How to Create Your Own Online Casino: Step-by-Step Guide from Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The question of how to create your own online casino has long been ranked first in the issuance of the largest search engines. Let us understand, why it is happening.

How to create an online casino

The gambling industry has a huge impact on the global economy. You cannot argue with the figures: by the end of 2018, the turnover of this industry exceeded 44.1 billion euros. According to statistics provided by experts of the independent consulting agency H2 Gambling Capital, by 2022 the total revenue of the gambling market will reach 56.8 billion euros.

Virtual Gambling: The Main Reasons for Popularity

Gambling accompanied humanity at all stages of development. Today, the industry has transformed in a unique way, becoming not only an original way of entertainment but also a stable source of income.

The question of how to create a casino on the Internet, every day sounds more often for such reasons:

  1. Availability. Thanks to modern technology, entertainment for money has become available in every corner of the world. Nowadays, to start your favourite game, you only need a stationary or mobile device with a network connection.
  2. The range of entertainments. Each player was able to choose products to his liking. As a rule, even in small establishments, there are about a hundred slot machines, to say nothing about the websites with live broadcasts, poker tournaments, lottery draws and other forms of games for money.
  3. Security. User data is processed through automated tools that exclude third-party influence. Then the information is specially encrypted and transmitted for storage to foreign services.
  4. Privacy. On virtual platforms, it is possible to keep the status of “incognito” and avoid unnecessary attention to the number of transfers, place of residence and other user information. And if the customer of establishment decided to try a free game, there is even no need to register on the website.
  5. Free game. Demos can be used as a training course or as a way to calm nerves. Thanks to them, it is easy to tune in to the game for real money or just have fun.
  6. Loyalty programs. No land-based institution does not pay its customers. If we consider the Internet business, the situation is different: for every active action on the platform, the visitor is awarded cash prizes. This policy has proved its effectiveness: the traffic of online casinos is many times higher than the level of attendance of offline establishments. According to experts, online business will continue to grow by more than 11.8% annually.

Preparation for Launch: Studying the Main Formats of Web Venues

Win Win Casino specialists have prepared a table that briefly describes the main types of online casinos:

Virtual service formats

Type of venue


Brief description

Traditional online casino

Downloadable product

This is a set of software solutions that requires downloading and installation on the user’s personal device

Browser resource

The most popular solution that allows playing without additional manipulation. All processes (starting the slot, money transfers, account management, communication with the operator) take place directly on the page of the gaming website. Download and install special software is not required

Mobile platforms

Downloadable application

This product is software components that are installed on a personal device. This format is considered to be the most secure, convenient and allows playing even without access to the Network

Browser-based format

This can be a specially designed service, for example, telegram casino with chatbots or adapted versions of traditional gaming websites

Blockchain casino

Platform with partial use of smart contracts

The unique algorithms for generating numbers are integrated into the website, providing absolute transparency of all gaming processes

Blockchain-based development

A good example is the services built on the basis of Ethereum. It is a complex decentralized application in which each manipulation is registered in the special blocks open for viewing, but not available for third-party influence

Service with cryptocurrency systems

It is the Internet resource, a payment transaction on which are carried out using a virtual currency

Bitcoin casino

Only bitcoin

Only the cryptocurrency is used for all financial transactions

Hybrid product

Cryptocurrency is one of the additional ways to pay bets and pay out prizes. Electronic money is used in conjunction with other payment services (e.g. Neteller, PayPal, Skrill)

This is not a complete classification. For example, quite often there are such evaluation criteria as the format of gambling (only slots, slots and live broadcasts, large-scale services with betting options and lottery draws, thematic resources on the basis of one game, another).

Leave a request to the managers of Win Win Casino and get more detailed (free!) advice on how to evaluate gambling resources. We will help you to choose the optimal format for a gambling business.


Features of Launching Your Own Gambling Project

How to launch an online casino

There are special features in the development and promotion of online casinos of any format. Nevertheless, we have identified several basic ways to start, which will suit any novice operator.


A few years ago, it was the only way to create a gambling business. Nowadays, such a launch is the most expensive option that requires significant time and experience in the gambling market.

Starting from scratch involves the following procedures:

  1. Registration of legal status and legalization of business (license purchase).
  2. Website development, design and logo creation.
  3. Purchase of a gaming platform and a set of gambling content.
  4. Software technical maintenance support.
  5. Arrangement of work of technical support service.
  6. Development and implementation of loyalty programs.
  7. Marketing promotion.

As a rule, it takes from six months to several years to launch a start-up on your own. If to speak about the financial side of this issue, prices start from the level of several hundred thousand dollars.

Casino Script

It should be admitted, everyone would like to get an answer on how to create a website with an online casino for free. Usually, in the search results for this request immediately is displayed the purchase offer script. There are often cases when the product is really in the public domain: it can be obtained for free or for a symbolic amount of several dollars.

Unfortunately, the low cost is the only advantage of this choice. The script is a “raw” code that requires special improvement and adaptation to current requests. The probability of “liveness” of this product is extremely low.

If you still chose the script, our advice is to seek advice and assistance from qualified professionals who have experience in adapting such software.


It is a convenient way to start your own business with limited start-up capital.

Among the advantages of working on a franchise basis are the following:

  • minimal start time (from two weeks, which are required for the conclusion of the contract and the development of a personal logo);
  • qualified legal support (from the solution of contentious issues with customers prior to obtaining the sublicense);
  • approved range of games (the set includes the most popular entertainments that can provide stable traffic);
  • operational technical support;
  • no risk of big winnings (the jackpot is paid out by the franchisor).

The disadvantage of the solution is a complete dependence from the policies of the parent company. Any changes in the product set or built-in items are considered as additional services (subject to fees). The operator also undertakes to regularly pay a commission fee for the use of the gaming service.

Turnkey Project

Turnkey casino development service has a number of undeniable advantages.

We offer to find out about the pros with the help of a comparative table:

Turnkey casino VS. starting from scratch

Main evaluation criteria

Turnkey project

Start on your own

Design of the platform


Included in price



Included in price

Time for starting

From 6 months

2-3 months

Gaming content

Self-purchase (it should be mentioned that large providers are very reluctant to cooperate with novice brands)

Any solutions at the discretion of the customer

Technical support

Organization on your own

Included in price

Payment services


Included in price (a set of financial systems is made in accordance with the wishes of the customer)

Loyalty programs

Development on your own

Included in price

This is not the whole range of advantages of a turnkey launch. The service allows you to shift all the issues of the project on the shoulders of competent professionals. In addition, you can always order a set of additional services (for example, the development of a mobile application, the connection of bitcoin wallets, products for accepting bets) and comprehensive marketing promotion with a guarantee of full payback within 3-6 months after the start.

Towards the Future: Fashion Trends of the Gambling Industry

In the context of the severe competition, to launch a promising and profitable business without assistance is extremely problematic. It is not only about huge financial expenses, but also about the very focus of the work. For example, traditional websites are no surprise, no matter how a wide range of games may be presented on them. The operator selection is following market trends.

Blockchain Casino and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain casino as a new trend in online gambling

The question of how to create a blockchain casino is becoming more urgent every day. According to statistics, by the end of 2018, the turnover of the industry has already exceeded 1,286 billion dollars. Experts predict that by 2022, every second establishment will accept cryptocurrency.

Why is the cryptocurrency market so interesting? The main advantages of blockchain platforms are anonymity and security guarantee (only the wallet number is indicated from the user’s personal data, while it is impossible to “freeze” the account or cancel the transaction), instant transfers without commission fees and one hundred per cent transparency of the system.

Answering the question of how to create a cryptocurrency casino, it is worth mentioning a few basic nuances:

  • A gambling platform can be a whole block built on the basis of a single game. As an example, we can consider the casino Bitkong, which presents entertainments in the format of “red/black”. Despite the more than limited range, the annual revenue of the service is about 190 million dollars.
  • Work without a license. Since the virtual currency does not belong to any of the existing states, and it is technically impossible to track transactions, bitcoin casinos do not need legalization.
  • Simple and quick entry to the market. Studying how to create a bitcoin casino, it is impossible to ignore the special platforms and systems designed specifically for the implementation of blockchain projects. An example is the Ethereum platform (a computer algorithm for financial transactions, arranged in the form of a constant chain of information blocks).

More Mobility

Another popular format for gambling is mobile platforms. According to statistics, by the end of 2018, the industry’s turnover amounted to 51.96 billion dollars, and by 2022 the segment’s revenue will exceed 59.79 billion dollars.

In order to receive detailed advice on the development of mobile applications and purchase of games for personal gadgets, you can contact the specialists of Win Win Casino. In the assortment of the company, there are the best decisions from the leading suppliers.



Making the first steps in the gambling industry, an entrepreneur must be up to speed on the multitude of nuances and “pitfalls” that may occur in the process of entering the market. Usually, self-launch threatens huge time and financial losses. We offer more attractive alternatives. We hope this article will help you to make the right choice.

Cooperation with Win Win Casino is the best answer to the question of how to create your own online casino. Many years of experience and our unique products allow us to create original solutions that can compete with the largest international brands. In the range, there are only the best offers from leading suppliers. We guarantee the impeccable quality of each unit of products, we are ready to offer pleasant promotions and discounts for regular customers.

Support of Win Win Casino team is an easy and affordable way to get started in the field of gambling and become the owner of one of the most fast-paying back and highly profitable business projects.


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