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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Nowadays, gambling commerce is the biggest component influencing the global economy. In keeping with statistics presented by the unprejudiced consulting department H2 Gambling Capital, in 2018 the commerce turn-round was equivalent to more than 44.1 billion euros. It is supposed that by the end of 2022, the overall emolument of this sphere will exceed 59.3 billion euros. Now is the right time to consider ways to start your own business on the global arena and where to buy excellent casino program.

Casino software for a gambling business

Today we will touch upon the upcoming topics: networked casino operating system — what it is, what are the software integral parts and without what products it is not possible to imagine a cost-effective gaming platform. But first, you have to understand why cyber gambling has become so popular.


Ground for the Accelerated Growth of the Networked Gambling Commerce

In agreement with experts, a gambling business will increase turnover by more than 80% over the coming five years. Besides, there is the expeditious growth of “white” commerce. Analysts reckon that by 2023 the “dark” subdivision will be reduced to 10% of the outright statistic of gambling projects.

Win Win Casino specialists have prepared a comparative table that allows identifying the most significant advantages of cyber gambling.

Land-based venues VS. networked business

Assessment criteria

Ground-based institutions

Cyber casinos

Anonymity and privacy

Mandatory verification of identity at the entrance and continuous monitoring of each visitor

Any player is at liberty to keep incognito and to launch the demo games, it is even not required to sign in on the platform

Security system

The casino is constantly monitoring visitors. In this case, the client communicates with real people, and protection systems in most cases are limited to motion sensors and cameras

All information is secured by particular encryption hardware and stored on remote foreign servers

Payment systems

No more than two or three currency signs are accepted to pay for visiting the gaming venue

The widest selection of systems that allows paying for gaming sessions in any convenient currency

Gratuitous game


Any networked casino with appropriate (licensed) programs is able to present its visitors a broad assortment of “social” entertainments. To run the game, you do not even need to be signed in, and the product itself can be exercised as a practising mode and an option to tune in to a session with real bets

Line of proposals

Predominantly, even in the most luxurious gambling institutions around the globe are only several card tables and a defined array of vending devices

The choice is truly limitless. Even on small cyber venues, the collection of proposals includes at least hundreds of products, among which may be:

  • desktop games;

  • cards;

  • slot machines;

  • lottery draws;

  • live streams


Only personal visit, plus restrictions on establishment working hours

Gambling entertainments run even from the most remote corners of the globe at any time. And the duration of the playing period depends solely on the wishes of the visitor

Bonuses and incentives

Predominantly, these are short-term promotions or discount programs for regular and VIP clients

Each visitor of the portal has a good chance to receive additional cash awards. Typically, incentives are awarded for any active action:

  • registration;

  • first deposit;

  • involvement of a friend;

  • participation in current promotions.

Also, should be mentioned the built-in bonus systems, additional levels and special signs that allow the gambler to multiply his winnings

Social parameters and dress code

Visiting the ground-based venue, the player will have to communicate with other clients and with the employees of the location.

Dress code is a mandatory rule, the observance of which is regarded as the solvency and compliance of the guest with the requirements of the gambling premises

The very conception of a dress code is absent in a networked casino. The gambler can visit the platform during a lunch break in a classic suite, before going to bed in cosy pyjamas or on the coast only in swimming trunks. He does not have to communicate with other customers of the service, because even during live games, the use of chat is provided, eliminating superfluous attention from rivals or other visitors


This is a fixed reward array by the owner of the establishment

The particular system of accumulative jackpots allows a customer to hit a truly huge jackpot. The prize amount is formed up of the percentage of burnt bets in several gambling facilities of the network, and the visitor can receive the award at any time of the game and additional conditions are not required

Gambling Commerce: Networked Start-up Arrangements

Before choosing first-rate casino operating systems, you should decide on the main parameters and patterns of modern networked gaming venues. The type of business directly depends on what will be the networked casino programs, which suppliers are prepared to present the best assortment of solutions and how much is the price of developing the project.

How to choose online casino software

To summarize, all cyber institutions can be branched into two major categories:

  1. Browser-based. It is an array of i-gaming solutions that allows performing a full range of actions directly in the open browser: start/manage the game, replenishment and withdraw funds, communicate with the technical service, navigate the web venue, participate in promotions, find out the news feed, etc. The i-product provides services without the need to download and install separate extra programs on a personal gadget.
  2. Downloadable product. It is a multi-component solution that is downloaded and integrated into users' gadgets. Access to any internal options of the service is opened up only after complete installation of the i-gaming system. It should be noted that despite the need for a number of additional actions performed the player, downloadable casino i-gaming technology attracts with supplementary guarantees of protection and security of personal data.

Types of Operating Systems for Networked i-Gaming Services

The cyber casino programs can be represented by the about to be mentioned options of custom constituents:

  • Services from the operator. These are business operating systems for the networked casino, developed to manifold enlarge the period of visiting the web venue. This category includes notifications about promotional products, news, newsletters, messages about new bonuses and jackpots, other.
  • Third-party constituents. The program may provide introductory information and various instructions, game strategy charts, calculators and analytical services.
  • Payment systems. On the components that ensure financial transactions, we will disclose below.
  • Partner services. This is an array of products and solutions aimed at increasing website traffic (see details further in this article).
  • Hacking programs. This is a particular category of third-party i-products. The purchase and use of such programs are criminal, moreover, after being seduced by impressive stories of quick and easy wins, the player literally throws money away, because it is not possible to cheat the random number generator.

We draw your attention to a more detailed description of the main programming components that are popular among visitors of cyber venues.

Gaming Programs

Gaming software for online casinos

These are operating systems for networked casinos that belong to the category of third-party components. In most cases, such products are a selection of practising materials and programs for a visual demonstration of game strategies and/or tactics. Amidst the most demanded products are special programs for strategy development in blackjack, roulette and poker.

Analytical Systems

Internet business is not possible to imagine without statistical components and an array of tools to analyse the capability of the Internet venue and form a cross-section of the audience. This category of i-product solutions is aimed at the systematization of external information for the subsequent formation of the most promising working strategies.

The availability of analytical products allows you to optimize the internal processes of the entertainment venue and create the most effective strategy to work in extremely competitive conditions.

Predominantly, such i-products are a built-in array of constituents (part of the typical gaming platform). Nevertheless, the Win Win Casino team advises not to stop exclusively on built-in services and is ready to offer operators an additional licensed casino operating system with advanced features.

In our catalogue can be found solutions with the upcoming benefits:

  • simple and quick integration (easy installation on any type of platform);
  • the advanced system of personal settings;
  • the fastest collection and analysis of information with the ability to prepare a complete overview of the project current state;
  • no impact on the technical part of the system (no overloads and work without loss of quality of playing gaming components);
  • formation of reporting tables for certain time periods;
  • content performance monitoring;
  • analysis of the behaviour of non-registered users;
  • tracking deviant behaviour and options of blocking unfair players’ accounts;
  • multi-structure segmentation of all the data (statistical reports on individual gaming services and designations of visitors).

Financial Systems

Payment services are an integral element of any gaming venue. The major essence of the program is providing financial intercommunication between the visitor and the provider of gambling services.

Rating of the most recognizable and demanded solutions:

  1. Systems for the organization of transfers to credit cards Visa/MasterCard.
  2. Cyber services for international transactions Skrill, PayPal, Neteller.
  3. E-wallets Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex. Money.
  4. Electronic money (bitcoin and different types of cryptocurrencies).

Affiliate Programs

As indicated earlier, the major essence of partner services is the expansion of the traffic of the cyber gaming venue through the launch and advertising of thematic promotional materials.

The most promising and widespread options:

  • LiveGames. The service is aimed at the Russian-speaking followers and offers a fixed amount of payments for each new visitor who have singed in and participated in three particular entertainments.
  • LVK Partners. This program is in the Vulcan brand ownership. The participants of the scheme are paid out for the upcoming actions: placement of advertising banners on their own websites, publications in social networks, newsletter, clicks to link to the gambling portal, execution of a specific array of actions by the attracted client.
  • Lucky Partners. The system collaborates with 12 gambling services and offers an established percentage of the online venue revenue for the actions of each attracted player. There is also a varied payout program: a reward for registering a new client (from 50 dollars) and about 25% of the casino revenue for an active player.
  • RioBet Affiliates. Using the service, the partner can receive 40-60% of the website revenue for each active player.
  • PoshFritnds. The work in the program is arranged on the basis of the advertising content dispensation. Partners can use banners, demo games, landing pages and GIF files to promote gaming locations.

The Operating Principle of the Gaming Programs

Online casino software: characteristics of gaming products

If you are interested in how to choose an excellent casino operating system, the characteristics of modern gaming products are the exact things should be paid attention to.

Modern casino gaming programs are developed on the basis of random number generator. The program is a multi-structure code, the groundwork of which is the MD5 algorithm.

At the moment, gaming commerce offers two main variations of RNG:

  1. Hardware algorithm. The element is made in the form of an external device, the main purpose of which is to generate numerical combinations based on any starting point.
  2. System of generating quasi-scientific numbers. The product is a program code embedded by the developer. The main peculiarity of the component is the continuous calculation of each next point in random order, regardless of any external factors.

Basic on the Classification of Slot Machines for Networked Casinos

Slot machines for online casinos

Among the immense diversity of commerce offers, there are several main arrangements of gaming content.

Traditional Slot Games

This is a contemporary interpretation of the classic “one-armed bandits”. The counterpart of the ground-based facilities is any thematic or fruit machine with three reels and the only payline.

Multi-reeled Products

Any three-reeled slot is classified as a standard slot.

Solutions with a huge number of rotating elements are represented by the about to be mentioned options:

  • 5 reels. The most recognizable series of products, pleasing with a rich collection of additional constituent parts (for instance, built-in bonuses, special symbols, games of chance, additional rounds, free rotations) and an extended number of paylines — 50-100 cash combinations.
  • 7 reels. This category of slot game has not conquered widespread popularity as a result of the strict limit of paylines (no more than 10) and gaming symbols. Nevertheless, many fans of gambling appreciate such slots for affordable terms of win.
  • 9 reels. A relatively recent development, only gaining its recognition. The advantage of the manufacturing item is the independent rotation of each individual element and the possibility to make monetary combinations in any direction (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

3D Arrangement Slot Games

When it is a matter of the technical characteristics, it can be slot facilities of any of the previous category. The focal point of i-production is the usage of three-dimensional graphics, giving the game extraordinary dynamic and atmospheric.

Amusement with Prizes

It is the authentic upgraded version of ground-located “one-armed bandits” from old British bars. Several decades ago in English drinking premises, you could often see massive machines, the reels of which were not protected by glass. Enterprising citizens quickly caught the trick of using the design feature" in their favour, stopping or pushing the reel with their fingers.

The cyber counterpart is fitted out with the same functions: the player can use the buttons “push” or “hold” whenever stopping the rotating elements in the most advantageous position.


It is an incompatible branded series, available only on Rival gaming platforms. The whole point of this entertainment is the feasibility to pass during the main session a few supplementary locations with combining questlines. In this scenario, the size of the winning pool is contingent not so much on luck, but on the individual playing accomplishments of the gambler.

Arrangement of the Payouts: Games Jackpots

Depending on the category of the major award amount, the slot machine can fall into classes in this way:

  1. Separate savings. The payout amount is not fixed and is accumulated from the per cent-size of burnt bets on a certain machine.
  2. Fixed pool. The size of the major award is array by the manufacturer and/or the owner of the entertainment venue.
  3. Progressive (accumulative) jackpot. Several machines are combined into a single network and open up access to the main award — a changing amount, increasing as the quantity of burned bets raises. A prize can be won in any game that is an element of the whole system.

Live Broadcasts

Live games are an appropriate category of gaming content, represented by an extraordinary technical structure and an array of user-defined functions (for instance, most offers do not provide individual bonuses).

A particularized array of tools is used to broadcast the game session: an indoor hall with tables, decorated in the style of real ground-based venues, ultra-modern cameras and repeaters, providing a panoramic view, in conjunction with remote servers with mechanical arithmetic of winning sequences.

The recognition of live games is provided by upcoming factors:

  • Game with a truly competent person. During live broadcasts, only experienced dealers work (an extra benefit: the duties of the dealer is almost always performed by spectacular and pretty girls, which adds specific vibe and excitement to the game).
  • A rich selectivity of i-content. In the arrangement of live streams are the upcoming games: roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, craps, other desktop and card entertaining activities.
  • Wide betting limits. In present days commerce are presented both options for beginners with a minimal size of deposits (from a few cents to one dollar), and production for thrill-seekers in games for big money (the size of the bet starts from 100 dollars).
  • Complete clarity of the gameplay. The croupier does not play against a separate visitor. In general, a limitless quantity of guests can be placed at the one table in the course of the session, so the outcome depends solely on the skill of the gambler and the long arm of coincidence.

Gaming Programs: The Latest Trends in the Gambling Sphere

How to create casino software: the latest trends

Every day it becomes more and more confusing to flabbergast fans of excitement, and the competition in the global commerce grows with terrifying speed. It forces the operators of gaming platforms and operating system developers to look for alternative solutions that can offer the player an absolutely new option of leisure. Among the most popular trends in the gaming sector, there are several main ones.

Games in Mobile Arrangement

The mobile sector is accounted for by more than 60% of total traffic. In agreement with statistics, by the end of 2018, the subdivision’s turn-round exceeded 51.9 billion dollars. In consonance with prospective evaluation, in 2022 the interest of mobile casinos can reach up to 59.7 billion dollars.

The mobile casino program is represented in two arrangements: downloadable application and adapted versions of browser platforms.

Each of the options is adapted for personal gadgets and guarantees the about to be mentioned advantages:

  • rendering of images without loss of quality regardless of screen size;
  • minimal impact on device RAM;
  • low battery discharge level;
  • a particular system of directions and management of the game through the touch screen;
  • a broad assortment of entertainments (it should be pointed out that the latest industry trends are produced, first of all, in a mobile arrangement and only then adapted to traditional services);
  • particular bonus systems to encourage playing on mobile platforms.

The Instruments of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In 2018, the overall interest of the casino based on cryptocurrency exceeded 1.2 billion dollars. Experts believe that by 2023, every second platform around the globe will receive e-currency. Therefore, the issue on how to create an operating system for bitcoin casino is becoming more relevant every day.

Modern blockchain casinos are gaming services developed using decentralization tools. The gambling platform is made in the form of a chain of data blocks, open for oversight, but not impossible for making changes.

Innovative bitcoin platforms are becoming increasingly popular resulting from the upcoming aspects:

  • Complete transparency of playing and financial processes. As stated before, the data blocks are accessible for observing by any players of the World Wide Web — this is an excellent guarantee of establishments honesty.
  • Transaction safety. Any financial transaction performed in digital money is not available to interrupt or track the final recipient.
  • Anonymity. As a means to make a payment, it is enough to point out the wallet number, no other individual information is disclosed.
  • Instant transactions. Notwithstanding the transfer monetary size and the location of the transaction participating parties, all charges are made automatically and take no more than two minutes.

If to speak about the benefits for operators, it stands to mention such a condition as the possibility to operate without permitting documentation. Bitcoin is a peculiar independent currency sign that exists exclusively in the World Wide Web. No banking institution around the globe is able to administrate the monetary manipulation of digital money. The complete absence of intermediaries also allowed to make all payments without commission fees.

Another particular feature — crypto casino can be represented in the form of a single-game venue. An outstanding example is “Bitkong” service. The turn-round of this establishment is about 190 million dollars annually, although the website presents only one entertainment operates on the basis of “black/red” guideline.


The major reason for the VR systems usage was the expeditious progressing of innovative technologies and the mass availability of technical devices. Today, for a full immerse, it is enough to purchase the cheapest glasses. The rest is done by particular programs that create the effect of sojourn at the table.

Branded Slots

Fruit mixes give way to exclusive design solutions based on iconic films, music, political and social events. The perfect illustration is the Microgaming slot — Game of Thrones. The manufacturer presented to the world a bright thematic machine that recreates the most impressive plot twists of the series of the same name.

Particular Content

Another popular trend is exclusive developments. Operators are increasingly wondering how to create their own casino program, and the demand for particular software solutions is justified by fierce competition. Therefore, the owner of the establishment, aimed at one hundred per cent success, just have to provide his customers with a product, analogues of which even the most well-known developers of networked casino operating systems are not able to offer.

Contact the Win Win Casino team for a piece of advice and we will show you how to create casino gaming program, how much it will cost to develop an exclusive start-up and what topics you should pay attention to this season.


Attributes and Properties for Selecting High-Quality Operating Systems

The main parameters for the evaluation of gaming programs for networked casinos:

  1. Intelligible and convenient-to-navigate interface with an adaptable system of personal settings.
  2. The brilliant and high-quality visual performance of the platform and each individual game element.
  3. A broad assortment of payment modules.
  4. Continual modernization of the gaming catalogue.
  5. The availability of the bonus system.
  6. Operational technical maintenance and customer support.

When choosing a gaming software provider, the operator should pay attention to the about to be mentioned factors:

Certificates of Excellence and License

The availability of relevant documentation is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of products and a way to significantly increase the loyalty level of the audience.

Positive Feedback

Before buying casino gaming programs, it is recommended to get acquainted with the terms of purchase, the considerations of the developer’s internal policy and the collection of proposals (all information about suppliers is in the public domain). It is useful to review the testimonials of other partners and players who have had experience with the products of the selected brand.

The Adaptability of Operating System Solutions

As mentioned above, nowadays, most part of the traffic falls on the mobile subdivision, so the main focus of manufacturers is on gaming content that can be displayed on both desktop devices and mobile platforms.

First-Rate Developers of Gaming Programs for Gambling Start-ups

Popular casino software developers

We present you with a concise characterization of the leading manufacturers of gaming platforms and thematic content for networked services:

Top 5 gambling developers in the world

Brand name



The brand owns the world’s first cyber casino. The corporation also introduced the conception of progressive jackpot. Now in the portfolio of the originator are more than 850 gaming solutions, among which an exclusive place is occupied by the line of branded games elaborated using the scenarios of iconic Western movies and TV series


The assortment of the manufacturer consists of more than 100 particular offers, including a series of fantasy machines, atmospheric desktop entertainments, live dealer games and poker programs for casinos


The developer’s assortment includes about 70 products designed for a wide variety of gambling activities. The provider is concentrated on the audience from the CIS countries


The developer has devoted itself to the manufacturing of slot games, fascinating with thematic areas. Each product combines the authentic charm of fantasy and mystical themes with a gentle and unobtrusive humour

Mega Jack

At the present day, in the collection of the brand, there are about 12 gaming solutions, each of which can be called the ideal embodiment of fineness and style. The manufacturer has gained an immense amount of fans in Eastern Europe


The selection of i-gaming products is an essential point in the elaboration of an entertainment venue of any type or configuration. The casino operating system can be called the ground basis of a start-up, the accomplishment and profitableness of the business depend on the fineness and trustworthiness of choice.

When choosing i-gaming products, it should be taken into consideration a lot of technical aspects — from the content adaptability to mobile segments to the plenty of individual user settings and the overall style of design.

The Win Win Casino employees will help you to avoid the mass of pitfalls and the necessity to carefully study a number of specific nuances. Write an application to our representatives, and we will undertake the distinctiveness of the advancement and subsequent launch of the gambling venue.

We are happy to present excellent solutions from global manufacturers and suggest promising design options for projects of any arrangement: networked casino, mobile applications, hybrid platforms with sports-booking options, along with live casinos.

Our catalogue offers a broad assortment of ready-made gaming systems; besides, you can order the advancement of a one-of-a-kind turnkey project. Doubting your choice? Then use the rental service or trial option of the i-gaming programs and witness for yourself the perfection of the proposed manufactured articles.

We not only warrant the sustainable functioning of each service but also undertake complete professional guidance of the project, planned system updates and configuration of internal services correspondingly to the individual customer preferences.

Cooperation with our team is economical, personalized approach and convenience to enter the global arena in record time. Do not let slip the chance and launch your own gambling project with first-rate casino operating systems from Win Win Casino even today!


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