6 Best Slot Machines for Halloween 2019

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Halloween, or All Saints’ Day, is included in the list of the most popular holidays of our time, which can compete even with the celebration of Christmas. The undead and people from the afterlife are traditionally welcomed on the night of October 31 to November 1. If previously, the celebration in the horror genre was spread only in Catholic countries, then today, this mystical event has fans from China to Peru.

An interesting fact is that there is no single version of the origin of this holiday. For example, some people make reference to the Mexican Day of the Dead when living people can come to the cemetery to talk to their dead relatives.

Ancient profane rites and the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain are also mentioned quite often when shamans of the British Isles appealed to the supernature and opened the door to the spirits so that they can visit the living for one night in a year.

There are more horrors here: the main symbol of Halloween, a pumpkin lamp, also has its own creepy and exciting story. This is an old custom, according to which the living protected souls of those who left the world from the evil forces, providing their loved ones with a safe and secure path to the limbo.

Modern Halloween is the result of the mix of heathen beliefs and the spread of Christianity. Moreover, only at the end of the nineteenth century, customs and traditions that are close to modern ones appeared.

Exciting horror, fancy dresses, sweets, and lights that are wandering in the darkness — the holiday is an excellent occasion to tickle your nerves. For sure, the casino industry simply could not miss the chance to give gamblers another opportunity to pass an unforgettable time.

The Win Win Casino team presents the best casino slots dedicated to the gloomy and enchanting All Hallows’ Day.


Magic Money by Gaminator

Magic Money slot by Gaminator

The Austrian provider of slots for virtual casinos attracts thrill-seekers with many different themes — from original variations based on Hollywood blockbusters to romantic stories and horrors. On the eve of Halloween, the developer chose the theme of magic and magic spells.

A brief description of the product:

  1. A traditional set of elements (5 reels with 9 paylines).
  2. Special icons (wild and scatter symbols).
  3. A bonus round.
  4. The round for doubling.
  5. The RTP percentage of 95-96%.
  6. The built-in jackpot of 500 credits.

The slot machine is made in deep blue and violet colours with the transition to twilight black. In the background, gamblers can see a spooky night forest and the candid-light.

The main character is a young witch who has just begun to learn the art of the invisible (the wild symbol). Polar owls, a crystal ball, a chest, and cards can also often appear on the reels.

Blade by Playtech

Blade slot machine by Playtech

After the launch of this slot, players will fight shoulder to shoulder with the fearless slayer of vampires. The developer created such an atmospheric product that luck and passion fall by the wayside and gamblers switch their attention to scary rustles, blood trails, and terrifying spots of darkness along the edges of the panel.

As for game characters, here, all elements were created on the basis of the eponymous film:

  • injectors with the deadly poison;
  • spitfire;
  • silver bullets;
  • a sharp blade;
  • a portrait of the protagonist;
  • a sharp-toothed blonde.

The scatter and the bonus symbol look like the game logo.

Daredevil by Playtech

Daredevil slot by Playtech

The storyline of the casino slot is based on the popular theme of bounty hunters. This is an interesting game that allows you to take on the role of a killer who chose a crime boss as a victim. The style of the slot corresponds to modern ideas about the life of a real daredevil: gamblers will see cold steel, an evil-doer with a target on his forehead, and a charming sister-in-arms.

About the Control Panel

The developer has once again shown his professionalism by presenting an impeccable combination of practicality and functionality.

The control panel is traditionally located at the bottom of the screen and consists of the following buttons:

  1. Launch the spin.
  2. The information table.
  3. The automatic start.
  4. Choose the lines.
  5. Place a bet.

Alice in Wonderland by Champion

Alice in Wonderland slot machine by Champion

The monetisation of a popular fairytale is an unconventional solution. Now, players can independently explore the rabbit hole and receiving a good profit for their curiosity.

It may seem that Alice is a standard character. But after the reels are stopped, the blonde girl starts growing, thus occupying several cells at once. The game has 20 lines, on which there is the white rabbit, the Hatter, the sleepy mouse, the Red Queen, and other recognisable characters.

The described product can be included in the list of the most interesting slot machines where luck depends on the Cheshire cat: the wild symbol.

Dracula by Duomatic

Dracula slot by Duomatic

The manufacturer is known for trying not to ignore topics that cause unified delight and admiration. The action takes place in a terrible castle of the most famous vampire — Count Dracula.

The visual design of the slot is so atmospheric that it creates the feeling of complete immersion in the plot of the Hollywood horror movie (All that's missing is a rustle in the dark corner of the room and a cool breeze behind the back).

The game is played on 25 lines, on which there is a complete set of tools that you will need to strive against evil. Also, anyone can test his strength in a free demo mode.

The Vampires by Endorphina

The Vampires online casino slot by Endorphina

The gameplay really gives the shivers. The theme is scary and exciting simultaneously — a journey into a crypt with various bloodthirsty monsters. Vampires are waiting for gamblers at every turn, so they should use the holy water and the wooden stake.

The brave witcher, who is not afraid to walk around the cemetery at night, has every chance of becoming a rich person.

Symbols in the Vampires slot from Endorphina


A brief description

A bat (the wild symbol)

This image can replace any other symbols, except for the scatter and the bonus icon

A vampire, who is biting the girl (the scatter)

By collecting three identical images, players can launch free spins (a series of ten spins)

A glass of blood (the bonus symbol)

Three icons open the additional location — the abandoned cemetery. Gamblers will have to empty the glass of blood on one of the graves, and then, the corpse will bring good prizes

Standard symbols

There are:

  • the Bible

  • a pistol with silver bullets

  • a wooden stake and a hammer

  • a crystal glass with the holy water

  • a portrait of a vampire

  • three beautiful sharp-toothed ladies (a blond woman, a brunette, and a redhead woman)

Elements of the slot machine do not have special features and can bring fixed prizes (from 2 to 500 coins)


A successful business means not only to provide high-quality services but also to constantly follow current trends. Today, creepy and exciting casino slots are the most popular ones, and they allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of All Saints’ Day.

Our product range contains not all games that can attract gamblers. Leave an application to our managers, and we will select for you the most creative and in-demand slots. The assortment includes both ready-made solutions from the world’s leading suppliers and exclusive developments that have no analogues.

Our team of specialists is ready to offer you the best cooperation conditions: pleasant prices for ready-made platforms and the ability to rent the software.

We guarantee an individual approach and an ability to start working at any stage of the formation or promotion of your gambling project. Also, you can order a free demo version of the gaming system at any time.

A free demo

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