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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Own business in the field of gambling is one of the most promising sources of income. While only decades ago, when launching a gambling website, you could count only on your own strength, nowadays, novice operators can use less expensive ways, for example, to buy a casino script.

Online casino script: purchase

Prospects of Virtual Gambling Business

The gambling industry shows tremendous development rates: an annual increase in revenues is about 4.3 billion euros. According to statistics, within five years the total profit of the online sector will increase by 80%.

What is the reason for the rapid growth of this industry? How to explain the large-scale popularity of the virtual market, which has managed not only to gradually displace but also to repeatedly overtake traditional land-based venues both in terms of service level and profitability.

The following table will help to assess the situation correctly:

Online business VS. real casino

Evaluation criterion

Virtual services

Ground-based venues


Gambling games are literally always at hand: it is enough to have a stationary or mobile device with access to the Network

Exclusively personal presence, strict dress code and fixed work schedule of the gambling establishment


Personal information is provided only during registration, and there are some exceptions: for free games, identification is not required, and visitors to the bitcoin casino from personal data indicate only the wallet number for transfers

Multi-level identity verification up to fingerprint comparison

Content assortment

Even small establishments offer hundreds of entertainments, including both traditional fruit slots and card, desktop games for every taste, live broadcasts and much more

A limited set of solutions. As a rule, in the largest gambling houses in the world, there are no more than a couple of dozens of card tables, and some types of games cannot be found offline

Policy of loyalty

Typically, the incentive system involves cash rewards for almost any active action on the website:

  • click on the advertising link;

  • registration;

  • first deposit

  • participation in promotions;

  • active play on certain slots, other

Any customer incentives are absent by definition: the player pays for the entrance to the establishment, for drinks, for participation in games and drawings. An exception may be domestic short-term shares

Free game

Huge selection of “social” entertainments. Content demos can be used as training material or as a way to develop your own strategy for playing for money

This concept is absent

Flexibility and adaptability of the system

Software for online services is not only constantly updated, but also is notable for adaptability: modern establishments offer a wide range of solutions for desktop devices and mobile gadgets. Also, visitors are provided with a set of personal settings (window size, view of the game panel, sound adjustment, and so on)

No personal settings, fixed rules of conduct both in the establishment and at a certain table

Considering the above factors, it is the right time to buy an online casino script and launch your own gambling business, becoming part of the largest economic market in the world.

What You Need to Know About Scripts for Gambling Websites

Casino script as a complex computer code

First of all, it is necessary to deal with the concept of “script for a casino”. This is a complex computer code with a set of technical components to run and control the gambling website. In fact, it is a ready-made business scenario, the foundation of the future project.

Online casino scripts can be classified depending on the built-in set of options and the thematic focus of the future start-up.

For instance, you can buy software for the following projects:

  • traditional online casino;
  • bitcoin casino script;
  • commercial lottery draws;
  • software for live broadcasts;
  • virtual betting shop.

Basic on the Nuances of Choosing a Gambling Script

Having decided to buy a script for a casino, the operator should pay attention to the following criteria and factors:

  1. The range of gaming content.
  2. Ability to make changes in the current set of games and regularly update the catalogue.
  3. Date of product development and last upgrade.
  4. Availability of system for individual user settings.
  5. User-friendly, intuitively clear interface.
  6. Simple code installation system.
  7. Parameters of the archive capacity.
  8. Availability of affiliate services.
  9. Authorization through social network accounts.

The most attention should be paid to the choice of gaming content and the availability of options for the subsequent modernization of the range. According to experts of Win Win Casino, the best option would be a set of software in HTML5 format.


This programming language allows creating products that have the following advantages:

  • The clear and bright picture displayed without loss of quality on the screens of any format.
  • Adaptability and smooth operation on any operating platforms.
  • Open source with the ability to refine and improve.
  • Significant minimization of development costs.
  • Run in a browser window without having to download and install additional components.
  • Stable operation regardless of the Internet connection quality.
  • Minimal impact on the RAM of a personal device.

Casino Script Administrative Systems

Online casino script and its administrative options

An important criterion for choosing the program code is the availability of a convenient website control system with a wide range of appropriate technical tools.

A quality online casino script should have the upcoming administrative options:

  1. Content management. These are tools to replace individual elements, launch updates, configure the interface, determine the percentage of payments.
  2. Adding new users. For example, the mandatory parameters of the gambling web venue are the presence of a field for registration and a personal account of the player with a set of tools for collecting personal statistics.
  3. Control of audience activity. This is a set of options to collect statistics, compile slices for specific queries and archive data.
  4. Processing of financial transactions. In this case, it is necessary to take into consideration both the payment system itself and a set of analytical tools for financial reporting.
  5. Security system. The administrative panel must have the following functions: tracking the deviant behaviour of players, as well as blocking accounts of unreliable users.

Casino Script and Alternative Options

To buy casino script is one of the easiest and low-cost ways to launch your Internet business. However, there are several nuances: nowadays, on the market, there are a lot of offers with such a tempting word “free”. We strongly recommend that you give up the rash desire to save money. Otherwise, there is a high risk of encountering an unscrupulous seller and jeopardizing the entire project.

The best option is to contact a qualified intermediary with a wealth of experience and an impeccable reputation. By ordering a script from a trusted supplier, the operator minimizes the risks and gets a really high-quality product that can ensure the smooth operation of all components of the platform.

The following options can be considered as alternative methods of entering the market:

The most popular forms of launching gambling projects

Option to start

Concise characteristic

A brand-new effort development

Benefits: complete independence, promotion of your own brand, the ability to independently select content for the website, payment services, license and ways to promote the project. All profit from the project belongs to the operator

Drawbacks: all the risks in the management of the entrepreneur, it is expected huge cash and time expenses, as well as huge competition. The operator needs to have experience in different areas (from management processes to programming, design and development of advertising strategies)


Benefits: completely finished project, no risk of large winnings (the jackpots are paid by the franchisor), work on sublicense basis, a well-thought-out promotion strategy, the ability to advertise your own brand

Drawbacks: full dependence on the policy of the corporate parent, the inability to make changes to the set of products, the need to pay out commission fees for the use of the project

Turnkey project

Benefits: unique design, promotion of your own brand, a wide range of gaming content, free updates, organized technical support, consulting and legal assistance, a wide range of additional services (connection of bitcoin wallets, mobile application development, full-scale advertising campaign, etc)

Drawbacks: not detected

Gambling Website Script: Secure Purchase with Win Win Casino

Win Win Casino team is ready to offer the most promising and profitable solutions for virtual start-ups of any category. We will help you in choosing a script, tell you what games are the most popular in the current season, what affiliate programs you should pay attention to and how to advertise the gambling business taking into consideration the current political situation in the world.

Cooperation with Win Win Casino is the perfect way to start an online business with a complete guarantee of success. Ordering a comprehensive turnkey service, you receive not just a raw engine: at your disposal transfers an exclusive ready-made project that can compete with the world’s largest establishments.


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