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Gambling Market: What Volume Can be Expected by the year 2025

1. Growth Dynamics of the Gambling Business

2. Why Will iGambling Grow?

  2.1. Opening of New Markets

  2.2. Investment in the Infrastructure

  2.3. Availability on the Internet

3. Conclusion

The gambling industry continues to boost on a worldwide basis. This market is one of the most attractive in terms of investment, and it will continue growing in the next ten years. About the prospects of iGambling and expert prognosis — more information can be found on the Win Win Casino website.

Growth Dynamics of the Gambling Business

Gambling business growth prospects by the year 2025

The H2 Gambling Capital consulting company conducted a detailed analysis of the sector and tried to predict the indicators for 2025. Brief results of the research are presented below, in a tabular form.

Growth dynamics of the gambling industry in 2019-2025










Gross income from casino games in billions of euros








Profit from land-based gambling establishments

In billions of euros








In percentage points








Profit from online gambling

In billions of euros








In percentage points








The received data clearly illustrate the fact that the gambling business is actively growing and developing. This is not just another boom but a calm increase in profitability by 3-4% annually.

Such stability attracts big investors, and all of them have a choice:

  1. To run a business based on casinos and bookmaker’s offices by investing money in elite gambling establishments all over the world.
  2. To invest in an online business. There is a low barrier to entry, although profitability remains quite high.

The gambling market will reach 445.4 billion euros by 2025, according to analysts. It is 14% more compared to the indicators of this year. The published numbers encourage optimism among many entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Some experts, for example, the representatives of the Grand View Research agency, call the data a little undercharged. They present a more optimistic vision of the gambling market in 5-6 years, according to which, in 2025, the market volume of the online business alone will reach 102.9 billion euros.

Returning to the numbers from H2 Gambling Capital, you can notice a certain pattern in the overall income structure. It clearly shows the increase in the share of the virtual sector with a decrease of land-based slot machines and casinos.

In 2025, it is expected that offline gambling establishments will bring 83.8% of the total income while playing on the Internet will increase profitability by 16.2%.

Despite the fact that currently, the online niche is not bringing enough, most experts relate their hopes and expectations to the online business. It is more flexible and can be adapted to all changes connected with the legislation and the technical base. Also, this market can be entered by new investors more easily.

Why Will iGambling Grow?

Online gambling market: prospects overview

There are several main reasons why 2025 will bring just these volumes of profit to the industry.

Opening of New Markets

Today, gambling still is not legalised in many countries, and, as a result, many tax jurisdictions do not receive billions of dollars for the treasury.

Land-based gambling establishments are prohibited in most Arab countries, as well as in Ukraine, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

The situation with the online segment is even worse. Players from such wealthy countries as Germany or the United States cannot play casino games on the Internet.

The promising Asian market remains under strict government control. In China, for example, you can play only in Macau and Hong Kong. However, experts expect some easing in the next five years. First of all, it is beneficial to the countries themselves because of the enormous treasury revenues.

Investment in the Infrastructure

The development is beneficial not only for gambling operators but also for businessmen who are in charge of the infrastructure projects.

The opening of a new casino, for example, attracts tourists and guests who need to live somewhere, eat well, get from point A to point B, and so on. All this is provided by hotels, restaurants, and transport companies that bring their owners a good profit.

In the online segment, developers of slot games, software vendors, affiliate networks, companies engaged in the promotion of bookmaker’s offices, and online casinos receive a decent income. Therefore, the growth of the gambling market is beneficial to many interested parties, and it includes not only owners of gambling clubs.

Availability on the Internet

A worldwide trend of receiving most of the services via the Internet can also be found in the iGambling sphere. The active development of mobile devices and applications and the appearance of new technical solutions are conducive to the traffic increase.

Gambling is becoming much more popular since it provides access to exciting slots from anywhere in the world.


The gambling industry remains one of the most promising areas for investment. In 2025, experts expect the revenues of 445.4 billion euros, and this is the most pessimistic scenario.

It is worth expecting high returns, which attracts the attention of even the most sceptical people. Among the main reasons for growth, there is the legalisation of the gambling sector in many countries, the influence of infrastructure projects, and the availability of games on the Internet.

To learn more and launch your own project, contact the Win Win Casino team of specialists.


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