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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The modern gambling world is expanding in various directions. While some countries try to make the conditions as favourable as possible, others block the development of the industry in all imaginable ways. At the same time, people are still looking for possibilities to enjoy their favourite activities. The sweepstakes business is a perfect alternative that can substitute a lot of gambling projects and quench players’ thirst.

With the development of this business, more and more companies start offering their sweepstakes gaming software. However, it is becoming more complicated to find a reliable manufacturer or at least a distributor.

Numerous scammers are trying to sneak to the market and disguise the unreliable sweepstakes equipment for sale, deceiving inexperienced operators. The experts from Win&Win will gladly provide you with a detailed guide on how to find reliable software without any risks.


What Is Actually the Sweepstakes Business and How Can It Be Beneficial?

Sweepstakes business: benefits

Sweepstakes gaming software is created mainly for internet cafes that provide gambling activities for your clients.

People here primarily win prizes through two most popular schemes:

  1. Slot Terminals.
  2. Sports Betting.

The first type of gambling considers spinning the virtual reels based on the random number generator and hitting a victorious combination. The beauty of such activity is trying your luck and seeing how advantageous you are. The second type is rather more analytical and depends more on your calculative mindset.

The key feature of any similar gambling activity that is based on sweepstakes gaming systems is the ability to win without any significant efforts. Just rely on your fortune, and enjoy the process. This is what your clients usually visit your venue for.

In order for your clients to enjoy the gambling process to its fullest, you should ensure all the entertainment means are just perfect. That is where you should install the best sweepstakes software from a reliable provider to guarantee players flawless gaming leisure time. Here are the key features that your systems should include to ensure both you and your clients benefit from the establishment.

What Does a Perfect Internet Sweepstakes Software Should Look Like?

One of the critical aspects of ideal sweepstakes software is graphics. Since the gameplay is usually similar in all slots (though still an essential part of every system), your profit will directly depend on how well the visuals of your platform will attract the audience. In general, it all depends on the area of your localization.

The ability to adapt your sweepstakes gaming software to the peculiarities of your clients is the key to success. Of course, resorting to the proven schemes can also be beneficial but won’t bring you as much income as you could do.

On top of that, here are a few other features that you should look up to when setting up your sweepstakes business:

  • secured gaming environment;
  • swift technical support responses;
  • efficient promotional tools;
  • in-depth analytical and statistical means;
  • wide administrative functionality;
  • comprehensive and unsophisticated interface;
  • absence of excessive abundance;
  • pleasant audio accompaniment;
  • exclusive loyalty programs;
  • constant software updates;
  • easy depositing means;
  • effortless money withdrawal by most popular payment methods.

Let’s talk about the key components that actually make up the core of any sweepstakes software.

Maximum Security

Remember, your clients rely on you and your systems. Therefore, you must ensure that their money is entirely safe. Moreover, personal information can sometimes be even more significant. Usually, all sweepstakes software providers remember about this, but you should double-check how reliable the offered tools are anyway.

Impressive Marketing Tools

Even with the perfect systems ready for operation, an inexperienced owner can fail to earn any money. This is all because it is essential to ensure that your facility is well-advertised to the target audience. Make sure that you resort to the most widely used promotional means and have your brand appear in all possible popularization channels.

Sounds and Graphics

Again, let’s remind you about the significance of immaculate visuals and audio effects. Usually, your clients would say they come to a platform to experience the most genuine emotions from the gameplay. However, they still want to see a pleasant picture that would cooperate perfectly well with the sounds surrounding them.

When you order the sweepstakes software for sale, spend a few extra minutes on seeing whether the supplier can devote the necessary amount of resources to developing unique and impressive designs just for you.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Another integral aspect of every sweepstakes system is a well-organized bonus program. People love free stuff. And giving extra cash during registration can actually bring you insane traffic. Also, the more a person plays on your platform, the more perks they should receive as a part of a thought-out loyalty plan.

Who are Reliable Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Providers?

Sweepstakes providers: the best developers

As it has already been mentioned, there is no profitable sweepstakes business without efficient software. And where do you get the best working tools? Correct, from the most reliable sweepstakes software providers. Win&Win suggests resorting to the experienced suppliers that have already set up dozens of successful projects. Among such giants of the industry, these are the most efficient ones.


One of the leaders among the suppliers of sweepstakes software. They have achieved such an incredible success of their products by making a heavy accent on graphics and gameplay performance. The combination of exclusive bonuses, intuitive operation, and effortless setup for operators create a fantastic mixture for both new and experienced businessmen.


These guys are good at developing both land-based and online sweepstakes equipment for sale. The extensive functionality of settings influenced a rapid increase in popularity for the company. On top of that, the universal nature of their sweepstakes software for internet cafes allows ordering efficient tools for betting solutions, online slots, tabletop games, and many others.


Regardless of a young age, this company has already become a world-renowned identity on the market. Its gambling solutions are particularly popular thanks to the ability of integration to all existing platforms. This feature makes Euro Games Technology a demanded brand among hundreds of operators.


The company is mainly focusing on online sweepstakes equipment for sale. Similarly, as Novomatic, these guys are one of the leading suppliers on the market with more than 3 decades of operational history. Players particularly enjoy the games from Playtech due to increased jackpots they can win. Quite an appealing feature to increase traffic.

All these internet cafe sweepstakes providers supply high-quality software with that number of top-notch features that will make up your platform.

Key components


Payment methods

The installation of most used transaction systems allows the players to use any convenient method they prefer

Random number generator

It may seem that all randomizers are the same, but actually, some internet cafe sweepstakes providers have much more efficient software than the others

Android and iOS compatibility

The modern world is becoming more and more focused on mobile technologies, so it is highly beneficial to pay enough attention to these systems

Custom design

Again, your profit heavily depends on the visuals and what model you will use to attract the audience

Instant synchronization

The ability to notify players about your latest bonuses and special offers play a huge role in building up a lucrative gambling venue

Joint project

The ability to unite all your project into a single system is a great way to ease the management problem and start controlling everything more efficiently

How to Start a Sweepstakes Business Most Productively?

Getting enrolled in a sweepstakes business implies a considerable workload, even on experienced entrepreneurs. Not only do you have to be into all notions of the sphere, but you should also be aware of the slightest intricacies and issues that may pop up in the most unexpected situation.

A lot of beginning operators have failed in the initial stages, losing their resources and desire to continue. Even those businessmen who have been previously engaged in any other serious activity may find it hard to follow all stages of the organizational process. What’s the most productive way out then?

The first, and probably, the most efficient solution to this problem is experience. Indeed, some professional guide companies, such as Win&Win, have already completed several dozen similar projects, leaving their operators satisfied with the result. But how does it work?

Well, you resort to our experts and ask for sweepstakes software for sale. We offer the best possible solutions, including turnkey business options on different conditions. All responsibility is transferred on our skilful team. You are left with just monitoring jobs and idea provision for your platform. Don’t hesitate to resort to professionals — buy sweepstakes business from Win&Win. Just reach our support team for any further information.



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