How to Buy a Ready-Made Online Casino in 2019: a Promising Solution From Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling is one of the most significant factors influencing the global economy. According to statistics provided by the independent consulting agency H2 Gambling Capital, the annual revenues in the online gambling sector in 2018 were about forty-one billion one million euros. Experts believe that the industry will grow by more than 80% in the next five years.

Online casino business sector will only grow

With due regard for the current trends, the question of how to buy a ready-made online casino is becoming more and more relevant. Experts from Win Win Casino offer you the most up-to-date solution with minimal risks. But first things first.


Ways to Enter the Gambling Market in 2019

When you are choosing the way to start your own business on the Internet, it is worth considering the various operation modes.

Project From Scratch

A few years ago, it was the only way to enter the world of gambling. Today, to start an online business on your own is the most costly and complex format, which requires significant time expenditures and a bundle of knowledge in many different field and industries, from legal aspects to the experience in the developments in the IT sphere.

A gambling business from scratch involves the following working stages:

  1. Drawing up a business strategy.
  2. Legal formalisation (registration of the company, collection of documents for legalisation, the conclusion of contracts with software vendors, etc.).
  3. Purchase of software components.
  4. Development of a gambling platform and a casino website.
  5. Organisation of the work of technical support.
  6. The launch itself.
  7. Promotional marketing.

If we are talking about the financial matter, the situation here will look as follows:

The expected costs for the launch of a project

Items of expenditure

Percentage ratio

Legal formalisation (registration of the company)


Legalisation of the project (purchase of a license from a foreign jurisdiction)


Software components (purchase of the software, percentage allocations for the staff)


Human resources (salary of the developers, technical support operators, and testers)


Other items of expenditure (reserve funds for unforeseen situations)


The approximate list of spending during the first year of the operation of a project

Operating costs of a legal entity (utility services payment, hosting, filing of a tax return, etc.)


License support (fee for the license renewal, branching, and other changes to the documents)


Support for software components (update of software, commissions, renewal of assortment)


Human resources (monthly payment to the employees of the company)


Marketing (complex promotion of a project with the help of mailing campaigns, advertising banners, affiliate services, and other tools)

from 50% of the estimated proceeds of the gambling establishment

As for the total budget, an independent launch will cost from one hundred thousand dollars. The expenditure level depends on many factors, from the choice of jurisdiction to the registration of a project and the number of games from a specific developer.

Online Casino Script

To buy a script for a gambling establishment is quite an attractive option, which pleases many operators with its cheapness. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you not to make such a decision. Any attempt to save money and tempting promises with the words “for free” can adversely affect the entire project.

The casino script is a “raw” code that requires complex updating, and operators do not receive any guarantees of the functional ability of their products.

If you have still decided to follow this suit, we would recommend you to buy a casino engine from a trusted and reliable supplier.

Online casino script purchase

It is worth paying attention to the following factors:

  • availability of a wide range of games;
  • an adaptive system of settings with the ability to upgrade the code in accordance with your own requests and preferences;
  • a possibility of updating the system and the subsequent expansion of the range of services;
  • mandatory availability of affiliate programs;
  • a decent selection of the payment services;
  • availability of administrative systems to manage the internal processes of the casino (processing of financial transactions, control over the players’ activity, customisation of the percentage of affiliate programs, etc.);
  • a security system (mandatory protection against any unauthorised actions).

Operation Under a Franchise

A franchise agreement is one of the most practical and simple ways to start your own business on the Internet. This option is perfect for beginning entrepreneurs with minimal experience or limited initial capital.

Having concluded an agreement with the franchisor, operators get the right to use the ready-made project under its own brand. In fact, they rent a comprehensive set of products for the organisation of their own business.

The set of services and components for a franchise project includes:

  • a gambling platform;
  • a gaming site;
  • a set of games;
  • payment systems;
  • technical support;
  • assistance in legal affairs.

Another significant advantage is the absence of the necessity to risk that users will win large sums of money. The franchisor takes responsibility for paying out jackpots and other big prizes. Operators deal only with the small winnings, payouts of bonuses, and promotional offers.

The disadvantage of this choice is the complete dependence on the internal policy of the “parent” company. Having entered into a contract, operators have no right to independently make allowances to the set of content and other software components. Any modification in the provided product is regarded as an additional service, which is definitely not for free.

Regular commissions for the use of the rented gaming site are another disadvantage of the option (the size of payments may be about 40-60% of the casino’s income).

A Ready-Made Project: a Perfect Alternative From Win Win Casino

Ready-made online casino: why it is profitable

Taking into account all the nuances that we have described above, one of the most successful and promising ways to start a business is to buy a ready-made gaming site. Those clients who make use of the turnkey project development service get an opportunity to promote their personal brands with minimal risks and professional support from competent specialists.

When you decide to purchase an online casino, you simply tell the intermediary about all your wishes and, as a result, you get a product that is completely ready for the launch and that was created according to your individual preferences.

To buy a turnkey casino website means to get a full suite of services:

  • the exclusive design of the platform and the development of a personal logo;
  • integration of the game content, which can include card and table games, traditional slot machines and slots with interesting storylines, live broadcasts, lottery, and bingo products;
  • connection of payment services ― the Win Win Casino catalogue consists of a wide range of solutions so that each player can choose the best way to deposit money and withdraw winnings;
  • free updates of the system;
  • a flexible setting system with an ability to adapt the administrative panel to the personal needs of the client;
  • a wide range of analytical services and tools for the maintenance of statistics;
  • organisation of the work of the technical support;
  • free consultations in the field of the development process and assistance during the first months of operation;
  • legal support, which includes assistance in collecting documents for the registration and legalisation of your business and resolution of issues that may arise during communication with users.

From Win Win Casino, you can always order a number of additional services ― from the development of mobile applications and the connection of the bitcoin wallets to complex promotional marketing with the guarantee of a full payback within from three to six months after the launch of your project.


To purchase a turnkey casino means to get an opportunity to avoid the following problems:

  • Time expenditures. If we compare it with the independent launch of a gambling club, then it will take two to three times less time to develop a turnkey project. The process of purchasing and launching the ready-made product will take no more than two or three months.
  • Huge financial investment. You will not need hundreds of thousands of dollars. A turnkey project will cost more than two times cheaper. The price of the service depends on a set of basic components. Also, do not forget about promotions and loyalty programs, which will help you to attract both new and regular customers.
  • Dependence on third parties. When buying a turnkey casino, you can forget about regular percentage allocations, the inability to use your own brand or the need to adhere to any specific business strategy.

Why is the Win Win Casino Profitable?

The gambling industry is constantly changing and transforming. The rapid growth dictates completely new rules of the game, and in the face of the fierce competition, it is almost impossible to enter the international arena without the outside help.

The best solution in this situation is to purchase a ready-made gambling platform from Win Win Casino. We guarantee the highest quality of each product and are ready to provide comprehensive support at all stages of the development of the project, and also after its launch.

Our product range includes the best solutions for organising the gambling businesses of any format: content for traditional online casinos, software for bitcoin casinos, mobile applications, products for live broadcasts, lotteries, and sports betting.

We are constantly updating our catalogue and are ready to offer you the latest releases from the flagships of the industry.

This wide choice makes you confused? Then, we recommend you to download the demo version of the software and test all the features of our gambling system.

A free demo

Do not miss your chance to become the owner of a profitable and promising business already today!

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