How to Order a Casino: Main Stages and Secrets

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Online casino creation attracts many entrepreneurs. It is quite a profitable business if to do everything wisely on the stages of its creation and further management. You can either buy or rent online casinos; it is the simplest way to get business right now. Or you can create it by yourself.

Online casino creation

The Internet provides a large number of articles on this topic. If you are interested how to order a casino or how to launch it on your own, you are in the right place. We have summoned all the information and personal experience for you to acquire the whole notion about the process.

Market Research

No business can be entered sight unseen; it is not a game. You have to investigate who your potential clients are, what is in-demand on the market, what the trends are. For it, you can order an investigation from specialised agencies or conduct a small research on your own due to the instruments that are available on the Internet.

Preparation of a Business Plan

It is an essential document for creating a business. In this paper, you will state all the information that you will get on the first stage, your plan of actions on the market, estimated costs and income, various scenarios of development (from positive to negative ones), ways how to solve different problems.

Obtaining Documents

No company will function without the papers required by the legislation of the country where you do business. At least you have to register a legal entity and open a bank account.

Acquiring a License

This document will allow you to engage in gambling activity. The legislation in many countries completely or partially forbids gambling, but some states issue licenses; European countries are among them. It does not mean that if a particular country licenses you, you can do the business only in it — every commission sticks to own rules.

The cheapest license costs $8,000; expensive licenses come in at several hundred thousand dollars. You had better consult an experienced specialist who will help choose an ideal solution for your establishment. You can buy a licensed casino at once in order not to obtain a license on your own.

Selecting a Domain and Hosting

This point is not complicated, but some details should be noted. The domain has to be clearly associated with your casino. To achieve this, use words like “casino” or “games” in the title (if you provide users only with slot machines).

Since a casino is a place where confidential data and payment information are used, hosting has to be very reliable. If anyone manages to hack your casino or to steal data, it will end up badly both for the gaming club and players.

Ordering Software

After the preparation stage let’s move to the most interesting item — software. You will need a website, a casino platform, gambling software, payment systems. You can either buy/rent online casino software or have it developed.

While choosing any variant, remember that software has to be of high quality and from approved providers; otherwise, your business would be over before it begins.

Online casino software

Promoting the Casino

You have made all the steps mentioned above and opened a licensed casino with fascinating games. But there are no visitors. And it is natural, as without promotion even if you are a franchisee no one will find out about your establishment and your website will not take the first places in Google search results.

Decide on funds for marketing, hire a professional team and promote your casino at once. SEO, social networks, affiliate programs will come in handy here. And the list of instruments is far from being exhausted.

How to Order a Casino From Contractors?

As you understand, to organise a casino on your own is a daunting experience. It will take much time and resources.

If you are reluctant to wait and do everything by yourself, you can use other methods to launch the business:

  • Casino for rent or purchasing it from a provider. This variant is cheaper and less time-consuming, but it is not an original product.
  • Purchasing a franchise from a well-known establishment. You get a ready-made brand and engage in promoting your website. But still, it is not a unique casino.
  • Turnkey casino development. A contractor will be responsible for all the aspects of launching your business including software. You have only to pay for the services and get a unique ready-made project as a result.
  • Purchasing a casino script. It is a cheap way, but it does not suit those who desire to acquire a quality product. And web scripts need adjusting to your needs.

If you are not sure, consult specialists from Win&Win. They are professionals, that is why they help you make the most beneficial decision. It is your opportunity to start the business and earn a fortune.

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