How to Open an Internet Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

So what do you need to do to open an Internet casino? Such a question may be asked also by those who did not have their own gambling establishment yet and who are just beginning to work in this field. 

How to open an internet casino

First of all, you need to decide whether you need this business. This decision will be a starting point, and all subsequent actions will become clear and radical. You can’t retreat.

Dealing with any important matter it is better to rely on competence of those people who know the gambling business and run it on the highest level. What is meant here is development companies that offer such a service as «Turnkey Casino».

Open an Internet Casino: the Things You Need for it

What is included in the list of actions that helps to open an Internet casino within the shortest possible time and the most effectively?

Developers offer:

  • high-quality software for online casino software;
  • a set of interesting and advanced casino games;
  • free installation of all new slots;
  • simple and clear payment systems for gambling resources.

Moreover, the company can offer advice on the installation and further development of games on the gaming site. And what is more, you will be able to get without long delays and unnecessary movements one of the most important documents, without which your efforts will be completely useless — a gaming license.

Today with the absence of land-based casinos it can be a good and profitable decision to open an Internet casino Win&Win. Such companies make it possible to successfully diversify business and receive a persistent passive income.

Passive income from gambling business

Those companies which sell a turnkey casino service offer a full set of necessary components for the opening of an online casino. The list of such components includes:

  • a casino script (which, in fact, is the online casino software that needs to be installed on a computer);
  • a set of modern and original games from famous manufacturers (with an ability to install new games for free);
  • all the necessary elements for quick and seamless payments settlement on the gaming resource;
  • a package of license documents that are necessary for the legal operation of the casino;
  • a package of services for the maintenance, development and promotion of the gambling business.

Moreover, any company that helps people to open an Internet casino offers each client to make a made-to-measure order, and all customers need to do is to choose from a rather large list of services those ones that seem most important for their business. It is worth noting that experts recommend businessmen not to refuse any offers, as each service can be valuable and useful at any point.

It is also necessary to mention that today, when there are many companies that wish to open an online casino, as well as those companies which provide this service, a fierce competition arose at the gambling market. Under such conditions it is rather difficult to choose the right provider, so we recommend you to pay attention first of all to his working experience, and if it is possible — to look through the already completed projects.

An important factor in the activities of a businessman who wants to open an Internet casino is to follow the advice of professionals who offer ready-made casinos and all the components for their operation.

How to Open an Online Casino

Development companies offer a wide range of services for the gambling business, which in recent years has become more profitable and high-paying. These companies will not only provide customers with a turnkey casino, but also answer all questions on how to open an Internet casino.

High-level professionals who work in those firms will provide all the necessary instructions within the shortest possible time and tell you how to act properly in case you want to launch a gaming resource. An important detail in the issue of how to open an online casino is undoubtedly the legalization, so therefore in the first instance it will be necessary to obtain a gaming license.

It is not so difficult to open an Internet casino, so there is no need for backing away from your intentions — you have just to understand everything, to listen to professionals and follow their recommendations.

The first steps in setting up a new business should be the registration of a legal entity and opening of a corporate account, and purchase your own hosting as well. Thus, you will start answering the question of how to create an online casino.

After this, it will be necessary to conclude an agreement with the development company to purchase online casino software, which must certainly be of the highest quality. In order to find it we recommend you to look for the websites of companies that offer turnkey casino for sale, as well as to look through those projects they have already implemented. Only those firms that have excellent reputation can give valuable recommendations on how to open an Internet casino.

It is better to buy a full optional gambling establishment, which is offered by the developers, because that is how you will not need to look for some missing components after some time. In addition to online casino software and a set of games you need a transaction account for constant payments that will take place during the operation of a gaming resource. In order to understand how to launch an online casino, you need to deal with all activities that will have to be carried out on your own website.

So, it is important for you to remember: in order to have a permanent passive income, you need not only to open a gaming establishment, but also to come to grips with its promotion and not to forget about keeping watch over your competitors. 

A free demo

Win Win Casino ― The Best Solution of 2019-2020

Our team is a recognised leader in the gambling market, and we offer a range of products and services that can compete with the world’s major brands. By deciding to cooperate with us, you can be sure that you will get profit.


An independent launch can take from six months to several years, whereas our team of specialists will be able to bring to life your every wish in just a couple of months.


The project from scratch will cost several hundred thousand dollars. The price of a turnkey solution is several times lower, and you get not just a “raw” code but access to a complete set of specialised tools and the approved content.

No Emotional Stress

We take care of all the issues related to the development and launch of the project. The operator’s responsibility is only to exercise control over administrative processes and count the money.

A Unique System With a Wide Range of Options

The package of services from Win Win Casino includes:

  1. Multifunctional platform.
  2. Exclusive visual design and design of the logo (several sketches to choose from).
  3. Unique game mechanics and mathematics of internal processes (maximum retention of users on the gambling platform).
  4. Remote foreign servers for data storage.
  5. Variable RTP percentage with an option for individual adjustments.
  6. Built-in bonus programs and loyalty systems.
  7. Regular free updates of the software.

Special attention needs to be paid to the HomePlay mode. This is a reliable and practical development, which is designed to share out the distribution kit to all customers who want to play remotely.

Advantages of HomePlay from Win Win Casino

Evaluation criteria

A brief description

Increase of a client base

The use of a distribution kit allows you to increase the audience of the service: players register on the website regardless of where they have purchased the remote agent

Free games

The system supports the social game mode

Duplication of settings

All personal settings and algorithms of the game are automatically duplicated and saved both in the main gambling establishment and in its remote version

Technical maintenance

A separate customer service supports those customers who are using the HomePlay version

Statistical tools and history

Users have remote access to a complete set of tools for being able to look through the history of payments and deposits

Language of the interface

There are two versions of the product: Russian and English

The Absence of Risks

By using the services from Win Win Casino, you can be sure that your investment is protected against any negative factors and risks. We provide a complete ready-made product, the quality and functionality of which is confirmed by numerous certificates, positive feedback, and an unblemished reputation of our team.

An additional advantage is that when you order comprehensive promotional marketing from Win Win Casino, you not only increase the website traffic but also obtain a guarantee of the full payback of the project within three-six months of cooperation.


In Conclusion

Cooperation with Win Win Casino is the best way to make a name for yourself in the international gambling market with minimal financial investment and time expenditures. We are ready to provide you with comprehensive support, help you at every stage of work, and guarantee the perfect quality of all the products and services.

From us, you can always buy the best solutions from the world’s leading suppliers and find a large selection of exclusive developments.


Win Win Casino is the best choice for those who want to enter the most profitable market in the world.

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