Video Slots for Online Casino Owners: The Best Choice of 2019

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling appeared a long time ago: even in ancient civilizations, there were entertainments for money, becoming an integral part of centuries-old traditions, and eventually — a significant factor of the impact on the world economy.

Nowadays, gambling is one of the most promising and fast-paying back forms of business activity. According to statistics, only for the last year, the growth of the gambling industry amounted to more than 4.3 billion euros. At the same time, the total income of the online industry exceeded 48 billion euros, and over the next five years, according to forecasts, it will cover more than 80% of the entire market.

Video slots for online casinos

Profitable Segments of the Virtual Market

The most profitable and competitive branches of the online gambling industry:

The name of a branch

The percentage, 2019

Betting (matching or wagering on sports and artificially generated events)


Online games (video slot in the casino, video poker, video roulette)


Lottery draws


Live dealer poker and card tournaments


Assignment for logic and quests with the option of improving game skills


Bingo draws


The Reasons for the Virtual Market Popularity

The rapid transition from land-based locations to online entertainment is associated with the following factors:

  1. No geographical boundaries. Modern Internet platforms are able to receive users from anywhere in the world. All you need to start the game is the presence of a mobile or stationary device with access to the Network.
  2. Guarantee of confidentiality. All users’ data is stored on secure servers, besides, each of the casino visitors has the opportunity to keep incognito and refuse to provide personal data.
  3. Transparent work. No interested person, including the owner of the site, the developer of the software or the direct participant of the game, can influence the results of the sessions.
  4. Unique bonuses. No land-based establishment pays its customers for entering. On the web sites, there are charges for the first deposit, cash rewards for attracting friends to the site and so on. Internet business does not stand still and constantly offers its users new solutions (for example, participation in affiliate programs, thematic and seasonal events, and much more).
  5. Gratuitous game. No offline establishment is able to offer customers such a service. But online services are pleased with the presence of a large number of demo games that allow getting acquainted with the rules in detail, choose the optimal strategy of actions and feel as calm and comfortable as possible without the slightest risk of losing money.
  6. Multicurrency support. If a real establishment usually receives no more than three types of currencies, then for settlements on online platforms, conversion systems and transfers of any money are available.
  7. The range of gaming solutions. No land-based location can offer the same variety of content as online services.

Although the games are at the end of our list, it is important to realise that this is one of the main factors of the gambling project success. Reliable video slots from well-known and reputable suppliers are the main source of traffic and, accordingly, the profit of your business. Therefore, the choice of gambling software should be approached as carefully as possible.

Before getting acquainted with the trends of the global gambling industry, you should understand what a video slot is and how casino gaming products are classified.

The Operation Algorithms of the Slot Machines

Casino slot machines

If earlier slot machines were mechanical and electromechanical devices, the modern video slot in the casinos is a combination of software with a virtual interface that operates on the basis of a random number generator.

The principle of RNG operation is quite simple: the system has an integrated algorithm that is not attached to the time frame and is not subject to possible influence. The task of the program code is the generation of numerical chains. At the same time, the technology remains unchanged for many years (modern programmers are engaged exclusively in the development of additional protective measures).

It is impossible to cheat the RNG on slot machines. This is a complex structured formula that does not have any planned outcome. The purpose of the system is to generate inconsistent numerical combinations.

Accordingly, any of the clients of the online establishment can hit the jackpot twice in a row, regardless of the amount of time spent in front of the monitor. However, the user has exactly the same chances for a chain of permanent losses, which can last several hours in a row.

Classification of Casino Games

It should be noted that video slots for business in the Network are presented in so wide range that any generally accepted system of division into categories simply does not exist.

Nevertheless, Win Win Casino specialists were able to create a table of classification of gaming content according to certain criteria:

Categories and types of gambling software


Basic classification


Number of reels


The classic version, specific to the first land-based “one-armed bandits”. On the Internet, such products are gradually losing their relevance


This is one of the most popular solutions, which, according to users, has the most opportunities to win


A relatively new product, in which there are almost no special symbols, and the number of lines for payments rarely exceeds the mark of 10 units. The secret of such decision popularity: the victory is substantially easier to get than in any other similar game


It is quite a rare phenomenon, which is only gaining its popularity. These slots please not only with the presence of classic horizontal lines but also allow making vertical and diagonal combinations


Fixed reward

The game features a standard paytable with a “direct” winning, which does not change

Accumulative system

The winning amount is formed of a certain percentage of burnt bets. The prize can be collected from several machines, allowing the gamer to win a truly huge amount (herewith the user gets an equal chance to win in any of the machines on the network)


Game without bonus

Today, games without additional rounds are on the decrease. Even if the slot is not equipped with a separate thematic location, the user, as a rule, often gets free spins

Bonus levels

The availability of additional locations substantially prolongs the duration of the session, stirring up the excitement and gives more chances of hitting a good jackpot

Number of lines

From 1 to 100

The more paylines in the machine to make combinations, the higher the chances of winning

The bet amount

The bet amount is determined solely by the limit of the gaming software. As a rule, the establishments have products with a minimal deposit amount of 25-50 cents and a few slot machines for VIP-clients who prefer to bet serious amounts on the spin

Graphics quality

3D technologies

Slots with three-dimensional graphics of the latest generation gradually displace simpler versions from the market

A Few Words About Special Opportunities

If to speak about the usual online games, it is worth mentioning the range of additional options that significantly increase the chances of winning:

  • Wild symbol. This is an icon that replaces any other image on the playing field. This element helps to collect money chains and can contain a multiplier option, increasing the win amount several times.
  • Scatter symbol. The image falls on any of the reels and brings a reward regardless of the position of the other icons. As a rule, a chain of several identical elements means a jackpot of the game. The symbol can also start a series of free spins.
  • Multiplier. The element is designed to increase the prize amount. The size of the winning depends on the number of fallen symbols.
  • Bonus. Usually, this symbol is not paid separately and is created to launch an additional game location after appearing of certain combinations.

About the Popular Trends of 2019

The gaming world is constantly developing and improving. If just a couple of years ago the most popular innovation was live content (for example, roulette and card games with a live dealer), today the situation has changed.

The main attention of users is focused on the following solutions:

Branded Software

Online casino software

The first thematic product was presented in 2004. Unique storyline entertainment was a Tomb Raider slot machine from Microgaming. Today, on the market, you can see a stunning variety of solutions created on the basis of cult blockbusters, comics, TV series and computer games.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The main impetus for the development of the industry was the widespread availability of technical devices. Today, for a full immersion in the world of excitement, it is enough simply to buy glasses and run the appropriate application. Just a couple of clicks — and you will find a charming girl-dealer at a real table, the noise of dealt cards, the ring of chips and a fascinating atmosphere of the luxury of the largest casinos in the world.

Mobile Format

Mobile traffic is actively replacing classic desktop solutions. Over the past year alone, the market volume has increased by 35.7%. Experts believe that the availability of mobile solutions is one of the most promising options for increasing traffic in 2019.


Bitcoin is gradually turning into a universal means of payment. The unique possibilities of virtual money discover completely new horizons for the owners of entertainment venues.

Among the undeniable advantages of bitcoin wallets are:

  • instant translation;
  • no commission fees;
  • independence from financial regulation by the authorities;
  • minimal risks of a collapse of the cryptocurrency value;
  • full confidentiality.

The Skilled Games

Every day, the modern user is increasingly difficult to surprise. Gradually, traditional slot machines are fading into the background, giving way to content with elements of recognizable computer games. Nowadays, to win, the user needs not only to rotate the reels but also to pass separate quests, solve logical problems and “level-up” the experience.


The choice of content directly depends on the performance of traffic and the overall success of your gambling website. We strongly recommend you to constantly monitor the latest trends and stay up to date with the latest news of the gambling industry. Otherwise, sophisticated users will prefer other establishments that can offer more interesting and creative entertainment.

Do not miss your chance to increase revenue — seek advice from Win Win Casino experts! Our team is ready to offer the best selection of new products and provide detailed information about the latest trends in the gambling market. The company’s catalogue contains only the best solutions from the world’s best-in-class manufacturers.

Become the owner of a promising and reliable source of income!


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