)

Independent creation with the help of standard constructors or hiring third-party specialists

Range of content

Included in the price (the product range contains the best new games from the world’s leading developers)

Independent search for suppliers and the purchase of each item of goods (it is worth remembering that major brands rarely prefer to work with small and unknown companies)

Engine and technical part

Included in the price, and also, a free customisation according to the customer’s requirements

Independent development or hiring of third-party specialists, the necessity to personally master the nuances of interaction with the system

Payment services

Included in the price (customers can make use of the best solutions to reach the audience from any part of the world and services, which help to connect cryptocurrency wallets)

Independent formation of contracts with suppliers and connection of services

Legalisation of a project

Included in the price (full legal support at the stages of collection of documents, application filing, and processing, as well as assistance in the extension of the service on the territory of foreign offshore jurisdictions)

Independent search for the jurisdiction, collection of relevant documentation, and application filing. At the same time, the waiting period, during which you will have to wait for a decision, can take several months and more

Technical support

Included in the price (round-the-clock prompt resolution of any issues and problems of users)

Independent sourcing, recruitment, and training of staff

A Few Words About the Gambling Trends in 2020 and 2021

Mobile casino as a gambling trend in 2020-2021

No matter what way you have chosen to start your business, you should pay special attention to the new trends that are changing the classical gambling market.

Among the most popular future technological solutions are the following:

  • Cryptocurrency and decentralisation technology. This is a complex of unique characteristics: from the inability to interrupt and track payments to the complete transparency of the entire chain of transactions of the gambling establishment and the complete absence of fees for these transactions.
  • Mobility comes first. According to statistics, more than 70% of traffic falls directly at the mobile segment.
  • The virtual reality. The widespread availability of new technologies has made the online world even more attractive and atmospheric. Today, to feel the full range of emotions from visiting the gambling website, it is enough to buy a special gadget ― glasses. And just imagine what will happen in a year or two!
  • Games for skills. Traditional slots do not surprise anyone anymore. A new trend of 2020-2021 is gambling entertainment, prizes in which can be won not only by constantly spinning the reels but also by using personal skills of users. It might be the built-in logic tasks, additional levels, several plot twists, and even full-scale tournaments.


A gambling project that can bring you a good income but it requires a special approach and skills in a variety of industries. The Win Win Casino team is ready to deal with absolutely all the technical nuances associated with the implementation of gambling startups of any format.

We offer our customers a full range of services for the creation of gaming sites that can compete with the world’s flagships. We have products from the most popular suppliers and a huge selection of exclusive developments.


With Win Win Casino, you will become the owner of a profitable and promising online casino!

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