To Buy a License for Online Casinos 2019: The Complete Solution from Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling commerce is a profitable field of activity, and the number of entrepreneurs seeking to open their own gambling projects is constantly growing. In order to prevent the expansion of the “shadow” gambling market and the spread of ludomania, the governments of different countries are making allowances to the legislation. This affects the legalization procedure: it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a license for an online casino.

Experts of Win Win Casino have collected up-to-date information about the features of obtaining permitting documentation for online business in the gambling industry.

Obtaining permitting documentation for online casino license

We have prepared a list of the most popular jurisdictions in 2019, tell about their advantages and disadvantages and offer a simple solution to the problem — to buy an online casino with a turnkey license.


What the Permitting Documents Can Provide an Entrepreneur With?

Internet business is diverse, and there are a huge number of gambling web venues operating illegally. We do not recommend customers to launch such projects, as they risk to attract the attention of regulatory authorities. It is threatened to sanctions, fines and the closing of resources. It is better to pass the legalization procedure on your own or buy an online casino with a license right away.

Licensing documentation serves as a certain marker for players: visitors trust websites that operate officially. In this case, the gambling business brings increased income to entrepreneurs, because gamers are not afraid to replenish deposits and have no doubt that they will be able to withdraw funds if they want.

There are several additional benefits that the operator receives when opening his own business legally:

  1. Cooperation with banks. The entrepreneur can open accounts and provide visitors with the opportunity to replenish deposits and withdraw funds in any existing currency.
  2. Growth prospects. The only way to enter the international gambling market is to obtain a license. An illegal casino has almost no chance of expanding its activities to the scale of several countries.
  3. Ability to work with first-rate providers. Large developers and sellers of software for the gambling industry do not cooperate with doubtful organizations. If you want to acquire high-quality software, you should purchase a casino script, launch and legalize the project on your own or entrust it to a reliable contractor.

Criteria for Choosing the Type of License and Jurisdiction

Gambling commerce is not allowed in all countries. The license is available in more than 80 countries.

When choosing a jurisdiction, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The geography of visitors. It is necessary to determine in advance from the territory of which countries you will attract traffic.
  • Taxation system. You need to choose a jurisdiction in which the deductions for your activity will not be too burdensome.
  • Budget. Financial resources are not unlimited, so it is better to determine the amounts that you are willing to spend on the legalization of the project and understand how profitable the business will be.

In most jurisdictions, can be issued two types of licenses:

  • complete (for any gambling activity);
  • partial (for one or several types of gambling services).

Experts of Win Win Casino advise consulting with experienced gambling lawyers. It is important that the specialists are well versed in the peculiarities of the procedure of legalization of gambling websites in different countries.  They will recommend jurisdiction and the most appropriate type of permit.

Turnkey online casino with a license

An alternative option is to buy an online casino with a license from a reliable intermediary. In this case, you will receive a ready-to-launch web venue with high-quality gaming content, assistance in legalizing the business, legal and marketing support.


Popular Jurisdictions: Advantages and Disadvantages

We offer you a list of the five countries in which operators are most often legalized gambling business:






Crystal clear reputation, loyalty to operators, reasonable prices

The owner of the online casino will have to open his own representative office in Malta

The jurisdiction is perfect for entrepreneurs who plan to expand their business to an international scale

Costa Rica

The operator is exempt from taxes, can work in the United States and Europe

The casino owner needs to register a company in the country.

Data Processing is not a license per se, but permission to process information

The regulator has no special requirements to the software and the location of the servers, or the financial statements


You can get an online casino license for several partner companies without having a representative office in the country

Operators receive sub-licenses and pay taxes to the main license holder

It is one of the most popular and respected jurisdictions in the world


The regulator enjoys the confidence of operators around the world.

As taxes, online casino owners pay 1% of the turnover

It is possible to obtain a license only if the operator has a clear and understandable business plan, and his income is legally obtained

The operator gets access to the European gambling market


The regulator has provided a simplified scheme for registering gambling projects and issuing a license

The casino owner must have at least 100 thousand dollars of financial security.

High requirements for the reputation of operators.

The controller keeps tracking the origin of the business capital

A simple taxation system and business scaling opportunities attract many casino operators

The list of credible jurisdictions is not limited to the countries listed. Licenses of Kahnawake, Antigua and Barbuda, Isle of Man, Belize and other countries are also popular.


You can buy a license for an online casino and launch the project yourself, but it will take a lot of time and will require serious financial costs. We are ready to help with the collection of documents necessary for the legalization of business and provide legal support.

Here you can order a comprehensive service — buy an online casino with a license and a full range of products necessary for business development.

The package offer includes:

  • casino website with a unique design and user-friendly interface;
  • gaming platform;
  • high-quality software for project management;
  • best gaming content;
  • payment modules.

We will help with the launch of the project, provide marketing and legal guidance during the process. In order to start cooperation, take the first step — contact us and tell us about your wishes.


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