Online Casino Development: How to Create a Successful Business

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gaming industry on the Internet appeals to entrepreneurs: it seems that after making minimal investments you can become a millionaire tomorrow. But like in other spheres, there will be no result if you do not strive. If you firmly intend to create, buy or rent a casino, this article will be especially useful for you.

Online casino games

About the Reasons for the Popularity of Online Gambling

Before you start organising a gambling project, it is worth exploring new trends of the market and identifying the main reasons for the rapid growth of the industry.

Among the most significant impact factors on the gambling industry in 2019-2021, we can name the following ones:

  • The mass availability of new technologies. Today, there is access to the Internet even in the most remote corners of the world, and to fully experience the atmosphere of the best gambling establishments of the planet, it is enough to purchase virtual reality glasses.
  • Guarantee of honesty. It is worth mentioning decentralisation technologies: the platform is a chain of information blocks that are open to any Internet user. Unauthorised actions and attempts of fraud are out of the question because the information on any action instantly becomes publicly available.
  • Social game. In 2021, free entertainment is going to be among the most popular trends in the casino industry. Statistics show that today, the traffic of social gambling establishments is almost twenty times higher than the traffic of traditional platforms.
  • Unique loyalty programs and bonus systems. For almost all active actions, users get a nice reward. The gambling industry can offer its customers an extensive range of promotions and built-in bonuses.
  • Multicurrency. If a land-based casino can accept from one to two or three kinds of currencies, then virtual locations will be able to process payments in virtually any currency that exists today in the world. Moreover, bitcoins are still one of the most popular trends of 2020-2021 ― a decentralised currency that exists only on the Internet.

How to Create a Casino?

You should understand well that without thorough preparation your business will fail. Be ready that creating a gambling establishment on your own is time-consuming and expensive. You will not get a quality long-lasting product if you choose a cheap and cheerful variant. If you are in a proper spirit, let’s move on to the very development.

Online casino development

The algorithm of an online casino creation:

Research the market

Successful businessmen observe and analyse, first and foremost. Use paid and free methods of investigation, apply to consultants and contractors. The more information you have before the launch, the more chance you have to succeed.

Develop a business plan

Online casino business plan

This paragraph follows from the previous one. A business plan is necessary. It is a way of your company’s development: what is needed for it and what it will lead to in the end. Try to define all the points from how much you will spend on cleaning services to how to solve problems in case of force majeure.

Obtain a license

The most complicated stage. A license allows you to do your business legally; it is very topical for the sphere of gambling. The CIS countries do not issue such documents, but some jurisdictions like Curacao or Costa Rica permit to obtain them. We advise that you should seek help from a mediator such as Win&Win Casino to obtain a license because this process may take a year.

Top five jurisdictions, which will remain popular in 2020-2021


Price of the service

Brief description

Costa Rica

The processing of an application for the acquisition of a permit and its confirmation cost from 40,000 dollars, and its annual renewal ― 10,000 dollars

Offshore zones do not lay down demands for financial reports of licensees and the location of servers


For the service, it will be necessary to pay from 40,000 dollars; provision and renewal of the document will cost 15,000 dollars

Applicants are entitled to obtain only a sublicense. As a result, owners of gambling clubs pay not only state fees but also a fee to the holder of the main permit


The initial license fee is 25,000 dollars, the application processing costs 2,300 dollars, the annual provision of services ― from 15,000 thousand dollars

The best choice for those entrepreneurs who consider entering the European market as an option for the future development


This service costs from 40,000 dollars, and the renewal of a permit ―  20,000 dollars

There is no taxation system in the country if bets are accepted from foreign gamblers.

A very important nuance is that the reserve fund for the opening of a casino should be not less than 100,000 dollars

The Isle of Man

The application filing for the legalisation of a casino will cost one thousand pounds sterling, and the annual maintenance of a permit ― from thirty-five thousand pounds

Jurisdiction is directly related to the EU free trade zone, so there are no currency regulations. The permit, in this case, is valid for five years

Order a casino website

For online casino activity, a good website is needed because it is the central instrument with which a player interacts. Do not save on a developer, this company has to be reliable and has a good portfolio. Basic requirements for a web-resource are the following: fast work and absence of bugs to make a game comfortable.

Order online gambling software

Here we mean a platform that is integrated into a website and where all the needed software is installed. Slots, payment systems, instruments for analytics work due to the platform. It is understandable that the foundation has to be stable; otherwise, the whole system would crash.

Choose games

You can have the most advanced license, a fast website and a reliable platform, but gamblers come to you for another reason. They seek exciting slots with jackpots, free spins and bonuses that give an opportunity to win. Add only fascinating slot machines or have own games developed.

Online slot games

Connect payment systems

To conduct transactions, in a casino there are payment systems. The more services you provide in the casino, the better — a player will have many opportunities to make payments. Choose only popular systems: their producers take care of their reputation, that it is why there is no doubt that data is protected.

Launch a casino and promote it

If everything is ready, release your casino. And do not forget to advertise it — ideally, you should think over this point yet while planning and creating the business plan. SEO, affiliate programs, social networks, pay per click advertisements — all these methods may work in your favour.

As you see, online casino creation is a daunting experience. Do you wish to make it easier?

There are a lot of ways to do it:

  1. To order a turnkey casino. Online casino development is the most comfortable solution: as a result, you will get a ready-made licensed establishment with a platform, slots and other necessary things. You may order promotion and get services as a single set.
  2. To buy White Label casino. In this case, a customer receives ready-made software which he/she brands with own design. One more beneficial option is to rent software.
  3. To buy a casino script. It is something like a pre-packaged product. There are web scripts of different levels. Some of them can be launched at once and are of decent quality. But most often you have to get scripts ready, and this process requires additional time and expenses.
  4. To buy a franchise from a well-known establishment. You will acquire a brand (you will not have to create it from scratch and promote), established business processes, consultations and outside assistance. But this enterprise will not be your creation.

Online Casino Software Development From Win&Win

Some companies can provide you with casino creation services as a single set. Win&Win Casino is such a team. Here you have an opportunity to purchase or rent the needed software, order development of any level of complexity.

If you desire to create a business but do not have a clear understanding of this process, specialists from Win&Win will consult you how to run a casino business and help make a decision.


Implementation of your own gambling project is a complex and time-consuming process that requires vast knowledge and skills, as well as significant financial investments. The Win Win Casino team is glad to offer you a convenient and efficient alternative ― a full turnkey creation of a startup.

By ordering a ready-made project, you get all the information on the industry trends and market research and access to proven and reliable management systems of gaming sites. Moreover, you can always make use of several additional services. We offer the development of mobile applications and exclusive HTML5 games, the connection of bitcoin wallets, promotional marketing, and much more.

Win Win Casino is your key to success and profitable and fast-payback business!


Cooperation with Win&Win is a guarantee that your casino will be a success.

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