Gambling Industry: What Will the 2023 Show? A Review of the Market Trends From Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

A desire to gamble is a constant “fellow traveller” of humanity. It is not surprising the gambling business has become the largest economic niche on a world-wide scale. At the same time, the industry is considered to be the most “flexible” one since it can almost instantly answer the wishes and requests of users.

Future of the gambling industry: VR and other trends

Today, each of us can observe another modernisation: the gambling business is changing right in front of our faces, not only developing new trends but also having a significant impact on some other economic and government spheres. In this article, we are going to talk about the most striking and significant trends in the world of casino games.

The Turf Battle: the Largest Gambling Markets of our Time

One of the clearest trends that began to appear in the middle of 2018 is a wide-scale reduction in the numbers of land-based casinos and widespread access to the virtual market. Despite the lack of geographical boundaries on the Web, experts still emphasise some of the largest areas.

The main gambling territories in 2019-2020


The gambling business in Europe is showing good results: during this year, for example, slot machines brought investors 84% more than in the previous report period.

The rapid growth of the sector is associated with the fact that new technologies today are available to everyone, the infrastructure is well-functioning, and the taxation system is not so strict within the territories of the largest gambling areas in Europe (on the Isle of Man, Malta, and Gibraltar)


Online business in Asia has achieved amazing results. At the same time, the industry continues to grow: according to Research and Markets, by 2020, the gambling sector will increase by 7.3%.

One of the factors that have influenced the growth of the industry is the huge density of population (about 60% of all people in the world live on the mainland)


The gambling industry in the United States is developing according to its own unique system: the domestic market has been functioning for quite some time, while, until recently, access to foreign investors was opened only in three states — Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Pennsylvania became the fourth state to provide access to the gambling market for foreign partners


Despite the depressing situation with the land-based sector, local authorities decided to take strict measures related to the control over the online market, significantly bound the advertising of the game content and completely ban the virtual poker business. At the same time, traditional “one-armed bandits” can be found both in specialised clubs and in any ordinary drinking establishment.

According to statistics, Australians are the most gambling nation that spends about 1,000 dollars annually on casino games (the highest figures in the world)


This is a promising market, which is now at the initial stage of its formation. In order to reach its full potential, the region needs a relevant infrastructure in the form of banking institutions, payment services, telecommunications, and customer validation systems

New Trends That can Change the Gambling World

Gambling business trends

As we have already mentioned above, the gambling business is a flexible segment that can adapt to changing conditions in the shortest possible time. That is why the virtual market has rapidly replaced land-based locations, which simply are not able to keep up with new demands of the audience and the legal situation.

Among the most popular trends in 2020, it is worth describing several main ones.

Gaming in a New Format

Traditional “one-armed bandits” with hoary fruit-themed games gave place to bright and creative solutions, which are mostly focused on the exciting storyline and additional functionality. For example, the NetEnt product line: the company presented a series of slots with three-dimensional animated graphics, thanks to which the game turns into a fascinating animated film with an ability to interact with the main characters.

Absolute Mobility

If earlier, an entrepreneur could offer as an additional advantage a mobile website that looks the same as the desktop version, then now, players think of such an option almost as of a personal affront.

The market was literally flooded first with thematic applications with chatbots, and then with interactive platforms with special content, which was created only for mobile platforms. But this was only the first stage of the development.

A casino in the smartwatch became a new stage. It is interesting that the Microgaming company has predicted the appearance of such a situation before anyone else and presented a thematic solution back in 2015.

According to forecasts, smartwatches can quickly replace smartphones and become the most affordable interactive gadget in the world. Analysts believe that by 2020, the turnover of the smartwatch industry will reach 32.9 billion dollars.

Social Game

It would seem that there is nothing more stupid than a gambling establishment without bets. But in the modern world, there are no categorical decisions. And the social game project can be a vivid example.

In fact, it is a free game, which is not even considered as gambling (accordingly, there are no licenses here, no restrictions related to the organisation, and no harassment by government agencies). But how does a businessman receive proceeding (the sector’s turnover is 20% higher than the profit of a traditional online industry)?

Everything is simple: the funds are deposited in the form of the purchase of various “goodies”:

  • VIP access to the game;
  • exclusive user images;
  • paid updates;
  • prolongation of the playing time;
  • additional moves;
  • participation in closed tournaments.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

One of the variations of augmented reality is a game with live dealers, thanks to which players got an opportunity to join the amazing world of gambling without leaving a familiar home environment.

Live entertainment in real-time with chatting is a “traditional” basic option. The world’s largest companies do not rest on their laurels and are trying to make the game session even more realistic. A rather original solution was offered by the American company Golden Nugget. The developer launched an online roulette, which was broadcasted not from a special studio but directly from the land-based gambling hall in New Jersey.

Artificial Intelligence

Online business is not only a colourful picture and an endless desire to win. Behind the bright screen, there is a sophisticated operating platform with a huge number of analytical and administrative tools.

Indispensable helpers in the inner workings of the casino are artificial intelligence systems that can automatically and almost instantly track and perform the following functions:

  1. User involvement. Previously, casino owners needed to hire many specialists to provide each visitor with the required services. Today, AI technologies can instantly analyse the behaviour and needs of customers and offer a range of solutions that will fully meet their demands.
  2. Retention of players. It includes the analysis of the behaviour of the audience and instant selection of the plan of actions, the aim of which is to maximise the time of the game session.
  3. Fraud prevention. Artificial intelligence can protect the gambling business from the very concept of unauthorised actions of users. Innovative technologies made it possible to automatise and improve such sectors of management of the gambling platform as customer identification, integration of payment services, protection of personal data, and analysis of the behaviour of users based on the open data in profiles in social networks.


Unique trends of the virtual gambling industry are changing the very concept of gambling. Today, it is not just a thoughtless observation of the endless spinning of lemons or red sevens. Now, each game is a masterpiece that can be compared with the rabbit-burrow from Alice in Wonderland.

Regular market analysis and reviews of new products are your main tools in the competitive battle. A modern project will bring decent profit only if it can surprise gamblers and offer them casino games that have no analogues.

Our advice is to work with skilled professionals. Leave an application to the managers of Win Win Casino, and we will provide you with detailed information on the main innovations and promising trends, which are worth paying attention to.


We always have a large selection of exclusive inventions that stand out against the background of standard and boring projects.

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