How to Launch a Gambling Project in Europe in 2022-2023

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

How to create a gambling project in Europe is a question that is asked by most of the ambitious entrepreneurs. In practice, all of them will have to pass several difficult stages before getting the first dividends from their business.

Gambling project in Europe

Advantages of the European Gambling Market

Gambling in the Old World has always been attractive to investors from all over the world. Both the online segment and land-based gambling establishments flourish here. The high popularity of the market among entrepreneurs can be explained by several reasons.

High Income From Casinos and Other Types of Gambling

Almost all gambling projects pay off in the first three years after the launch. In the investment business, it is considered to be a very good indicator, which guarantees a decent profit from gambling in the foreseeable future.

The investment yield is provided by the high standard of living of the local population:

  • According to statistics, on average, Europeans spend about 10% of their monthly wage on casinos, poker or roulette. In some countries, this indicator is less, and in some ― more.
  • There is segmentation depending on national preferences. Residents of Western European countries, for example, love online poker, and players from Poland buy lottery tickets more often than others.

Transparent Legislative Framework

Most experts recommend that you get acquainted with local laws before launching a gambling project in Europe. There are many tax jurisdictions on this continent, and they all vary.

Each European country has developed clear operational conditions for the gambling industry. Simple and understandable rules make the idea of working in "grey" areas extremely disadvantageous. Private business is well-protected by the state.

Consistent tax policy allows you to plan your budget for some years to come.

The Prestige of a Newly-Fledged Brand

Most countries in the region are not included in the list of offshore zones, which provides for the legal functioning of any gambling project on their territory. It is becoming prestigious to manage your own business in Europe, and it is respected by both users and competitors.

What European Market is it Necessary to Orient Towards?

Launch a gambling startup in Europe

Before you launch a gambling startup in Europe, you need to clearly understand, in which European country the Internet business or a land-based location will operate.

The main choice factors are:

  • conditions for obtaining a gambling license;
  • the  tax amount.

Availability of a License

Depending on the availability of permits, European countries can be divided into several categories.

Gambling regulation in Europe:



The license of a local regulator

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom

Permits of any jurisdiction are considered valid

Cyprus, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Malta

For companies registered in the country, there is a license granted by local authorities; for everyone else ― a permit of any jurisdiction

Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, San Marino

Casino games are strongly prohibited


Any gambling activity in the EU should be regulated by EU laws. However, not all market participants agree that the profit from the issuance of licenses should go to the united treasury of the EU. Therefore, some countries (such as France or Italy) have formed local commissions that grant licenses and allocate expenditures from them.

On average, a permit is issued for a period of 20-30 years and costs from 400 thousand euros (for example, in Austria) for land-based gambling establishments. For the online business, the cost of a license is lower but still, it cannot be called really low.

Loyal Taxation

The amount of taxes depends on the specific country. The most profitable in terms of investment are Malta and Cyprus.

In Cyprus, the existing tax of 15% is applied to the monthly gross income from a casino. If this is a land-based gambling establishment, then all revenues from the related restaurants and bars will be also subject to VAT.

Malta uses two types of taxation: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). The first category of enterprises is completely free of tax (you will only need to obtain a license), and as for the second category ― 7,000 euros need to be transferred to the state treasury monthly.

Other jurisdictions do not have a loyal approach. In Germany, for example, operators transfer 30-45% of the monthly turnover to the public treasury. In France, the deductions are set at almost the same level.

The market of Eastern Europe remains the most promising in terms of investment. The governments of Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria intend to implement a series of laws, the aim of which is to ease the tax pressure on operators. Experts expect that already in 2021, the promising Ukrainian market will open.

Stages of Launching a Gambling Project in Europe

Create a gambling website in Europe

The process of launching a gambling project can be divided into several main steps:

  1. Registration of a legal entity. It is necessary to clearly understand the license of which jurisdiction the created company will obtain, and where it will pay taxes. The registration process also includes the opening of a bank account, creation of authorised capital and a reserve fund, and conclusion of contracts with suppliers and providers. On average, this stage will take 7-10% of the budget.
  2. Licensing. Applications for permits are processed from 1 to 6 months. It takes more than 30% of the initial capital.
  3. Purchase of the software. Good software has wide functionality and provides a reliable and smooth operation of the system even with its high overload. An important condition is the availability of an integrated payment module and its integration with the international services of depositing and withdrawal of funds. It is also necessary to have a multi-level affiliate program and a system of bonuses and rewards. High-quality software reduces the initial capital by 35%.
  4. Rental of premises or hosting for the gaming site. Here, the costs depend on the type of gambling establishment ― land-based or virtual. In the first case, a place near restaurants, bars, and betting shops will be suitable. Localisation on the Internet involves the purchase of a domain name. Regardless of the type of business, you should take care of a stylish design and presentation of a gambling solution.
  5. Integration of games. The more slots on different themes you have in your collection of games, the better. The product range should contain casino games, baccarat, roulette, as well as several types of poker, popular slots, and the latest releases of the iGaming world.
  6. Promotional marketing. Promotion is incredibly important in the initial stages of launching a product. Good options are the advertising on thematic websites, SEO optimisation, mailout, and a flexible bonus system for new players.


The European market remains a tidbit for most investors since it brings decent profit, guarantees legal work, and increases the prestige of operators. At the same time, the launch of a gambling project is always connected with certain risks and significant financial expenses.

Win Win Casino knows how to create a gambling website in Europe quickly and easily. We have vast experience of working in European markets and are well-versed in all the legislative and political features of the region.

Our company specialises in the development of software and creation video slots and affiliate programs for your gaming site. Also, at Win Win Casino, you can buy a turnkey casino. Customers receive a ready-made and licensed solution with a wide range of features and attractive content.


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