How to Open a Slot Machine Hall: Land-Based vs Online Establishments

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The era of the Internet has changed most of the industries including gambling. Casinos and slot machine halls went online, and due to mobile technologies people can play while sitting on a sofa at home. But still the issue how to open a slot machine hall (not on the Internet but in cities) remains open.

Everything is pretty simple in case gaming halls are on the Internet — you purchase, rent or ask specific companies to develop an establishment for you. In case of land based halls, the situation is more complicated as beside software you will have to find an office, hire staff and engage in other administrative affairs. And not to forget about the legislation. More details about it below.

Slot machine hall

How to Open a Slot Machine Club Legally?

Gambling is forbidden in CIS countries; you just have to deal with this fact. An operator is not allowed to set up slot machines in a hall, as this action is a violation of the law. If you launch a business, then you have to stick to all the rules prescribed.

The following variants exist for it:

  1. An owner installs computers and terminals to access the Internet in his/her establishment. As a result, it is a computer club where a client can surf the net, search for necessary information and websites. In this case, he/she visits the establishment to go about his/her business.
  2. An entrepreneur launches own business. He/she purchases software, games, a license (it is forbidden to start working without it, activity will be illegal), prepares all the required documents. A person can do it on his/her own or apply to experienced contractors. In the end, the same gaming hall appears but on the Internet.

Slot machines on the Internet are more profitable, as there is no need to pay office rent, utility bills and so on like in case of land based establishments. But you will have to renew the license, pay for hosting, expand the assortment of games if desired, add new features like lottery machines, for example. But almost all of these items of expenditure concern land based halls, too. So savings are substantial.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Slot Machine Hall?

In each case, the price differs and depends on many aspects. For land-based establishments, the most decisive factors are the following:

  • office rent;
  • quantity and quality of equipment;
  • purchase of specialised software;
  • a license and other documents to do legal gambling business;
  • the salary for staff.

In online halls, the main items of expenditure are a license and software. If you get a license from a respected jurisdiction and entertaining content from approved developers, then a hall may cost tens of thousand dollars. In the future expenses will be markedly lower, because it is initial investments that any business requires.

Online casino: advantages

How to Open a Slot Machine Hall: Tips and Tricks

  • Create a business plan and include all the following information: stages and ways of establishment development; possible expenses (it is better to state some reserve rather than to search for more money if needed later); your actions in force majeure conditions and in case your business is a success.
  • If you dare to open a land based club, choose a public place: near public transport stops, shopping malls, markets etc. Not necessarily in the city centre, but in the area which crowds of people pass by every day. One more recommendation is that people should be able to get to the place easily.
  • It is compulsory that you should buy a license to do your business as partly it is a casino, too. Consult a specialist who knows all the nuances of this important affair. For example, managers of Win&Win are well-versed in gaming business licensing.
  • Take care of acquiring quality working software and powerful equipment, as it is what clients come for. Everything needs to be clockwork. Supply your establishment with additional features like drinks, for example. Do your best to make your guests feel comfortable and want to come again.

We hope that you sorted out the question how to open a slot machine hall. Now you are familiar with all the pitfalls of this process both for land based and online establishments. You know that there are companies that will help you cope with this complicated affair; they will consult, select ideal software and install it.

Promotion of the Project: How to Increase the Profitability of a Gambling Hall

Ways to increase the profitability of a gambling hall

Regardless of the operation mode (a land-based location or an online casino), a business project should always include such an important component as a system of the integrated promotion. In some cases, it is possible to save on marketing but it will be impossible to completely forgo this item of expenditure. Otherwise, your project can become unsuccessful and remaining just one of hundreds of more popular and bright offers.

Among the most effective solutions, we can name the following:

The list of promising tips for the promotion of gambling halls


A brief description

Fair payouts

The word of mouth has always been and still is the best advertising. Even a one-time failure or refusal to pay out the winnings can cause complete destruction of your casino

Regular investment

Severe competition makes you think about the profitability of your project at the stage of preparation and “overture”. We strongly recommend you not to save even on small things.

Our advice is to provide a regular infusion of money not only in the marketing campaign but also in the improvement of the playing conditions, expansion of the product range, and improvement of the quality of services

Unique bonus system

In addition to the built-in bonus offers, it will also be good to attract customers with unique promotions, themed bonuses, loyalty programs for regular visitors, and draws of progressive jackpots.

The more winning opportunities are offered to users, the higher are the chances that the game sessions will be extended and the website traffic will be increased

Modern technologies

In this case, it is worth noting both the innovative equipment from the world’s leading suppliers and a large selection of payment services, as well as convenient tools for broadcasting promotional offers and unique game elements

Experienced staff

Access to the administrative panel is always a great responsibility and the temptation for people to use their official position for their own purposes. The selection and training of personnel should be paid a lot of attention

Enormous control

Regular monitoring and control over the operation of the gaming site is a key to success. Constant attention to every detail and internal processes ensures that users are absolutely safe and protected against fraud

Comprehensive approach

The gambling hall is not only a set of software and a cash register. According to statistics, the vast majority of users comes not so much to play and win prizes as for new experiences and emotions.

Our advice: do not settle on the traditional set of games ― “one-armed bandits” and a monitor for keeping track of bets. In the gambling hall, there should be a bar counter with appropriate drinks, a billiard table or a stage for different kinds of performances and internal draws


A gambling hall is a promising and profitable business that can open up completely new horizons. The only detail is that an independent implementation of the project will cost a large amount of money and will require significant time expenditures.

We are ready to offer you a convenient and reliable alternative ― a turnkey project. Leave an application to the managers of Win Win Casino, and we will prepare the best option for cooperation. Here, you can always find the most relevant and popular solutions for organising online business and land-based casinos.

We are ready to bring to life your most creative and unusual ideas!


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