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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling business shows rapid growth and is considered to be one of the most profitable and promising sectors for investment. According to experts, only in 2018, the turnover of the gambling market increased to 4.3 billion euros, and by 2020 the total income of the industry will exceed 51.9 billion euros.

Online gambling business

Five Major Advantages of Online Gambling Business

Among the reasons for the virtual gambling sector popularity may be identified as the following:

  1. Maximal audience coverage. Gambling is available to users from anywhere in the world.
  2. Quick access. To run the entertainment, it is enough to have a mobile or desktop device with a Network connection.
  3. Free game. This is a unique tool that can be used as a training course and a profitable method of attracting new customers.
  4. Privacy and security. Any user has the right to anonymity; therefore, all the data of registered customers are stored in encrypted form on offshore servers.
  5. Multicurrency support. Different payment services that support almost any currency in the world are available to clients of online establishments.

Another argument in favour of the rapid growth of the gambling sector is the constant modernization and improvement of the state control structure. For example, previously, exclusively the local authorities were engaged in the regulation of the industry, but nowadays, the introduction of the international format of gambling establishments control is actively developing.

Incumbent member of the Association of international experts on gaming legislation, Anna-Maria Bachu, is convinced:

The expanded regulation of gambling activity will have a positive impact on entire Europe and will create a safer gambling environment.

Considering the current situation, it is high time to buy an online casino and become the owner of a stable and more than a promising source of income. We offer to your attention the main ways to launch your own gambling project.

Start on Your Own

It is a quite costly way to start an Internet business that requires a lot of specific knowledge from the entrepreneur in completely different areas and significant cash investments.

To start a gambling business from scratch, an entrepreneur will have to deal with such issues:

  • registration of legal position;
  • legalization of the project;
  • website, design and logo development;
  • purchase of gaming platform and content;
  • integration of payment services;
  • technical support services activity management;
  • development and implementation of loyalty programs and affiliate services;
  • marketing promotion.

As a rule, the start of an online business by own efforts costs the operator several hundred thousand dollars (this is the expenses only for the development and launch of the establishment). But there will be other costs because the organization of the project can take from six months to several years.

Buy a Casino Script: The Nuances and Peculiarities of Choice

Internet casino with a script

The script is the cheapest way to launch your own business. Unfortunately, the low price is almost the only advantage of this option. In fact, it is a “raw” code that requires more than serious improvement.

The operator will have to contact third-party specialists to adapt the software to his own needs and users’ requests. Moreover, it will be necessary to integrate a whole package of software solutions, ranging from gaming content to analytical tools.

The additional items of expenditure are the development of exclusive design and promotion of the service. At the same time, there are no guarantees of the quality or just the efficiency of such a code.

We strongly recommend you to refuse such a purchase or seek the advice of specialized professionals.

Renting of Software on the White Label Basis

For operators with a limited budget to buy a casino website may not be so easy. A worthy alternative is to conclude a franchise agreement. This is the lease of the finished complex product with the possibility of subsequent purchase of the website.

As a rule, the solution set includes the following components:

  • ready-made gaming platform;
  • fixed set of games;
  • payment services;
  • user technical support;
  • built-in bonus programs;
  • a set of administrative and statistical tools.

Disadvantages of the choice: complete dependence on the policy of the “parent” resource, the inability to make independent corrections to the operation of the website or a set of built-in content, as well as the need to pay commission fees for the use of the provided products.

Buy Turnkey Online Casino: Start with Guaranteed Success

This is the most promising option to enter the gambling market in 2019. The algorithm is simple: the operator addresses the intermediary company and describes his wishes for the finished project. The whole range of technical and legal aspects is managed by a professional team, and the client can only control the work and earn income.

One of the undeniable advantages of this choice: it is cheaper to buy a ready-made casino with a full set of administrative tools and related software than to develop a start-up on your own.

A few more merits of this choice:

  • opportunity to promote an exclusive brand;
  • operation on a legal basis;
  • complete independence from third-party enterprises;
  • a wide range of gaming solutions with the ability to change and expand the range at any time;
  • guarantee of reliable and uninterrupted service operation;
  • operational customer support service.

Purchase of the Finished Project, Rent or Independent Start: What to Choose

Each of the above methods of entering the gambling market has a lot of unique features and benefits.

We offer you a comparative description of the main methods:

Comparison of the most popular casino launch options in 2019-2020

Evaluation criterion

Project from scratch



Turnkey platform

Time for starting

From 6 months to several years

A few days to sign the contract and develop own logo

From 3 months to several years

From 1 month

Gaming content

Self-purchase and integration

Fixed set with no possibility of changes for the operator’s part

Self-purchase and integration

Any number and themes depending on the preferences of the client (integration is included in the total cost of service)


Independent collection of documents and resolution of legalization issues

Work on sublicense basis

Self-collection of documents and purchase of a licence

Included in price

Technical support


Included in price


Included in price

Payment services


Fixed set with no possibility to change


Included in the price (the number and type of services are determined by the client)

Back office arrangement


A standard set of tools


Included in the price (settings are made individually for each client)


The gambling industry is rapidly growing in spite of the legislative prohibitions that exist in some countries. According to experts, this is one of the most large-scale factors of influencing the world economy. Consequently, it is profitable to buy a casino, because it is a great way to get a stable source of income.

The modern variety of forms in launching gaming projects makes you confused. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, we recommend you to seek advice from time-proven professionals.

Win Win Casino team is ready to offer a full range of services for the development and promotion of gambling services of any format.

It is possible not only to buy a casino website but also to select gaming content for already existing services, order the service of modernization of the website or the development of mobile gaming applications.

We will undertake all the technical and legal issues. We guarantee a full payback of the project for six months of mutual cooperation.

Become part of the Win Win Casino family and start your own gambling business today!


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