Why it is Worth Starting a Virtual Casino Nowadays: Five Main Reasons

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

The world economy is affected by many factors, among which we would like to put emphasis on the casino industry. The gambling business is a very fast-payback project and an effective profit contributor. No other project can demonstrate such impressive growth rates because with an integrated marketing strategy, the platform can start bringing net profit already in two-six months after its launch.

Internet casino: successful start

Given the situation, we would strongly recommend you to launch an online location, and professionals from Win Win Casino will gladly provide their assistance.


About the Industry in Numbers

As the research of the H2 Gambling Capital independent consulting company shows, the described business has stable growth records of 34.4%. Experts predict the income level of over fifty billion euros by 2020.

It is also impossible not to mention the mobile segment, which will get over 60% of the total global profit by the end of this year. It also shows a stable annual growth of 17.3%.

More information on the gambling sectors:

  • Bets on sports events (betting) — 49.4% of the industry’s profit (twenty billion one million euros).
  • Casino games — 26% of consolidated revenues (ten billion six million euros).
  • Lotteries (commercial and government ones) — 9.6% of the global profits (three billion nine million euros).
  • Card games (poker, tournaments) — 5.9% of consolidated revenues (two billion four million euros).
  • Entertainment that requires the use of logic — 4.7% of the market (one billion nine million euros).
  • Bingo draws and other forms of gambling — 1.8% of the turnover (four billion four million euros).

Why is it Beneficial to Own a Casino

Start an online casino: why it is a good idea

The described sphere of action helps operators to achieve success because it has the following characteristics:

  1. Availability. To visit the gambling service, players must have only a personal mobile gadget or a stationary computer with access to the Internet. A virtual platform can serve customers from anywhere in the world.
  2. Multicurrency. If the land-based location can accept a maximum of two or three currencies, then online services operators will be able to accept any currency, which will help to increase traffic and build a good reputation.
  3. Cross-platform. Modern services can be displayed regardless of the technical characteristics of personal devices. Slots can be opened in the browser and almost do not occupy RAM. Moreover, the whole world is gradually moving to the mobile format, offering many interesting solutions that guarantee a high-quality picture, no matter what size of the screen do you have.
  4. Social gaming. Free games have a profound effect on gambling traffic. Demo versions of popular slots make users play longer and pay for the ability to gamble in a very comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Quick payback. A unique payback period is one of the main answers to the question of why the industry is constantly growing. Usually, even without the promotion, casinos start bringing from one hundred to three hundred dollars every month from the first days of work. And with the use of integrated marketing, the casino completely pays off after two-six months from the launch of a project.

Several Options For Becoming a Market Participant

As you have already probably understood, to own a virtual casino is extremely relevant and promising, despite the severe competition. And if earlier, the only way to conquer the global gambling market was to launch a business on your own, then now, beginning entrepreneurs will have a chance to take advantage of more convenient alternatives.

The most useful ways of becoming a casino owner in 2019-2021

The operation mode

Brief description

Project from scratch

Advantages: complete independence, promotion of your brand, ability to integrate exclusive gambling products

Disadvantages: excessive costs and a waste of time, operators hold responsibility for all risks and reputation management

Casino script

Advantages: inexpensiveness, a full set of games and administrative tools, a single script can be used for several projects simultaneously

Disadvantages: high risk of falling across an unfair seller and becoming the owner of a “non-viable” code, additional costs for adapting software to the requirements and preferences of an operator, compulsory licensing


Advantages: jackpots are always paid out by the franchisor, you do not need vast experience to enter the market, a quick start (from a few days to a couple of months), qualified advice and technical support, operation under the sublicense

Disadvantages: the parent company is the one to set the rules, you should use only a standard product with a standard design, strict observance of the established plan is mandatory (all changes in settings or software updates are considered an additional service that needs to be paid), the necessity to pay regular commissions for renting a website

Turnkey development service

Advantages: absolute independence, exclusive design, operation under the in-house brand, protection against any risks, co-working with a team of experienced professionals, comprehensive legal support, free updates of the system, access to exclusive products of the company

Disadvantages: not detected

A Turnkey Casino: Why is it Beneficial to Work With Win Win Casino

Turnkey casino on the Internet

The turnkey platform development service can be called beneficial thanks to the following characteristics:

  1. Exclusive design.
  2. Time savings (to create a project, you will need about sixty days).
  3. Loyal pricing policy (it is much cheaper to make use of a turnkey service than to launch a location from scratch).
  4. The largest assortment (we guarantee that all players will find entertainment based on their preferences).
  5. Full legal support (collection of all the necessary documents, consultations during the legalisation procedure, resolution of disputes with visitors to the website).
  6. Technical support at all stages of cooperation (we provide the absolute security of the users’ data, regular free updates of the system, protection against errors, and prompt resolution of technical issues).



Leave an application to Win Win Casino specialists today, and we will bring to life even the most creative ideas and drive you to success.

We offer software for traditional locations, live content, betting products, solutions for bitcoin casinos, and exclusive mobile services.

Our catalogue contains games from the most respected providers. Those who want to become personally certain of the quality and reliability of the solution can download the demo version of a platform.


Contact Win Win Casino right now and follow the path to success!

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