Recommendations On Opening An Online Casino in 2020/2021

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

According to experts, gambling is the most promising and profitable business today. Familiarize yourself with these tips from Win-Win Casino and learn more about the current trends to start your project in this area.


Online Gaming Activities and Its Mass Popularity

The main causes of global gambling industry growth: infographic

This comparative table will help you get acquainted with some nuances of the virtual gambling projects and evaluate the full range of benefits of online business.

Internet Business VS Offline Establishment

Criteria for evaluation

Virtual resource

Ground-based casinos


You can open a website and start online activities anywhere in the world. To access the gambling games, it is enough to have a device with a network connection

The player must take into account the work schedule of the establishment, its location, dress code, mandatory entry fee, and a number of other factors


Online sites are able to carry out financial transactions in almost any currency in the world.

A striking example is the payment systems for casinos from the Win-Win Casino company. Our product is characterised by impeccable quality, high reliability, ease of use, and technical support for the most recognizable and popular services:

  • MasterCard /Visa bank cards;

  • Various e-wallets (for example; Qiwi and WebMoney);

  • Skrill, Pay2Pay, and other systems

Even the largest establishments in the world can afford a very limited number of options. As a rule, this is cash (one or two currencies) and bank cards

Customer support

Interaction with users of the service is performed as quickly as possible. Any issue is resolved very fast, regardless of the time of contacting the support service

As a rule, ground-based platforms have limited human and technical resources. A solution to a problem can take a long time. Moreover, do not forget about the work schedule of the establishment


Any visitor of a virtual casino can maintain incognito status. It should be noted that it is not about the registration procedure, but about financial transfers inside the system.

Information about the time, terms and amounts of transactions is not subject to disclosure and is stored on secure foreign servers

Any visitor of a virtual casino can maintain incognito status. It should be noted that it is not about the registration procedure, but about financial transfers inside the system.

Information about the time, terms and amounts of transactions is not subject to disclosure and is stored on secure foreign servers

Free games

You can enjoy your favourite games without the slightest risk of losing money in many online casinos.

Almost all modern products have the possibility to work in demo mode

A “free game” phenomenon is absent in ground-based institutions.

As usual, the visitor makes a mandatory fee for entering the establishment and placing bets

Bonuses and rewards

Users get material rewards for different actions. There are cash bonuses for the following manipulations:

  • a click on a referral link;

  • registration on the casino website;

  • participation in a specific game or tournament;

  • first deposit;

  • participation in seasonal and thematic events, etc.

Additional rewards are very rare in ground-based institutions.

The exception is short-term internal promotions and programs for regular visitors or VIP-clients

Important Numbers: Interesting Industry Statistics

Gambling is considered the most promising and profitable type of business activities. The segment shows steady growth (€4.3 billion per year). Experts believe that the virtual area will increase by 80% (or even more) during the next five years. At the same time, the mobile online business makes up the lion's share of profits (about 60%).

If we talk about the profitability of specific gambling categories, the structure of the profit is as follows:

  • EUR 19.5 billion (about 49 %) — bookmaker services (sports (and e-sports), horserace betting).
  • EUR 10.7 billion (about 27 %) — traditional casino games (slots, card games).
  • EUR 3.5 billion (about 9%) — lotteries (cumulative sum of national and commercial lotteries).
  • EUR 2.5 billion (about 6 %) — poker (live games with a dealer, tournaments).
  • EUR 2 billion (about 5 %) — new thematic entertainments (logic games, multi-level quests, etc.)
  • EUR 4.5 billion (about 2 %) — bingo and other offers that are popular among some enthusiasts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gambling Projects

Online gambling business benefits

The situation described above and statistical reports are impressive, but this is not a reason to throw away all other options and focus exclusively on gambling projects. No business should be started without careful preparation.

Before making a final decision, please familiarize yourself with such nuances:

Your own online casino in 2020-2021

Benefits of a personal project

Disadvantages of the solution

Wide audience. Given the absence of a real location, an online service can work with customers from any corner of the world, regardless of geographic and time restrictions.

Ban on gambling. There are strict restrictions or a complete ban on the implementation of any gambling activity on the territory of many modern states.

An operator who decided to provide gambling services without proper documentation runs the risk of attracting close attention of the authorities

Unique payback metrics. A virtual service may begin to generate net profit after 2-6 months from the start with the help of a complex promotion strategy and the proper approach

Large-scale preparatory phase. Before starting to work on the market, an entrepreneur will have to solve a number of issues in the field of marketing, consulting, and law. The start-up process may take several months without the appropriate experience

Low staff costs. As a rule, the site can work with the operator and the technical support team

Mandatory legalization of business. Registration of legal status is sufficient for some forms of work, but the gambling business is subject to mandatory licensing.

The permission purchase can take a lot of time and substantial costs

No maintenance required. Debugging and monitoring of software functionality is the responsibility of suppliers

High risk of financial loss. Each stage of the work is accompanied by significant investments. At the same time, an attempt to save some money may affect the performance and reputation of the company negatively and cause a complete collapse of the enterprise

The absence of a rental fee. You do not need to open a real office or equip specialized premises with gaming systems to launch a virtual platform

Big time expenses. The development and launching of a project can take from 6 months to several years when starting from scratch

High yield. Gaming services begin to bring from $100 per day from the very first days of work, even without advertising promotion.

The site’s revenue level will increase several dozen times with an integrated marketing program

The risk of large winnings. The operator must confirm its financial position and open a separate reserve bank account with a certain amount, which can be used solely for significant payouts

Stage 1: Preparation for the Gambling Market Entering

Online casino launch: preparation process

A business plan for a casino is an indispensable element designed to control the basic processes of work and move the project in the chosen direction. If we talk about the first stage of the plan, then the above figures will help you make your own opinion about the current situation on the market. All statistics are taken from extracts and open reports of H2 Gambling Capital (independent consulting agency).

When analysing the proposals of competitors, it is worth paying attention not only to the most popular positions, but also to solutions that have not received wide distribution, but which have good chances for world recognition in the very near future. Colourful fruit slots or bright, three-dimensional image can no longer surprise the new generation of players. Gaming of the future lies in new technologies and creative products that can change the very concept of gambling radically.

The Gambling Industry and Its Future

Main online gambling trends: infographic

The blockchain technology is an innovative format of working in the virtual market that provides entrepreneurs with many unique advantages and prospects, including absolute transparency of financial processes. The entire game resource is a chain of separate information blocks, each of which stores information about the transaction. After completion of the formation of the block, the component becomes available for review by any Internet. At the same time, the complete invariance of information is maintained.

The cryptocurrency is one of the most influential tools in the modern financial market. Its advantages and prospects of development have been appreciated by many business sectors. The gaming industry is not an exception here.

Bitcoin won the attention of gamblers due to the following characteristics:

  1. A financial transaction is executed within a couple of minutes, regardless of the time, amount of transfer, or location of the operation participants.
  2. It is impossible to interrupt or track the payment.
  3. It is enough to indicate the transfer amount and wallet number for operations. No personal information is disclosed (guarantee of absolute confidentiality of users).
  4. The absence of commission fees. Bitcoin does not belong to any existing state. Therefore, all operations with virtual money are carried out without the participation of intermediaries and unwanted attention from the authorities.
  5. Minimum bets. The unique value of the virtual currency will allow users to make record low bets (from $0.001).

If we talk about the benefits of Bitcoin from the point of view of the entrepreneurs, it is worth paying attention to the following factors:

  1. The casino operator does not need a license to provide Bitcoin transfers. The electronic currency is not the property of any state. Therefore, it is not taxed and is not subject to close monitoring by authorities.
  2. Casino with one game. The use of cryptocurrency allows users to create online sites with only one gaming offer. At the same time, electronic money acts as a gaming element. A striking example is a project called Bitkong. The approximate annual turnover of the project exceeds 100 thousand dollars.
  3. No commission fees. If we are talking about games based on Bitcoin, then we can forget about regular deductions to software manufacturers. You do not need to pay for the use of electronic currency (unlike other developments with registered copyright).

The social game is a relatively new trend, which managed to gain tremendous popularity. According to statistical reports, the traffic of free websites is more than 20 times higher than the attendance rates of traditional services today. However, resources are not classified as gambling providers because they offer free entertainments that do not require real bets for their consumers.

In this case, the question arises: How do the operators of social casinos get high profits and positive payback indicators? Everything depends on the principle of the playing platform. As mentioned above, the game itself is free, but the user is provided with a lot of pleasant bonuses and third-party services that can be bought for real money.

For example, the player may be offered the following paid services:

  • additional playing time;
  • cards and awards for the game participants;
  • logos for teams;
  • more convenient position for the next session;
  • improved game attributes;
  • exclusive profile pictures;
  • individual updates;
  • participation in closed promotions and tournaments;
  • VIP accounts.

Mobile gambling in figures: infographic

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are a unique opportunity to turn a traditional game into a fantastic adventure filled with real sounds, feelings, and emotions. The introduction of new products is the best strategy for creating a casino, which will allow you to not only present innovative products to the world but also to expand the project’s traffic, as well as increase the time of each gaming session several times.

To get the full range of emotions during the game, it is enough to buy special glasses and install the appropriate program on your device today.

The game in a new format is a limitless field for realizing the most creative and unusual fantasies. All sorts of interpretations of the "one-armed bandits" held the palm of victory for a long time.

Fruit mixes have faded into the background, making way for more spectacular and vivid solutions nowadays:

  1. Game with a live dealer. A real-time session, communication with the dealer, and other users take place in a special chat. The background compositions add a unique atmosphere to the process.
  2. Skill games. The profit size depends not only on a blind chance and luck but also on the user's personal and game skills now.
  3. Tournaments. E-sports tournament competitions and poker "battles" were available a few years ago. Today, everyone can create their own team and take part in a wide variety of competitions.
  4. A game with several levels. A particular combination of actions opens up new locations and a whole range of additional opportunities for winning for the user.
  5. The plot content. Famous slots created based on the cult blockbusters, sensational political and sporting events, and popular TV shows can bring a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Popular online gaming services: infographic

Each of the above formats has a number of unique features and nuances.

A browser casino is a website with games, each of which runs directly on the browser page without the need to download additional software components.

Online platforms of this format attract gamblers by the following advantages:

  • quick start and smooth operation;
  • minimal impact on the amount of the personal device RAM;
  • open access to all resources and services of the site;
  • the possibility to run multiple games in separate tabs simultaneously.

The downloadable application has a higher level of security and protection of user data. In addition, the software product may contain an expanded set of options and gaming components. Another constant advantage is access to entertainment at any time, even without a network connection.

Mobile format. This segment was described above.

This is one of the most promising areas of gaming activities, which can be represented by two modifications:

  • An adapted version of a traditional site. The service is an exact copy of the browser platform, modernized for correct work on the screens of mobile devices.
  • An application. This is a comprehensive set of elements that can be compared with any other available apps. This format has all the features and benefits of downloadable components and is designed for mobile services.

A blockchain casino is an innovative format of work. Special services are used for the organization of their activities (for example, the Ethereum platform with its own information block formation system and a convenient Bitcoin analogue).

Stage 2: Financial Issues Solving

Expenses before the official start: approximate estimates

Legal issues solving (preparation of documents, registration of the enterprise status (or other legal formats), the formation of a company)


Legalization of the project (preparation of an application, submission of documents to the appropriate authority, the opening of a local representative office, payment of the initial contribution)


Content purchase (conclusion of contracts with suppliers, purchase of services for software configuration, and integration)


Staff hiring (organization of the work of the technical support service, staff remuneration in a foreign representative office, hiring operators and managers, the fee for developers of the gaming platform)


Purchase of a preliminary advertising campaign (press releases, news reviews, publications in thematic groups and blogs, creation of pages on social networks)


Additional items of expenditure (rental fee, utility bills)


Investment in the first year of work

Enterprise management (monitoring the operation of individual services, organizing uninterrupted access to the resource, building relevant systems of interaction between the operator and users, analysing the current situation and searching for options to increase the profitability of the site)


Licensing documentation support (renewal fee, taxes, and commission fees)


Maintenance of the service (support for the operability of software products, prompt elimination of malfunctions, updates installation)


Commission fees (mandatory contributions for software suppliers)


Payments to employees (payments to full-time employees, foreign representatives of the company’s office in the offshore zone, lawyers, consulting, and marketing departments’ staff)


Marketing program (complex service promotion)


It is worth noting one interesting thing. There is no single price for the development and subsequent provision of the gaming project. The final figure depends on some factors, including the level of recognition and popularity of the content provider, the use of standard templates or individual designs, the speed of the launching process, personal wishes of the operator, as well as established standards for obtaining a license and much more.

Stage 3: Website Legalization

Offshore zones popular among gambling operators

The purchase of a permission in the offshore territory is the best way to avoid negative attention from the authorities and to conduct work on a legal basis.

The Curacao license will cost about 40 thousand dollars. Do not forget about the annual payment (15 thousand dollars). The jurisdiction offers loyal conditions for the legalization of gaming start-ups and does not oblige operators to open ground-based representative offices of the companies in the country.

Costa Rica offers operators a unique system of cooperation with the complete absence of taxation. The service legalization costs about 40 thousand dollars. The mandatory renewal price starts from 10 thousand dollars. Besides, the jurisdiction provides operators with a convenient opportunity to enter the European market.

Panama proposes a fairly simple procedure for registering commercial enterprises and the absence of taxes (in case of working with foreign users). The service will cost 40 thousand dollars. To renew the document, you will need to pay about 20 thousand annually.

Gibraltar license costs between 30 and 70 thousand dollars (depending on the starting set of services and offers of an intermediary). The document renewal price is 3 thousand dollars annually. The offshore zone opens up convenient access to the European market and pleases casino owners with a loyal tax system (no more than 1% of the company’s turnover).

Kahnawake is a Native American reservation in the United States that controls over 250 gambling firs worldwide. The price of the service starts at 40 thousand dollars. There is a mandatory payment for the technical verification of software components (about 15 thousand dollars in the form of a one-time payment). The renewal of permission costs 10 thousand annually.

Stage 4: Work with the Website

The project’s website is the “face” of the company, which forms the main opinion about it. The design of the resource plays a significant role in the profitability of the business and can serve as an excellent incentive to maximize the gaming session or, conversely, cause a rapid loss of customers.

What is a quality casino website: infographic

The logo and brand name play not the last role here. This information should be placed in the header of the site, but do not focus on it too much. The name, like the look of the service, must cause the user to positive subconscious associations and make him or her to select your project from a limitless list of similar offers.

We recommend you to abandon long names and choose laconic and even strict design with one (maximum two) colours.

Stage 5: Software

A profitable business consists only of a huge budget for marketing and stylish design. The basis of a successful company is functional software.

High-quality software should have such mandatory components:

  • systems for ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions;
  • the convenient navigation system and broad functional parameters with flexible personal settings;
  • the presence of reliable payment services;
  • built-in loyalty program;
  • systems for protecting personal data of customers;
  • the high-quality design of the project.

When choosing software, pay attention to the following details and factors:

  1. Confirmation of the product’s quality. Leading suppliers think about their reputation and strive to improve their solutions continuously. The best proof of the functionality and high quality of software components is the presence of certificates issued by independent research centres and laboratories.
  2. Perfect image quality. After the massive transition to the new programming language HTML5, software vendors were able to master new heights in the field of software design. An innovative format of work made it possible to create bright and effective solutions without loss of quality regardless of the parameters of the user device. The emphasis was also made on three-dimensional technologies and augmented and virtual reality formats.
  3. The adaptability of the system. A large part of the market is represented by a wide variety of mobile solutions. Therefore, modern products should be displayed without loss of quality in both mobile and traditional browser formats.
  4. Customer reviews. Information about any provider is available to each Internet user today. Before the final decision in favour of a particular developer, you should familiarize yourself with the history and achievements of the company, as well as with the reviews of its partners, and the opinion of the gamblers, that are its main audience.

Stage 6: The Project Promotion

When all the components of the website are tested and ready to work, technical support, and access to financial services are provided, preliminary advertising is carried out, it is time to launch the project and move on to full-scale promotion.

Casino marketing is an integral component of success, which can allow you to not only increase the profitability of your start-up but also to reduce its payback time.

Here are the most commonly used marketing tools:

  • Interaction with users through social networks (blogging, publication on thematic pages, communication with a live audience in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere).
  • SEO-optimization (content creation, interaction with external traffic sources, work with a site map, etc.).
  • CRM systems (using systems to generate various types of reporting and statistical information).
  • Mailout (interaction exclusively with interested users who have agreed to receive notifications).
  • Affiliate programs (work with third parties receiving cash payments for bringing each new player to the casino).
  • Internal loyalty systems (player retention and session extension program through material incentives and bonuses for active actions on the site).

Starting from Scratch and Other Ways to Enter the Gambling Market

It is worth mentioning several most popular solutions among the alternative options for working in the gambling industry.

Franchise Agreement

In simple terms, this is a rental of a casino with a typical design and protection against the risk of large winnings. The casino franchise is an efficient and popular option among novice operators with minimal experience or limited investment capital.

The disadvantage of working under a franchise agreement is the dependence on the lessor. A fee is charged for interference in the existing system and the introduction of additional gaming components. In addition, the entrepreneur agrees to adhere to the agreed promotion strategy strictly. Another minus is the software rental fee.

Script-based Platform

The advantage of this choice is its low price. Besides, a good script can be used as a base for several standard projects at once. However, we strongly recommend you abandoning such a decision, or at least seek the help of professionals with many years of experience. Otherwise, there is a high risk of becoming a victim of an unscrupulous seller, getting "non-viable" code, and lots of malicious "bonuses".

Let us consider the main criteria for choosing a high-quality casino script:

  • the date the code was created and the time of its last updates;
  • an assortment of embedded content;
  • quality of visual elements;
  • a variety of personal settings;
  • presence of statistical tools;
  • built-in payment services;
  • access to actual loyalty programs;
  • user safety guarantees;
  • the possibility to upgrade and update the system;
  • interaction with popular operating systems.

Even when buying a script of the highest quality, the operator is not immune from some additional costs, including mandatory licensing of the project, adaptation of the code to users' requests, expanding the assortment of games, developing a design and logo, and promoting the project.

Turnkey Gaming Service

The turnkey project development service from Win-Win Casino is characterised by:

  1. Time saving. You will need a half a year to start a project on your own. However, you can do it in just 2-3 months with the support of real professionals.
  2. Financial benefits. The price of launching from scratch starts at several hundred thousand dollars. We offer a more affordable alternative, guaranteeing a full payback of the project (when ordering complex marketing services, the casino starts to bring net profit after 2-6 months from the date of its launch).
  3. Complete independence. After ordering a turnkey project, you can forget about commission fees for software rental. After completion of all technical processes, we will put the website at your disposal and will be happy to support any strategy for further development.
  4. No pitfalls. We take all the risks to ensure the technical and legal part of the project. You just have to describe your wishes in detail, choose the design of the project, and prepare for calculating future profits. Moreover, that is not all. We are responsible not only for the resource in the process of its development but also provide support for the first time after launching.


Cooperation with Win-Win Casino is a great way to enter the world stage with minimal time and financial losses. Leave a request to our managers, and we will show you how to create a new casino as well as offer the most practical and profitable solutions for existing services.

Our assortment contains the best gaming content and related components from Playtech, Gaminator, Champion, Belatra, Igrosoft, Mega Jack, and Duomatic.

Such products are always available to our customers: 

  • traditional fruit slots;
  • plot entertainments from famous brands;
  • board and card games;
  • live content;
  • skill games;
  • 3D software;
  • products for organizing lotteries and bingo games;
  • content for betting websites.

We are ready to offer new, creative games as well as free system updates. Our team is aware of modern trends. We are developing exclusive projects that have no analogues. Each solution is the perfect combination of impeccable taste, excellent functionality, the highest quality, and stylish design.

Are you still not sure about the right choice? Order a free version of the gaming system! Make just two clicks and get access to a full-fledged gambling project that can compete with the most significant international brands.

A free demo

Win-Win Casino is your reliable assistant. You can get huge profits in the complete absence of risks.

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