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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling business is one of the most promising and popular sources of permanent income. The costs of purchasing and promoting gambling resources and virtual projects of other types are approximately the same, while the profit in the online casino can be in the thousands or even millions of dollars. No other Internet business can show such high rates.

Online casino as a profitable business

Reasons for Profitability of Online Gambling

As the most large-scale factors influencing the income of online casinos, it is worth mentioning:

  1. The rapid and widespread development of innovative technologies, as well as the mass availability of personal gadgets and other products that contribute to the game.
  2. The immense increase in user confidence. An interesting fact: in 2018, there was a sharp increase in the female audience — the number of visitors to virtual services increased by 32%.
  3. Widespread state prohibitions and restrictions on conducting offline activities.
  4. Operational technical support.
  5. Simple registration without the need to confirm the identity and guarantee the protection of personal data.
  6. A wide range of payment services with the ability to make transactions in almost all currencies of the world.
  7. A wide range of entertainment content and the presence of such a thing as a free game.

Basic on Profits of the Largest Players of the Gambling Market

Internet casino profit

The gambling industry is subject to a number of special rules, and business has its own nuances. One of the first immutable rules — the confidentiality of information, especially when it comes to the profits of the owners of gambling web venues.

Considering the situation, the only information to count on is the approximate income of the online casino, which is determined on the basis of various formulas with the deduction of the main items of expenditure (more on this issue later).

The Win Win Casino team is ready to lift the veil of secrecy and tell about the earnings of the leading players on the global gambling market.

Turnover of the flagships of the gambling industry


Concise description

Approximate volume of revenue

Las Vegas Sands

A well-known American concern, the leader in the number of gambling locations in the United States. According to statistics, over the past year, the turnover of the corporation increased by 16.7%

3,58 billion dollars

Wynn (Macao)

Gambling in Asia is one of the most promising business sectors of our time. The number of offline and virtual platforms is growing exponentially, and the annual increase in total market revenues is more than 18%. If to speak about the revenue of the Wynn establishment, the operator for the first half of 2018 increased revenue by 300%

187,04 million dollars

Nevada (USA)

It is a question of the state as a whole: the total profit of gambling locations in Nevada increased by 111.3%

980 million dollars

Russian market

According to expert assessment, over the past year, the growth of the gambling industry exceeded the previous reporting period almost twice

485 million dollars

Methods of Calculating the Average Income of Virtual Locations

Average online casino income

The source of income of gambling websites is bets, which every registered player loses.

Margin from loss is charged in two main ways:

  • The institution pays less than the established coefficient, taking the difference as a percentage.
  • The size of the winning fully corresponds to the established coefficient, but the probability of a successful outcome for the players is much lower.

Even with the highest coefficients and the regular payouts the provider receives a percentage. The formula is simple: the institution accepts customers 30 calendar days and the total revenue is 10 million dollars. In this case, the average net income is not less than 300 thousand dollars.

The situation with the calculations of poker rooms’ income is somewhat different.

For these websites, the revenue generation process is carried out according to the following scenarios:

  • Rake from each bank. Depending on the domestic policy, commission charges can range from 3 to 5%.
  • Subscription fee. This is a monthly fee that allows you to use certain bonuses, such as a set number of free chips.
  • Paid registration. This scenario is appropriate during tournament competitions with a limited number of tables.

For the preliminary calculation can be used the following figures: per 1 hour, the customer of the poker room has time to play from 40 to 70 games. The amount of rake is about 1-3 dollars. Accordingly, for an hour, a gaming platform receives about 1 thousand dollars.

As a rule, the poker room begins to generate income within three to four months after the start, and the initial profit is about 13 thousand dollars a month.

Where Does the Money Go: The Operator’s Items of Expenditure

Before calculating the net profit of an online casino, you should prepare a detailed financial strategy and study in detail the main items of expenditure of the owner of a gaming platform.

Approximate structure of expenses for running own business

Estimated costs before starting work

Basic expenses

Percentage ratio

Certification of the enterprise (legal registration)


Legalization of the project (purchase/lease a license)


Purchase of software and entertainment content


Recruitment of staff (operator, administrator, technical assistance service)


Additional costs (for instance, renting a physical office)


Expenses during the first year after launch

Current expenses of the enterprise (payment of utility bills, other)


Ensuring a working permit (renewal, commission payments)


Technical maintenance, software updates


Commission charges to the suppliers of gaming content


Salaries of employees


Marketing services (advertising, payments to affiliates in accordance with partnership program agreements, other)

50% of the estimated revenue of the venue

Disbursements (for instance, creating mirror sites or running a mobile version of a web venue)


If to take into consideration such categories of expenses as payment to partners and developers, commissions to payment systems and other costs, the establishment receives only 20% of the profit from 100% of the burned bets. At the same time, from the amount of revenue in the future, are collected funds for the payment of staff salaries, rent of a physical office and so on.

The result: with 100 dollars received, the net revenue of the casino does not exceed 12 dollars. Besides, it is important to remember about the bonus systems and different policies to encourage customers.

Ways to Increase the Profitability of Online Casino

We have tried to cover as much detail as possible on the question of how much an online casino earns, and now it is high time to get acquainted with effective methods of increasing profits.

We offer you a list of the most popular and effective tools to bring online business to a radically new level:

  • affiliate programs;
  • usage of the unique content of the service;
  • purchase of links;
  • interaction with social networks;
  • newsletter;
  • regular promotions and bonus programs.

Another integral element of promoting own project is the simultaneous use of all available marketing services and tools. The effectiveness of the advertising campaign has a direct impact on the level of audience confidence, brand recognition and the number of visits to the service.

An additional tool to increase profits is the use of the maximum number of payment services. This is the most important element of interaction between the player and the online venue. The more ways to make transactions on the portal are, the wider the audience will be.


According to forecasts, by 2023 the turnover of the online industry will increase by 80%. It is the right time to buy an exclusive project and start your own business in the field of excitement.

Leave a request to Win Win Casino employees, and we will tell you in detail how the online casino pays off, what tools provide the best results and what profits you can expect within a couple of months after the start.

We are ready to offer comprehensive services for the development and promotion of gambling projects of any category. The assortment includes a wide range of solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers, a lot of exclusive developments, modern analytical and marketing tools.

We are ready to implement any of your imagination, and when ordering a comprehensive turnkey service with full promotion, your project will entirely pay off within 3-6 months from the launch.


Become part of the Win Win Casino family even today!

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