How to Open an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe: 4 Basic Steps

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The internet sweepstakes cafes have become a separate line of business. The gaming clubs are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. And this is a quite natural phenomenon. Attractive profits and ease of doing this business contribute to this growth.

Profits from internet sweepstakes cafe business

For this reason, the topics of how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe and which internet sweepstakes software companies shall be considered for this is paid a lot of attention. Win&Win Casino provides the up-to-date information on the relevant opportunities in the world of gambling.

However, some countries are imposing strict legal prohibitions on this activities. While some part of the gambling business goes underground, the other clever owners are shifting their business to the web.

Anyway, even the land-based internet cafe is also rapidly modifying. As the option of ‘betting’ often avoids a ban, it becomes some kind of a technicality to arrange the whole business based on this particular point.

This is a general guide which can help you to learn how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe. The brief analysis of the best internet sweepstakes software companies is also given below.

Evolution of Slots

The slots are commonly considered as the all-around tool in the area of gambling. Due to the popularity of the legendary Admiral or Hurricane gaming machines, a great number of people have revealed this type of entertainment over the recent decades.

Dropping a coin into a slot machine is always accompanied with the special pleasure. You never know what is going to come in few seconds. You may win a jackpot or lose your bet. And this obscurity is thrilling for a gambler.

The Present-day Market Opportunities

In view of this, the very point of housing platform for slots is not a crucial issue anymore. The slots are a perfect tool for being housed both within the land-based terminals as well as online facilities. The general approach to their software development is multi-purpose.

As the gambling market began to grow, a lot of the internet sweepstakes software companies started their developments. The products were developed under the conditions of intense competition and high industry standards. The users always expect high quality and effective functional characteristics, and a lot of market players succeeded to elaborate the relevant products.

And now it is time to act. This niche is going to be saturated by the active entrepreneurs which buy the gaming software and integrate them into their equipment. Now there is a high time to raise funds to participate in the hot deals.

Step 1. License and Permissions

License and permissions for internet sweepstakes cafe

Upon learning the guide on how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe, the first step is to be done. And it implies that any potential casino owner has to settle the legal issues. The relevant license is to be acquired. For this, filing an application to the legal bodies is needed.

If the gambling is permitted in your country, make use of the option to build a land-based internet sweepstakes cafe. Having the land and premises purchased and the gaming equipment installed, you will be rewarded with high incomes, as the first customers start visiting your gaming club. Of course, certain promotion and effective marketing strategy are required.

But even if you already have opened a land-based gambling business, think also about benefits of setting up the online casino. The prospective markets of the users from the whole world present the multiplicity of opportunities.

Moreover, the issue of licensing is easier: even if you are a resident of a country which grants you with a ban on gambling, go to the remote jurisdictions to proceed with executing your plans. There are a number of the relevant locations overseas which provide such opportunities.

Step 2. Gambling Equipment and Facilities

The next step to be done is acquiring corresponding facilities to house your gaming software. For a land-based casino, you need to purchase the gaming machines where the programming products are to be integrated. In case of the online slots development, order a special web-platform, which can be designed by the specialists.

The platform for casino software shall meet the requirements of high reliability (the servers to be protected against system failures) and security (protection against possible hacking attacks).

Step 3. Software

Internet sweepstakes software development

Any new casino owner faces the challenge to purchase high-quality software for casino games. At that, the right choice of the best products is extremely important. The leading companies in the industry shall be studied.

Internet Sweepstakes Software Companies

The basic thing to take into account when considering how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe is to define the strength of the products provided by the developers as well as their versatility and potential capabilities.

The internet sweepstakes software companies review involves the following features:

  • the thematic concept of slots;
  • ease of interface and integration;
  • format and technology;
  • bonuses and jackpots;
  • payment systems.

Though the vast majority of the internet sweepstakes software companies are aimed at the creation of the high-quality multipurpose software, there are some particular points to be highlighted in order to select the proper items for your casino.


For example, Novomatic designs are distinguished by the classic casino appearance concept. The familiar themes and unique storylines of the proprietary games are combined with the accessible interface and good functional properties.

Easy integration into any platforms makes Novomatic products especially attractive. Other options, for example, multiple communication channels for the process controls are also available. Novomatic games have perfect running in any browser as well as downloaded apps and mobile devices.


Another great company, Playtech, provides a large number of games for any category of gamers. Extensive payment methods, bonus and jackpot system make the process of gaming really enjoyable. Playtech products can be easily customized to fit any platform when integrating the software.


Endorphina sweepstakes internet cafe software developer

Endorphina has elaborated its own unique features, the slots are designed in a special cartoon manner. As well as Novomatic and other leading providers, it guarantees the enhanced security of payments when making the transactions.

The gaming mechanism of Endorphina is based on the precise algorithms with consideration of the relevant experienced and special studies on this matter. 3D Flash format is available to play in a browser.


CasExe: internet sweepstakes software company

CasExe has designed the games with special realistic effects applying 3D and virtual reality technologies. The products are easily adapted and integrated into any gaming platform.

The above-mentioned internet sweepstakes software companies are generally considered the best players on the gambling market. This is proved by a number of various certificates and awards from the credible international organizations they have obtained during the years of their business activities.

Step 4. Market Strategy and Promotion

Market strategy and promotion of internet sweepstakes cafe

When opening an internet sweepstakes cafe, the appropriate market strategy shall be developed to organize your business and to attract users to your internet sweepstakes cafe. Besides, certain promotion actions are to be implemented in order to demonstrate opportunities of your internet sweepstakes cafe to the general public. For this, professional experience shall be engaged.


In order to obtain a professional consultancy on how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe, contact Win&Win Casino specialist. For any casino, a turnkey project can be developed. The software is provided by the branded leaders well-known in the gambling world.

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