Choosing Web Hosting for Casinos: The Best Gambling Solutions in 2023

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

05 may 2020

Choosing a good hosting for a casino website is the first step to creating a successful gambling project. This is the "foundation" of a start-up. Its reliability and functionality can affect the productivity of the entire business project.

The Internet server for casinos is not only an instrument for supporting the slot machine website but also an effective protection tool that can prevent any fraud attempts and DDoS attacks.

Win-Win Casino specialists have collected comprehensive information about the types and differences of VPS for gambling. Find out which countries offer optimal conditions for registering a company. Learn what nuances you should pay your attention to when ordering this service, and how to connect hosting for a casino with minimal financial costs in the shortest possible time.


What is Casino Hosting?

Hosting for a casino: features

The server for online casinos is a virtual platform for providing the operation of a remote business. The system is functioning based on real equipment located in reliable offshore jurisdictions (for example, The Isle of Man, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Alderney, The Antilles, etc.).

A casino server is a virtual space that replaces physical representations of the company and allows the entrepreneur to expand the potential audience significantly.

If you want to find out more about offshore zones and choose the suitable option for your start-up, contact the Win-Win Casino team. We will provide detailed information on the nuances of licensing, the cost of services, and compliance parameters. Moreover, you can order legal support for your project from us.


The Advantages of Stable Hosting for Casinos

Using a virtual server for online casinos has the following advantages:

  1. Fast response. The processing time for external requests is several seconds (regardless of the volume of streaming data).
  2. Flow volume. Stable hosting for casinos is adapted to receive consistently high traffic (simultaneous work with several thousand users without slowing down the response and crashes).
  3. Legal operation. All reliable online casino servers have the appropriate permissions and certificates that comply with international standards.
  4. Stability. The productivity of the equipment is maintained at a high level (regardless of interruptions in the network or the amount of processed information). 
  5. Technical support. Any malfunctions are eliminated in the shortest possible time. Besides, the owner of the establishment can send a request to the support department 24/7.
  6. Protection. Hosting for online casinos has built-in advanced security systems that can block any unauthorized access.

How to Choose and Connect Casino Hosting

Before buying virtual equipment, an entrepreneur must evaluate the server for online casinos according to the following parameters:

  • presence of official permission to work with gambling web resources;
  • speed of processing streaming information;
  • minimum downtime;
  • uptime indicators;
  • frequency of updates of security services;
  • support for the latest versions of PHP;
  • user-friendly interface and the possibility to customize settings;
  • access to scaling tools (even the most reliable online casino hosting should be provided with backup systems that can work during a network outage or excessive traffic growth).

VPS for Gambling: The Main Types and Their Differences

VPS for gambling: types and their differences

Virtual hosting for online casinos is an imitation of physical equipment that provides the business owner with a complete set of tools for conducting remote activities.

Peculiarities of VPS for gambling projects:

  • the system duplicates the parameters of the physical server (the amount of RAM, disk memory, processor performance, etc.);
  • one device can support multiple business platforms;
  • the system is a closed, independent environment;
  • personalized settings for each customer;
  • high productivity.

You can connect a hosting for a casino from Win-Win Casino and get a convenient and functional solution adapted to your needs. The second variant is an independent search for providers.

In this case, we recommend you to pay attention to the following parameters:

Virtual hosting for a casino: The nuances of selecting a decent option

Evaluation criterion

Short description

Management format

VPS for gambling can have different control options:

  1. Manageable product. This is the most convenient variant. The supplier is responsible for monitoring the efficiency, protection, and performance of the platform.
  2. Unmanageable casino hosting. The system has a single basic function — user authentication by root access. All internal settings, software integration, performance support, and platform protection are the responsibilities of the buyer

Operating system

Hosting for online casinos can work in two formats:

  1. Linux-based system. This is a versatile product with a user-friendly interface and a decent set of options.
  2. The platform, supporting Windows products. This is a more expensive option. It offers an expanded range of settings and solutions that are not available in the first variant


Primary criteria for evaluating server production capacity are as follows:

  1. Redundancy. This is a set of solutions for backing up client information (the use of UPS to ensure operation during a power outage, alternative means of communication, and reserve physical equipment for distributing critical loads).
  2. Scalability is the ability of servers to cope with a sharp increase in load volumes

Technical specifications

Virtual hosting for a casino duplicates the functionality of real equipment. Therefore, when making a purchase, you should pay attention to the amount of memory (RAM and disk), processor power, etc.

Operating power

As a rule, stable hosting for casinos shows demonstrates performance parameters at 99.95% level or higher

IP addresses

The provision of a single address is the basic service of hosting providers.

Additional identifiers may be required in such cases:

  • SSL certificate integration;
  • individual IP (if such address is not issued, a gambling platform and other projects working on the same equipment will automatically receive a single identifier assigned to the server);
  • addresses for individual channels (individual IP for the website, mobile application, live broadcasts, etc.);
  • identification of internal systems (marketing department, customer database, managerial information, administrative documentation, etc.);
  • addresses for linking a website to several domains with different language interfaces

Virtual Casino Servers: Advantageous Offers from Win-Win Casino

Virtual casino servers

We propose you to connect affordable hosting for casinos from leading suppliers in the shortest possible time. Our assortment includes the following options:


The brand specializes in the supply of content and services exclusively for the gambling industry. Gaming websites can use the equipment of the company and distribute services on the international market following established legislative norms.

The provider guarantees maximum customer protection, stable connection (regardless of the traffic volume), and qualified round-the-clock technical support.

Curacao Hosting

The Caribbean provider has been working on the gaming market since the late 90s. The company's physical equipment is located in the United States and the Caribbean.

The supplier cooperates with different remote enterprises (ranging from banks to representatives of small and large businesses). A particular focus of the brand is on the services for owners of Bitcoin casinos.

The minimum cost of hosting starts from $29 per month.


This provider appeared on the market relatively recently (2013). However, it is ready to offer virtual hosting from servers located in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland.

The services package includes:

  • virtual and dedicated servers;
  • financial protection (deposit insurance);
  • continuous monitoring of system performance;
  • prompt customer support.

Inferno Solutions

This British brand has been known since 2005. The company is ready to propose virtual servers for rent in ten countries.

The advantages of the company:

  • free setup;
  • assistance in transferring websites, domain binding and other issues related to the operation of the server platform;
  • loyal price (from $10 per month);
  • safe virtual environment (security systems comply with DDoS protection protocols).


The supplier's equipment is located in Luxembourg, the United States, India, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Each new client receives a free trial period.

The system has an automatic option of daily data backup. Moreover, the provider offers subdomains and email addresses in unlimited quantities.


Stable hosting for a casino is a guarantee of the uninterrupted operation of the website. Moreover, it allows operators to work with thousands of customers at the same time.

  • The Internet server for casinos is an online analogue of physical equipment with a full set of settings and commands that ensure the operability of a remote business.
  • VPS for gambling projects makes it possible to organize real money games on legitimate grounds. Services from leading suppliers have the appropriate licenses and certificates.
  • The Win-Win Casino team offers professional technical maintenance at the best price.

To connect hosting for casinos, just leave a request to the Win-Win Casino manager. We guarantee fast integration and personalization of the system, technical support, and stable operation without crashes. Our assortment contains only the best solutions that will allow you to process the maximum amount of information.

The advantages of working with Win-Win Casino include a loyal pricing policy and attractive discounts for regular customers, a guarantee of confidentiality, and impeccable quality. Moreover, our clients get access to the best gaming novelties and the possibility to order the development of exclusive content.


Launch your own gambling project with professional support from Win-Win Casino right now:

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