Gambling in Thailand: New Growth in the Popularity In 2023

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling in Thailand is an independent business niche in the Asian market, on which many people have been speaking on lately. Why it happens and what potential investors can count on you can find out in this article.

Gambling industry in Thailand

The Legality of the Industry

Today, gambling in Thailand is in a “semi-legal” state. Some gambling areas are permitted and controlled by the government, while others are strictly prohibited:

  1. The state lottery and bets on horse racing occupy a legal niche. Since these areas take place in land-based gambling establishments, online business in the country is not so popular.
  2. Sales offices where lottery tickets are sold to private operators work illegally, as well as online casinos and bookmakers. Such world-famous casino games as poker and roulette are also prohibited.

The illegal market in Thailand is growing rapidly. Here, you can play slots or try your luck at the poker table. The most popular card game is baccarat.

Experts believe that the shadow business in the country will grow further if the authorities do not take drastic measures. Thus, it is possible to follow the example the “neighbours” ― Japan or China ― and open several integrated casino resorts with all the related infrastructure. This is a great option because now, gambling in Asia is on the rise.

Optimistic Figures

The influx of popularity of the gaming industry took place after the publication of several statistical reports. Specialists from the Business Development Centre and the Thailand Gambling Office conducted a large-scale study of the preferences of residents and found out the following points:

  • 44% of Thais (30.4 million people) are involved in legal gambling in the country. This group of respondents plays casino games at least once a year.
  • 98.4% of the total number of gamblers prefer land-based gambling establishments and only 1.6% choose slots in the virtual mode.

22.7 million Thais buy state lottery tickets; another 7.7 million place bets on horse racing.

As for illegal gambling, 17.7 million participants are involved in it. About 25% of Thais prefer card games and casino slot machines, and the remaining 75% opt for various lotteries.

Additional Information

The average age of those who purchase lottery tickets in Thailand is 20 years. At the same time, only 210 thousand players were diagnosed with ludomania, which is a small percentage of the total population.

1.1 million Thais have gambling-related debts. The total debt is estimated at 353 million dollars.

High Yield

If you look at the Thai market through the prism of the profit from gambling, the picture will be even more attractive.

Profit From Casinos and Other Gambling Projects

Form of activity

Total profit for 2019, in billions of dollars

Legal operations, including:


  • State lottery


  • Bets on horse racing


Illegal operations, including:


  • Lottery


  • Casino, online slots


The profit from the legal market is only 2.1 billion dollars higher than the profit from shadow operations. Analysts predict that by 2024, these figures will be equal.

Analysing the structure of income, we can conclude that all gambling directions generate almost the same revenue.

The segment of casinos and virtual slots is a bit less profitable (in 2019, it generated only 3.3 billion dollars). At the same time, most experts believe that the share of Internet businesses will show active growth in the next five years.

Prospects of the Gambling Market

Gambling in Asia: online and offline formats

The Asian region is considered to be a profitable platform for investment. The Thai market is a bit pale in comparison with such rich countries as Japan and China but analysts have high expectations from gambling in this country.

In the coming years, the market is going to face a number of changes:

  1. The government will loosen control. Casinos in Asia are developing rapidly, bringing good dividends to the region. To be in trend, Thailand will have to fully legalise the industry and invite foreign investors.
  2. The growth of the online segment. It will happen because of the worldwide increase in Internet traffic and the transfer of most services to a virtual format.


The Thai gambling industry is attractive in terms of investing and profit earning in the shortest possible time. The market is not glutted yet by large corporations, like in the neighbouring countries ― China and Japan. Therefore, many operators have a chance to occupy their niche and open their own business here.

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