Online Casino for Sale: How and Where to Buy a Perfect Gambling Establishment

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

If you are reading this article, then you are interested in the gaming business, precisely in own casino creation. It is quite logical, as gambling appeared hundreds of years ago and since that time it has not been losing its popularity. If you approach this business reasonably and responsibly, it will bring much profit.

If you need a reliable partner (because in gambling business a software provider is a real partner), Win&Win is the best choice for you. You can order online casino for rent or sale as well as get a free consultation from specialists of this company.

Win&Win Casino: reliable provider of gambling software

From a Simple Script to Complicated Software Development: How to Launch a Casino

If we are discussing buying and renting a casino, it is necessary to highlight all the aspects of launching a gambling business. There are a bunch of opportunities: online casino for sale is not the only possible variant. You can find more information about other variants below.

Casino development

In this case, you order turnkey online casino creation. During the conversation with a manager of the company that will execute your order, you state all your wishes and requirements. The developer implements them into the establishment, and you get the casino you want. Turnkey development is a choice for those who wish a unique quality product. The most important thing is to find a reliable and experienced developer.

Online casino franchise

This variant means that some successful company gives you rights to use its brand, identity, processes. In this case, you do not have to represent a new brand in the market and develop it. The franchiser does not only give certain rights but also provides consultations, receiving the royalty for this activity.

Online casino for rent or buying

It is up to you whether to buy a casino or to rent it. There are companies that launch platforms; then you just need to brand them and add interesting slots there. To get in touch with such companies and choose the most suitable variant is enough.

This opportunity allows you to launch a gambling website fast without investing much money. Win&Win is a company that offers a ready product of high quality. Their system includes a reliable platform and slots from the best providers such as Novomatic or Playtech.

Casino web scripts

This option is relatively cheap — it is not hard to find a script that costs several hundred dollars. But here there is one substantial disadvantage: scripts are rarely ready for immediate use. Actually, it is a pre-packaged product that requires further work. So you buy a script and then adjust it to your needs. This process takes time and money to pay for specialists' work.

Software for Casino as an Essential Stage While Creating a Casino

Online casino software

It is needed to mention software, too. It does not matter which of the variants mentioned above you choose, but how comfortable a user feels and how keen he/she is in your casino are always the most important. That is why a platform has to be user-friendly and load fast, and a game has to be breathtaking and has good graphics. Pay attention to these things before launching your establishment.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Casino?

As you understand, there is no single price. It depends on the way you are going to buy an establishment. A script may cost $200, turnkey casino development may cost hundreds of thousand dollars.

Besides, other software in the form of games, payment systems etc. has to be paid for, too. A contractor will be able to name the total price only after listening to all your wishes.

Launching Your Own Online Casino

In any case, you will need a contractor for it. To find a company that offers online casino for sale does not take many efforts: there are a lot of similar studios on the Internet. But do not hurry to apply to the first one that you encounter, as the result might not satisfy you. It is a good practice to study reviews and portfolio before.

Or you may apply to Win&Win; this company will help you launch your establishment.

Firstly, managers will consult you on all possible for your case options and select the most suitable one. Secondly, to buy or to rent a system is easy; all the conditions have already been foreseen.

It is high time you stopped delaying the start of a profitable business. Become a dangerous competitor due to Win&Win!



Ten years ago, a start from scratch was the only way to enter the gambling market. Nevertheless, lots of other solutions are available for the beginning operator today. Moreover, despite some specific features and nuances, each option has its drawbacks. However, the development of a turnkey online casino is an exception here.

Leave a request to the Win-Win Casino specialists, and we will provide detailed information on any questions to you. All our products have been tested many times. The quality of software and related tools was confirmed by studies and conclusions of independent laboratories.

We provide not only access to the basic set of components, but also propose the provision and configuration of all internal services. Free support and counselling in the first stages after the launch is an additional bonus for our customers.


Turnkey casino from Win-Win Casino is an ideal source of your passive income!

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