Chatbot for Online Casinos: Boost the Potential of the Project

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

09 august 2022

Running a casino business comes with commercial risks and requires serious management skills. We offer a way to reduce the cost of hiring and training staff, as well as increase the technical capacity of the project by 20% or more.

Chatbot for online casinos: general info

Make a choice in favour of buying a turnkey casino with built-in chatbots at the Win Win Casino studio.


What are assistant programs and what benefits do they give to operators? Find out the answers in this article.

General Information about Gaming Bots

A chatbot is an interactive assistant program built on AI technologies. The system can be configured to perform almost any administrative task.

An interesting fact: more than 85% of large European holdings use digital bots in their structures.

The program takes over the full dialogue with users. In fact, this is an interactive intermediary between the casino operator and the client. Pros: the solution does not need lunch breaks and vacations, it accepts incoming requests around the clock and increases the company's productivity by 20–30%.

The functionality of the program:

  • client consulting;
  • conducting surveys and collecting primary information about users;
  • acceptance of bets and applications for participation in tournaments, and promotions;
  • automatic mailings;
  • pre-sales communication, etc.

Types and Classification of Digital Managers

Chatbots in gambling: classification

Chatbots can be divided into several categories depending on functionality, visualisation and other parameters.

The main options for classifying software:

Development Technology

Casino products in the form of programmed managers can be represented by two configurations:

  1. Typical product. The system is created within a strict framework and is linked to key requests. In fact, a chatbot is a modified version of the FAQ section that provides answers to a given list of questions. If the user's request does not contain a specific key phrase, the program will not be able to help.
  2. Self-learning bots. The casino software is developed on the basis of AI algorithms and can study autonomously. The program is designed to improve the understanding of natural speech and can even imitate human behaviour. The chatbot works without being tied to keywords and provides customers with more useful and complete information.

Visualisation Format

Depending on the interface, chatbot programs can be divided into two categories:

  1. Text services. This is the most convenient and efficient solution to open a mobile casino. A program in such a format is easily integrated into most modern instant messengers, does not require installing additional applications and allows to conduct a dialogue in a familiar interface.
  2. Graphic chatbots. The functionality of the digital manager is presented in the form of icons (following the example of social network widgets). This interface is very popular in multiple territories. This is a good solution to promote the gambling business in the USA, Latin America and some European countries.


Programs can be organised according to the class of business tasks they perform.

Classification of gambling bots by functionality


The main objective of the program is to maximise sales volume.

In addition to promoting the main service, the robot can perform the following actions:

  • generate accompanying offers;
  • provide a list of additional options to order;
  • register a purchase status.

If the bot is combined with the interface of the payment system, the program can be used immediately for billing for services, accepting bets, accruing cashback and performing other financial operations without having to exit the messenger

Lead generator

The robot works with a "warm" audience and transforms it into active players.

The system not only provides information about products and current promotions but also collects data on user preferences. The information obtained can be utilised to generate corresponding bonuses and set up advertising campaigns on external resources


The purpose of the program is to provide players with quick access to the internal sections of the gaming site. The virtual assistant processes the client's request and takes the user to the specified location.

The bot works on the principle of social network widgets or messengers


The program is engaged in advising clients and spreading information about the services and offers of the casino

Best Chatbot Hosting Platforms

Gambling businesses can be promoted in almost any popular messenger. Moreover, accepting bets through mobile channels is not always classified as gambling, so an operator can enter even markets where this activity is prohibited.

The most popular messengers for working with gamblers:

  1. Telegram. You can create an assistant robot using built-in tools: control buttons may be integrated directly into the dialogue box. The bot can be added to any private conversation or topic group, and they are easily found through an internal search using the @name form.
  2. Facebook. In this social network’s messenger, you can add not only standard widget icons but also a full-fledged menu with feedback forms, as well as templates with a catalogue of services.
  3. Viber. The platform is very popular in CIS countries. The advantage of working with the system is the ability to add dialogue buttons to the chat and the option to subscribe to the bot's mailing list.
  4. VK. In 2020, the social network platform was updated, and casino operators were able to add dialogue buttons to the pages.
  5. Sites. Digital managers are often integrated into the game portal together with the CRM system and work according to a given scenario. The program can be used to advise customers, assist in the betting process, register participants in internal casino events and control conversion.

Benefits of Integrating Chatbots into Online Casinos

Casino chatbot: integration benefits

The decision to open an online gambling project with built-in AI programs gives operators the following opportunities and benefits:

  1. Access to closed markets. Notifications in mobile messengers are not regarded as gambling. A chatbot can work with traffic regardless of geolocation and accept bets in regions where gaming is prohibited.
  2. Anonymity guarantee. Neither the casino administration nor third-party control bodies have the right to track user messages. All information published in the dialogue remains confidential. Moreover, clients can choose any nickname for themselves and communicate with the chatbot without providing personal data.
  3. Targeted offers. Powerful statistics tools are built into the assistance programs, which allow not only to control the activity of the audience but also to evaluate the popularity of gaming products and monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The system analyses the received data and creates personalised game conditions for each client.
  4. Cross-platform. The program works well with any type of digital system (desktop sites and mobile messengers). Moreover, to access the platform, it is not necessary to download additional software, and the response speed does not depend on the quality of the internet connection.

The Main Things about Chatbots in the Gambling Industry

Digital assistant programs are a universal solution for optimising your gaming business. Chatbots allow not only to multiply the reach of the audience but also to automate internal administrative processes as much as possible.
  • A chatbot is a multi-tasking tool with a powerful analytics engine. The program can assess the level of behavioural activity and systematise information about the volume of bets, the regularity of casino visits, the frequency of wagering, etc.
  • Bots can be integrated into desktop sites and mobile messengers. The system is cross-platform and compatible with most modern resources and applications. To work with the program, you do not need to install additional plugins.
  • Chatbots can accept bets without geolocation restrictions. Communication in messengers is not considered gambling and is available to users from countries where gaming is prohibited.
You can learn more about the functionality of chatbots and buy a casino with built-in assistant programs at the Win Win Casino studio.

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