How to Open an Online Casino in 2019?

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Today, online casinos, as well as land-based establishments, are very profitable businesses. People love excitement and of course, they want to earn money the easiest way possible. Adventurous entrepreneurs understand this, so they are aiming to create a gambling institution.

Due to the fact that in many countries the law prohibits land-based casinos, the gaming business organically moved to the Internet. No, you cannot create a casino without investments; however, the costs for a virtual gambling club are much lower than for a land-based one. Please use our brief guide on how to start an online gaming business.

Online casino as a profitable business

How to Start an Online Casino?

  1. Launch one yourself. This will require a lot of effort, time and money. If you do not have experience in gambling, it will be better and more reliable to hire a consultant.
  2. An online casino franchise is yet another one from the list of opportunities to start your own gambling business. You are buying the rights to use the brand and the business processes of a well-known enterprise. That is, you do not have to create everything from scratch.
  3. An online casino business for sale. In this case, you will receive a ready-made business that you can use immediately. An option for those who do not want to wait for long.
  4. Buy a script. It is an opportunity to get a casino almost for free. Of course, there are some complications: it is not quite ready. A script is a downloadable code that requires further development for the site integration.
  5. Order the development of a turnkey online casino. Doing so, the company that undertakes the task performs all the stages of creation independently, up to the marketing activities. You will have a profitable business without doing unnecessary movements or spending a great deal of time.

How to Open an Online Casino in Ukraine and Russian Federation Independently?

Gambling license for an online casino

Obtain an appropriate license

The essential thing you should know is that gambling is officially prohibited in these countries, and it is impossible to obtain a license. But there is a way out: you can register a license in a country where gambling is allowed. The examples of such states are Malta, Curaçao, Costa Rica, Gibraltar and others.

It is important that the servers which your casino are using are located in the licensing country. To obtain a permit, you will still need a bank account, an open legal entity and resident employees of the country (depending on the specific jurisdiction).

There are services that may help to obtain a license. They include assistance in preparing documents, opening a bank account and consulting at all the stages. The most important thing is that everything goes legally. You can just pay a certain price for an online casino with a license and never worry about this issue.

Analyze the market and make a business plan

To buy an online casino without any backup is not a good idea. The analysis will help you understand the current state of the business and its development prospects.

The business plan must include all the costs, expected revenues, stages of expansion, positive, neutral and negative casino development scenarios. You can also buy a ready business plan for a casino.

The estimated value of the project launch should include the following items:

  • Legalisation of the business. It is necessary to determine the type of license, the jurisdiction, and the cost of the acquisition and renewal of permits.
  • Website development. Even if you buy a casino script, you will still have to spend money on the adaptation and update of the code.
  • Software. This is an expensive purchase because you need casino management programs, payment modules, the game content, security systems, and much more. Depending on the features of a gaming site and the business goals of its owner, the cost of software can vary from five hundred to one hundred thousand dollars.
  • Salary to employees and operators of the support service. An online casino has a lot less staff than a land-based gambling club but still, it will require some expenses.
  • Promotion. You will need to attract traffic to the website, and it is not easy because of the legislative restrictions on the advertising of gambling. For this reason, be ready to spend a lot of money.

Choose a gambling system for your new establishment

Casino software is one of the most vital points of creating a gaming enterprise. The main requirements for the software are high quality and licensing.

The gambling system has to combine the following features:

  • equally good work with both fast and slow connection to the Web;
  • the ability to continue the game even in case of an Internet connection error;
  • secure and reliable servers on which the slot machines are located;
  • 24/7 customer support.

The Win Win Casino studio offers a unique gambling platform where each slot has a high RTP percentage. This software is reliable and safe and has a well-thought-out bonus program, free demo versions, and a flexible system of individual settings. During the game session, gamblers can change the size of bets and get rewards, which will make them want to stay on the gaming site longer and spend more money.


Choose a casino domain name

It is better to choose a short name that is associated with your field of activity. Be sure to add the word “Casino” to it, so it will be easier to find the site.

Connect a reliable payment system

Payment systems should be convenient and suitable for all currencies. Allow the player to pay for services or receive winnings without problems or complications.

Buy slot games for the online casino

Add only exciting slot machines with excellent graphics and sound. Choose modern technologies like HTML5: these slots will never run slowly. Online casino games from Win&Win company meet all these requirements.

Promote your casino

If nobody knows about your establishment, nothing will help, not the slots, the casino platform, nor the best jackpots. Compose a promotion budget at the stage of preparing a business plan.

Marketing is one of the most expensive items in a casino business plan. If you do not have experience in the promotion of gambling websites, it will be irrational to do it on your own: the risk of wasting time and money is too high. It is better to turn to professionals who are familiar with the features of the promotion of gambling projects, and such specialists can be found in the Win Win Casino team.

Who Will Help You Open an Online Casino?

As you can see, it is not easy to create an online casino. If you have a question about how to open an online casino, the software vendors are at your service. They will gladly offer the best conditions to just start working with you.

One of such companies is Win&Win Casino. It practices an individual approach to each customer, defines an action plan and implements it. As a result, the owner of the future casino will be checking the state of affairs in his gambling establishment only occasionally, and the income will constantly grow.

Our offers

More detailed information

Full-fledged gambling platform

You get a complete set of tools, which makes it possible to customise components depending on individual preferences

Games from the best providers in the world

The company’s portfolio includes more than three hundred offers, and the product range is constantly expanding

Integration of payment services

Connection of the most popular payment systems:

  • Visa/Mastercard;

  • Skrill;

  • Neteller;

  • Qiwi;

  • WebMoney;

  • YandexMoney, etc.

Legal support and casino licensing

Collection of a complete package of documents for filing applications in foreign offshore jurisdictions, resolution of disputes, and conclusion of agreements with suppliers

Affiliate programs

Large selection of products for the audience accumulation and running effective advertising campaigns

Technical support

Control over the operation of a gaming site, prompt assistance to the customers of the gambling establishment

Also, you can order promotional marketing of the project. We use all available advertising tools to bring your project to an international level.

If you want to become personally certain of the quality and functionality of the product, it will be possible for you to download the demo version of our system.

In Conclusion

To launch a gambling project independently means to spend a lot of money and still have minimal guarantees of success. The best option is to cooperate with good professionals. We will resolve absolutely all issues that are related to the development, implementation, launch, and subsequent promotion of a gambling project.

We offer an individual approach, loyal prices, the best set of marketing tools, constant updating of the product range, relevant affiliate programs, and regular monitoring of the market.


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