The Promotion of an Online Casino That Yields the Result

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The choice of online casino is broad, and owners of gambling establishments fight for each player. They use advertising, full-screen pop-ups, and much more. But experience shows that aggressive marketing is not always the best option.

Online casino marketing

Let us consider what the promotion of online casinos should look like to attract a relevant audience, get windward of competitors, and finally – to achieve the owner's financial goals. After all, it is the main reason to launch the gambling project.

Do you want your gaming club to always be among the top requests in Google and Yandex search engines? And maybe you want gamblers that have once come to the website to visit it over and over again? If you answered "yes", we offer you to order a comprehensive promotion of online casinos from the Win&Win company right now!

What Does the Promotion of Online Casinos Include?

All the work that is done by professional agencies can be divided into two directions:

  • promotion on the Internet: optimisation for search engines, search, and correction of errors on the website, etc.);
  • marketing: advertising, affiliate networks, promos, and bonuses for users.

Each of these elements alone will not give any result and will not be able to bring a huge number of new players.

Competent promotion of an online casino includes all these tools. Otherwise, the website appears to be in one of two sad states, and we can safely say that the owner was wasting his money.

Signs of ineffective promotion:

  1. The casino gaming site has very low traffic, despite the fact that the advertising was active.
  2. There are many visitors on the website but:
  • they leave quickly;
  • they do not make deposits;
  • they do not come back.

Promotion of Online Casinos on the Internet

SEO optimisation is one of the most effective ways to promote a casino, speaking long-term. It is good I the long term because this tool involves hundreds and even thousands of small tasks, united by one goal: to increase the position of casinos in search engines and traffic, and also to attract new players.

Advantages of the SEO promotion:

  1. It is interesting that with the help of SEO you can attract the targeted audience because only those users who search for the online gaming clubs can find you gambling establishment through the search engines.
  2. Unlike marketing, it is always possible to see the effectiveness of the SEO work. From the very first day, each link to a third-party resource or the correction of errors in the code brings a certain effect (for example, the number of visits to the website or the number of failures). Therefore, you will be able to clearly understand how good a specialist hired by you is.

However, there is one undeniable disadvantage: the result of SEO can be seen only after about six months. For this reason, you need to start the optimisation at the stage of the creation of a gaming site.

The Marketing Promotion of a Casino

If SEO affects how your algorithms deal with your website, then marketing is aimed at the attraction of people. Therefore, these two areas should be controlled by different specialists but it is even better if they work in a team. Promotion of online casinos gives the maximum effect when it is complex.

There are hundreds of platforms on the Internet, where a business can be advertised. The problem is that the largest of them are very careful about the promotion of gambling projects. Google Adwords, Facebook, and Vkontakte platforms prohibit advertising of casinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms.

But there is always an alternative. So, below, we tell you how casinos are advertised on banned platforms and what other ways can be used.


A huge network of advertising spaces is created by Google. The CCM stands for the Display Network and is a clever algorithm that allows you to show advertising to the targeted audience in any corner of the Internet.

Unfortunately, in this case, you can’t advertise the casino directly.

That is why smart webmasters came up with a few workarounds:

  1. They create a blog of the casino, where the traffic is leaded. And already on the blog, they place banners with the advertising of a gambling establishment. The disadvantage of this method is in a long way to the slot machine: gambler can simply "get lost on their way. 
  2. They create a website, which is somehow related to the gambling theme, and place all advertising there. However, as soon as users come to this site, they are redirected to the casino automatically. The consequence of this method is sanctions from search engines, so use it very carefully.


It is another tool that does not permit the direct promotion of casinos and gaming clubs. But Facebook or Vkontakte do not consist only of advertising. In social networks, you can create a brand page and try to increase the level of loyalty of users: launch promotions, talk about the news of the company, provide bonuses, etc.

Social media marketing in casino advertisement

Here, too, there are some methods, with the help of which it is possible to skirt the ban on advertising.

Affiliate networks

These are advertising platforms, which work on the principle of CCM. They are much smaller in coverage but their advantage is that they are ready for the open cooperation. There are even several affiliate programs that deal only with gambling projects. There it is very easy to promote your casino.

The audience here is mostly targeted, as the ads are posted on the portals of related subjects: secrets of the casino, recommendations on how to withdraw funds, bookmakers' reviews, etc. Thus, you get 99% relevant visits to your gaming site.

E-mail marketing

It is hard to believe but mailings still remain the most effective promotion channel. According to statistics in 2018, 59% of US marketers believe this tool is the key to success.

Advantages of mailings:

  • your letters are received by people who have subscribed for the news independently; that is, you work with a good base;
  • letters can "reanimate" those gamblers who forgot your casino's address or simply did not plan to play in the near future;
  • the promotion of online casinos with the help of mailings is relatively cheap, and the creation of letters takes not so much time.

We recommend you to start collecting the base of consumers from the first day of the existence of your casino.

E-mail marketing in casino advertisement

How to increase the loyalty of players

For sure, you will agree that it is not enough just to attract potential gamblers – they need to be interested and motivated to return to your website tomorrow or a week later.

Therefore, in marketing, there is a whole set of tools for the implementation of the customer loyalty program.

Here are the most effective of them:

  1. Bonuses and promos. It is difficult to imagine at least one casino without free spins. But this is a familiar trick, and the reaction of users on it is very calm. Try more sophisticated mechanics. For example, give a bonus of +5% for the deposit for a large amount of money. The higher is the amount, the higher is the percentage. All information on the most attractive bonuses should be located on each page on its side, and on the main page – in plain sight.
  2. Constant updating of slot machines. Here everything is simple – the more games there are in the casino, the more people it can attract. Make sure that your gambling establishment has slots from such well-known providers as Gaminator, Igrosoft, Belatra, Duomatic, Playtech. The presence of license slot machines from the world-famous providers indirectly shows a high level of the internal organisation of the work of your casino.
  3. Choice of payment operators. This point does not need long explanations. We will only add that it is important to provide a fast withdrawal of funds by any of the channels. All gamblers will give preference to the casino, which pays out winnings within ten or fifteen minutes. Nobody will like if the casino will require the provision of many documents and transfer money in several days.
  4. Round-the-clock technical support. Try to adjust the work of the technical support in such a way that user can solve any problem in two or three minutes at any time. Believe me, it will bring you a lot of profit.

Round-the-clock online casino technical support

Professional Promotion of Online Casinos

If you are not sure that you can make the high-quality promotion of your online gambling establishment independently, feel free to give it to outsourcing. It is better to pay extra money for a good marketing than to waste a lot of time and allow players to get a negative impression of your casino.

Order the promotion of your online casino from the Win&Win company. Its specialists can also supply slot games and offer you to purchase a ready-made gambling business on a turnkey basis.

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